Mars In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Mars In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Mars In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance: Mars in 2nd House In Kundli – The 2nd house relates to family bond, family status and ties, stored family savings and wealth, status of Family or self-with the help of the family, generated family income or savings and income with the help of family members, family possessions, speech, indulgence and our lower part of the face. If you have Mars in 2nd house (‘Dhan Bhav‘), you are likely to be a very determined working individual. You would likely to accumulate wealth through self- efforts and of your risk-taking ability. Since Mars makes the person a risk-taker, such a native is likely to earn liquid money very well through speculation or investments too. Nevertheless, Mars in 2nd house in horoscope also makes the person reckless and impulsive so the natives may be equally impulsive and extravagant in spending their money.

Mars Placed In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage and Finance

Planet Mars represents courage, valor, action, and energy with confidence in a person’s horoscope chart. Mars represents ambition, goal, and power orientation and gains in real estate when it happens to be posited in 2nd house of a native’s birth chart. Mars energy in 2nd house of a horoscope can be constructive or destructive for the native depending on the placement, aspect, and dignity of the planet.

Mars is a warrior like a planet that bestows strength and immunity when it posited in 2nd house in a horoscope when it is functional benefic without any affliction. Mars in 2nd house of the native provides power, valor in his speeches which can make him a good orator and gives them a sense of ambition and a goal-oriented mindset which causes amalgamation of all the indispensable or important attributes of life.

The Result of MARS in second house (2nd  house) in a horoscope chart varies from person to person because of different signs in the 1st house of different people having the same planet mars in 2nd house, as because of different lordship due to change of signs. As lordship varies from Aries sign in 2nd house to Pisces sign in 2nd house of any horoscope chart. Some specific yoga’s and the planetary combination can also alter the results of mars in 2nd house.

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GENERAL EFFECT Of Mars In 2nd House

2nd house (money house) signifies primary education, family-life, speech ability,  stored income or savings of family income and right eye. It is also known as Marak sthan (malefic house). Mars in 2nd  house will affect the native’s education with a temporary break if having malefic association or dignity, wealth and family life too to some extent. If associated with a benefic planet or having aspects of benefic planets on 2nd house then it reduces its malefic effect.

If you have Mars placed in this House, much energy and action will be expanded with respect to money and looking after family health, wealth and possessions. But, Mars placed in this house makes you reckless, frugal and impulsive in your dealings and relations. Second House concerns wealth, monetary possessions, ownership of immovable property, gains and savings. Mars, when alone signifies gain of wealth, assets and properties even if it is under malefic aspect to some extent.

Effects of Mars placed in this house for money, wealth, speech, nature, personality, etc produces mixed results for the Native. When Mars acquires the 2nd house, it makes native easily angry and hot temperament and picks up quarrels with one and all. The native will be having difficulty in uttering some words, if afflicted then it can cause affliction and fumble in speech-related issues, harsh in verbal communications or speech disorder.

  • Mars in 2nd house gives enough courage to earn money and accumulate it but when it comes to spending they behave as a miser sometimes and sometimes they overspend and become extravagant. One marked feature which we usually see with Malefic mars placed in this house makes natives become friends with malicious and evil-minded people, on account of this suffers largely by indulging into unrighteous deeds,  native becomes harsh, unkind and unsympathetic and unwise, untrustworthy.

Mars In 2nd House In Horoscope and Love Relationships

A lot of their energy is directed towards making money and accumulating possessions. There is a strong desire to have a stable financial position. Such a person should work hard and learn to save since extravagance could result in financial problems. While it is good to earn more, don’t make it your only goal. You should strive to develop your talents and creativity for a more fulfilling life.

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Mars In 2nd House In Horoscope and Marriage – Vedic Astrology

The 2nd  house of Mars if malefic it adversely affects the health of the spouse, because it is in the 8th position from the 7th house of marriage and spouse. In the case of women, the trouble is often related to the menstrual system, pregnancy, trouble at the time of childbirth,  skin or blood issues to the newly born infant, sometimes surgery to the wife on account of some Gyneo problem in intestine or liver issue.

In case of men, Mars placed in this house gives complexities of the blood system and high blood pressure issue, skin ailment, trouble to the right eyes, trouble in hearing (at an advanced age), and sometimes loss of blood and appetite. Married life gets hampered of the native whose mars placed in this house is a result of loss of peace and quarrels in family and married life over a silly and petty issue if there is no benefic influence on 2nd house and 7th house in the native’s horoscope.

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Mars In 2nd House CAREER and FINANCE – Vedic Astrology

A native having Mars placed in this house can put a lot of their energy is directed towards making money and accumulating possessions. There is a strong desire to have a stable financial position. Such a person should work hard and learn to save since extravagance could result in financial problems.

You should strive to develop your talents and creativity for a more fulfilling life as Mars placed in this house makes you lucky to fulfill your dreams and desires as they make native focused and goal-oriented but only after rejections, hardship, a lot of obstacles and struggle. Mars in 2nd house can make you a very successful engineer or a scientist in IT-Tech career field.




If Mars (Mangal) here is well supported by the benefic planets then it denotes large inherited or parental property but if afflicted then it also causes loss due to government or authorities by offending rules or fraudulent activities. He looks for quick and easy money gains through various means.

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Second house malefic Mars causes poor relationships with the family members and relatives can be seen due to native’s hostility and behavior unless beneficially associated.

If Mars is not placed in the second house of a horoscope favorably then he/ she may get cut or wound on his/ her ear, eye or face, there may be some eye-related medical problem also. In these types of cases, the native will suffer from teeth related problem.

Mars placed in this house is well disposed or associated with benefic planets then certainly gives much relief from above said and native stays healthy wealthy and happy with family.

Mars being an aggressive planet when in 2nd house focuses too much on material possessions or focuses too much on the inheritance of other’s wealth and gifts. These people are highly materialistic and they value their wealth too much to be at peace.

They never get satisfied with their own earning income or wealth or savings. For them, wealth is the medium to gain respect, command, and power from the society. However, on the other side, they do a lot of hard work to earn their fortune and never give up on their cherished desires and goals. They are generally business people as they are born with very strong business aptitude.

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