Mars In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Mars In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Mars In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology: Mars in 3rd House in Kundli/ Birth Chart: The  3rd house is all about valor and courage and it also signifies short trips, intellect, communication, courage, younger siblings, writing and initiatives. When Mars in 3rd house in a natives horoscope, it certainly boosts one’s desire to travel. Mars also increases the chances of fatal injuries or accidents and sometimes cause marks and pimples on the face. Mars in third house yields enthusiasm and much physical prowess for the natives to attain his goal and desires by working hard not stop with focus and dedication. Such a person with Mars in his or her 3rd housed will have a higher level of courage than normal but too much indulgence in the adventure could be dangerous to native life or well being. Since Mars energy can make one reckless, and natives tend to take imprudent risks as a lover of adventure sports which can turn out to be detrimental later.

The result in 3rd house mars can vary from person to person because of different lordship in 3rd house and different lordship of Mars as well,  with different aspects, conjunction, and dignity in strength with different relation with Ascendant or Lagna and Lagna lord as well as 3rd lord. We also draw the conclusion from weather Mars is favorable, malefic or benefic.

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Mars In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology


GENERAL EFFECT Of Mars In 3rd House In Astrology

The native of Mars in their third house will have a very cordial relationship with his or her immediate family. People with Mars in the third house become a source of inspiration for others in their family and relations. They exert a strong influence on their family but sometimes become quite forceful and dominating in nature. Such natives take things to their hearts very easily even when involving in casual tasks as they tend to be very sensitive and hyperactive in their life. They are quite alert, active and energetic mentally as well as physically. But these overflow of energy and thoughts should be channeled in the right direction to yield success and wealth in their life. Mars also bestows fame in 3rd house if the native is involved in politics or sports or in media reporting.

Your impulsive thinking and rash behavior sometimes can because of your own sufferings dear native who having Mars in their third house.  Some problems with siblings are likely to occur due to this placement of Mars. Mars in the 3rd house possess incredible energy surges to pour into intellectual and physical pursuits which can help native succeed in life with a gain of Knowledge over time with maturity. The fiery planet of Mars sparks friction in the family or in marital life if the third house is in an airy or fiery sign.

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Mars Placed In 3rd House Of Horoscope and Love Relationships

The love life of individuals whose Mars in the third house remains in conflict most of the time because of their impulsive and hyper nature. They remain suspicious in their love life because they doubt their partner where they themselves may fall prey to cheating and casual clandestine affair or sex outside their committed relationship. Their love life may not prolong for a longer period of time because of their rash actions, impulsive and obsessive tendencies. Although the enjoy much physical pleasure from their love affairs since their drive for bed pleasure and sexual energy urge them to do so. 


Mars’s Placement In The Third House and Marriage In Vedic Astrology

The married life of the individuals having Mars in the third house remains normal with occasional domestic disturbance or rift in their marital life from time to time. Although native share very harmonious bond with much physical pleasure from their spouse and their conjugal relation remain cordial and joyful with occasional clashes of interest and thought process. Spouse remains loyal and very supportive towards native in their each and every endeavor.


Mars’s Placement In The 3rd House – Career, and Finance In Vedic Astrology

Mars in the third house gives a career, in teaching, agriculture, transport business and also in the business of woods, cement, automobiles, etc. Native with Mars in their 3rd house can also get administrative jobs or jobs in police or service in security forces. Many IAS IPS have their mars in their 3rd house of Natal chart. The placement of mars here also gives success in politics and sports with much fame and wealth. Government jobs or services can be acquired by these natives with a distinctive authoritative and respected position with power in their occupation or at the workplace. Many engineers also have Mars in their 3rd house. Native with Mars in 3rd house usually go for Government related occupations and even they get one without much difficulty.



in the academic institution. There is an insatiable desire to keep progressing in their academics and many prolong their studies for as long as they can to university level.  Powered by a curious intellect, he or she is guided by deep inquisitiveness and the urge to know all the answers all at once. The native may get favorable opportunities for the native’s progress and fame from their occupation. A business will give more than expected gains and profits with much liquid wealth. 

Victory over the enemies, short journeys. interest in religious rites is highlights of mars in life for natives having Mars in their  3rd house of a natal chart. Either a miscarriage or abortion or problems related to children may occur in native’s life, mental agony will prevail due to poor relations with mother-father or siblings in their lifetime. Possibility of disclosure of a  clandestine love affair or relationship after marriage becomes the cause of dishonor for the native. Problems related to blood or blood pressure may trouble natives all in their life. Diabetes can occur in the life of such individuals with Mars in their 3rd house.

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