Mars in 10th house Love, Career, Rise, Promotion/ Demotion & More

Mars in 10th house Love, Career, Rise, Promotion Demotion & More

Mars in 10th house Love, Career, Rise, Promotion/ Demotion Health, Finance,  Family, Marriage:- Mars in 10th house gives angry disposition to the native. Native becomes highly qualified and comes out with flying colors in any kind of competition. Mars in 10th house can make native an I.P.S Officer, Collector, Mayor, block development officer.

Mangal Graha in 10th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Mars in 10th house usually makes native work under government and gives success in the political line as well. Mars in 10th house native wealthy with liquid money as well as property after 35 years of age. Native also possess a large acre of agricultural land. Mars in 10th house gives difficult childhood but very prosperous and comfortable middle years or middle phase of life with prosperity.

Mars or Mangal in 10th  house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Mars in this house can differ from person to person as placement of a different sign in this house, degree, malefic and benefic dignity, Combustion, lordship, retrograde, degree, malefic and benefic aspect, affliction, conjunction and posited Mars or Mangal in different Nakshatra (constellation).

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Mars in this house makes native a good meritorious student and he or she may earn a scholarship and a degree in computer science as well. Mars placed in this house can make you a sport star with amazing popularity in masses. Mars in this house can make native achieve great height in career. The native will have a successful career with respect and power in the working positions. The native will rise to high rank with promotion and increment very quickly in life. Mars in this house give problems with siblings and cousins.

Mars in 10th House in Horoscope and Your Career

Mars in 10th house gives huge success in career especially in the field of the civil department, defense, and in the department of narcotics, CID, cybercrime, and other police or security departments.

  • Mars in 10th house can also make an excellent engineer or architect.
  • Mars in 10th house gives huge profit and well in the business of real estate and property.
  • Native can also earn from the stock market and share market. Mars in 10th house native earns good wealth from agricultural business as well.
  • Native may acquire a high post in electrical or in the gas department.
  • Mars in 10th house makes native very adventurous and very ambitious in their profession. Native need complete freedom in their profession to excel.
  • Mars in 10th house can make some native achieve a lot in the sector of Railways.

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Mars in 10th House in Horoscope/ Kundli and Rise Time In Career

Mars in this house gives a good start in career along with speedy and success and prosperity after the age of 28. Mars in this house will give you success and respect with a good position at the workplace after some hard struggle. You may reach a high position in career along with good wealth and income in a very fast pace way but only after 28 and sometimes it takes 44 years of age as this position gives success after struggle.

Mars in 10th House In Vedic Astrology time of Promotion/ Demotion

Promotion and increment will be fast-paced in native’s life especially after 28 years of age and also after 44 years of age. Native reach the senior-most position at the workplace with respect and authority. The native will be courageous, energetic, and risk-taking in their career.

Native risks will be paid off mostly. Although, When Mars is placed in this house also indicates constant struggle at the workplace or in career and most people will be jealous of your success and you may suffer from office politics but Mars I 10th houses destroys competition and enemies and gives huge success in life. The native will rise twice in their life.

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 Mars in 10th house in Horoscope/ Birth chart and Your Finance

Selling land or inherited property will give huge wealth to the native. The native will get enough wealth and property from their family and sometimes from in-laws as well.

The native will amass wealth through self-effort or with the help of the government in their life. Native starts earning wealth from 28 years of age and sometimes very early in life from 21 to 23. But Native gets the desired kind of income after 28 years of age. The native will have a good bank balance with much accumulated liquid money and savings. Although Native suffers from wealth issue in childhood and in teenage years.

Mars in  10th house in Horoscope/ Kundli and Your Love Life

Mars in this house gives a lot of casual and clandestine affairs in life especially in teenage years or in college-university life. Native do not get fulfillment or satisfaction in their love life.

Their casual attitude from their end as well as over possessive towards their lover becomes a pinnacle point of break up in their love relationship. Native with Mars in this house has a sexual Approach rather than an emotional approach in their love life. The love life of native remain unstable and unsatisfactory and do no reach to any materializing conclusion.

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Mars in 10th house from Ascendant/ Lagna and Your Marriage

Native usually prefers to married in an arranged affair and with the acceptance of families and relatives. Arranged Marriage will be very suitable for these native. Love marriage can become a big problem in their married life after some time.

Married life will be normally happy with some complications and misunderstandings. But overall, Native will have simple normal stable married life with mutual care and co-operation. Spouse may have some health issues but will be very caring and attentive towards the native. Spouse will be loyal as well.

Mars in 10th house In Horoscope and Your Family Life

Most of the native with only Mars placed in this house gets born in the middle class or in the lower-middle-class family. Father may possess much agricultural land and earn money from it. Father may also hear of village or small district after native gets born. There can be property disputes in families between siblings.

Father will have a rise in income after Native’s birth but the family atmosphere at times remains passive and quarrelsome. Native can be Argumentative with their parents. The mother’s health will not be good. Although Mother and father will support you financially to an extent. Overall, a normal domestic life mixed amalgamation of peace, harmony, and quarrel.

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Mars in 10th  house in Birth Chart In Astrology – Your Health

The health of the native remains fit and fine and native will be full of energy and will work like machines. Some complications can appear in head and eyes and native might suffer from Migraine. Native can also have some blood impurities and Jaundice at some point of time in their life but nothing serious.

The native should take care of blood pressure and native should drive carefully as there can be some chances of vehicular accidents in their life. The native should refrain from eating excessive salty and spicy food.

Special effects of Mars in 10th house in Vedic Astrology

Mars placed in this house gives native lot of popularity and charisma at the workplace and even in society. Native gets a lot of appreciation, awards, rewards, promotion, increment by the favor of senior officials and peers. Mars in this house also gives a lot of success and wealth through litigation or gains through enemies.

Mars’ s placement in this house can make a person a brilliant vocalist and communicator. The native might be harsh and regressive towards their Junior as well. The native will command power, pelf, high position in their professional life along with respect in society.

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