Mars in 11th House Career, Gains-Loss, Marriage, Friends, Finance

Mars in 11th House Career, Gains-Loss, Marriage, Friends, Finance

Mars in 11th house Love, Career, Friendship & Networking ,Finance, Gains& Loss Marriage in birth chart/ horoscope/ kundli – Vedic astrology:-  Mars in  11th Bhav gives flourishing opportunities to earn money from different sources or Multiple sources. A Person with Mars in this position can become millionaire if 11th lord and 2nd lord is not weak or afflicted and placed well.

Mangal in 11th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Mars in this specific house gives happiness and fulfillment of wishes along with clear goal and objective with lot of Focus. Native will be courageous and a straightforward person.

Mars in this particular house gives much energy and stamina to the individual to fulfill his or her daily life necessities and work. Mars in this bhav position gives bold and rash nature sometimes. Person may develop ego and pride after getting success in life which can become the reason of his or her downfall.


Mars or Mangal in 11th  house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Mars or Mangal in 11th house can differ from person to person as placement of different sign in 11th house,degree, lordship, malefic and benefic dignity, degree, malefic and benefic aspect,affliction, combination conjunction, combustion of Mars, Mars in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Mars in this particular  house.

Mars here in this  particular placement causes constant flow of wealth in life from the age of 29. Mars in this house gives lot of benefit from family and father as well as from in-laws.

Mars in this particular house plenty of wealth along with multiple properties but native will not be satisfied with its Materialistic possessions. Person will rise in status with influential contact networking from 40 years of age.

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This Placement of Mars also give success in politics and in public Service. Mars in this 11th bhav can make native IAS or IFS. Mars in this very house gives solid stability in career or profession.

Results Of 11th house Mars and Your Career

Person may get Government job due to placement of Mars in  this 11th  bhav. Person rises in the profession related to public dealings, real estate, politics, entertainment, family business etc.

Mars in this very position gives employment in Police, service. Person can become high rank officer, employment in defense sector or high rank officer in  Secret Intelligence agency.

Mars in 11th house can also make one Engineer or give career in Entertainment Industry. Mars here can also give service or job in Railways. Mars in this specific  house gives person huge success weather in business or job in Electronic Industry or High-Tech Sector.  Native may gain high Rank in Army or in  Air-force service.

Mars here also gives success in aviation industry. Native also gets success in partnership business or may join his or her family business.

Mars In 11th house in Kundli and Your Finance

Mars in 11th house gives multiple property, multiple source of income, much saving and constant flow of liquid cash. Mars in this particular house gives great capability to earn and accumulate much wealth due to their energetic deeds.

Mars in this particular house will give free cash flow from middle years of life. Mars in this particular house gives good gains from job as well as from business . Mars in this  very house gains large amount of wealth from investment. Native will be from wealthy family or will become wealthy due to help of relatives or in-laws.

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Mars here give much wealth in old age.Native will have property as well as liquid wealth with solid savings after middle years of life.  Person starts earning from 22 or sometimes from 28 years of age.

Mars in 11th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Your Love Life

Mars in this 11th bhav will give multiple relationship or multiple affairs in life. Native may fall in and out of love within few years of life. Native might get cheated in life or may get aggressive in their love and sexual affairs.

Native may get ditched or cheated by their trusted partner. But At the end, Native will meet their match which will bring peace and happiness in  life and the love life can be long lasting which can turn into marriage.

Mars in 11th house makes native attractive for opposite sex. Love life generally will be full of ups and downs with lot of emotional outbursts.

Mars in 11th  house In Horoscope and Your Marriage

Mars in 11th house give happy, satisfied and long lasting relationship. Mars in 11th house gives very co-operative yet sensual spouse.

Spouse will be attractive, loyal, devoted and helpful in nature. Spouse will be wise and caring as well as multi-task master. Children will be intelligent and can be more than 2 in numbers.

Mars in this specific house may give successful spouse or career oriented spouse as well.Mars in this house can give late marriage sometimes. Your spouse can either be 2-3 years younger or older than you.

Good chance of love marriage is there with this placement of Mars. Even arranged marriage will be quite peaceful and compatible to lead a happy conjugal life.

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Mars in 11th  house in Birth Chart – Gains and Loss

Native gains much from reals estate business as well as from  stock market. Native buys and sells property regularly in life. Person may face some loss due to fraud,theft, documentation, litigation or from fore but Mars here will make native earn in big amount and the person will recover soon from any kind of debt.

Mars in this 11th house gives lot of wealth and gains from property dealings, brokership or from investment as well as from share market. Friends may back stab you sometimes. Native will be in commanding position at work place or in his or her profession.

Mars in 11th  house In Kundli and Your Friendship and Networking

Mars in 11th house gives gains from family, in-laws, relatives, siblings, cousins etc. Person will gain and accumulate money  from many sources. Mars in this house gives success after 40 years of age but native will gain much stability from the age of 29.Mars in 11th house gets huge help from its friends and social circle as well as from its network and contacts.

Mars placed in this house gives regular flow of money and native will get many opportunity in life to get growth in career and finances. Thus, Native improves its status in life after few struggle and hardships. Political contact and political success is quite assure with this placement of Mars.

Special effects of Mars in 11th house of Birth-chart/ Astrology

Mars in this 11th house provides much support from family, friends and even from unknown people. Mars in this specific  house also give gains in multiple ways and profit through many sources. Mars with this placement gives lot of pleasure and friends in life. Mars in this very house gives success in court cases and litigation.

Mars in this house also gives success in computer related fields or business related Computer mechanics or native can open computer coaching center. Mars in this particular house will give fulfilling life and native goals or ambitions will be achieved in later life. 

Many wishes of the person will be fulfilled.Mars here in its owns sign or in the sign of exaltation  gives benefits from relatives, uncle , cousins and from in-laws as well. This mars in 11th house  gives person a lot of respect along with status in society in old age.

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