Mars In Astrology And Horoscope – An Analysis


Mars In Astrology And Horoscope – An Analysis

Mars In Astrology And Horoscope – An Analysis: Mars, the symbolic God of Battle or war, is the ruler of Aries. In astrology, Mars is the symbol of energy, bravery, action, and passion. It’s the survival instinct, and thus make someone’s character.

Mars symbolizes our inner instincts for aggression, anger, and survival. Our sexual wishes come under the guideline of Mars. Whereas Venus rules passionate appeal, Mars is mostly associated with basic body appeal. This is actually the world of action rather than reaction.  Mars is the planet of action that I already said, in case of Mars there is absolutely no contemplation before taking any action. Mars doesn’t believe in ‘think twice’ policy at all. The drive associated with Mars differs from that of sun’s energy in Vedic astrology, in case of Mars it is raw energy than creative energy rather.

While all planets receive equal attention for their own different significations, but it is Mars which is given special focus on look for suddenness in giving bad results – if it’s a malefic. At the time of judging any Horoscope for relationship purposes, it is the absence or existence of Manglik feature which is checked before anything else.

So why don’t we go just a little much deeper in to the nature, working, and mode of procedure to give result of Mars in Vedic Horoscopic Astrology.

Mars is the 4th planet from sun in our solar system. It really is called Mangal in Hindi, Kujja in Sanskrit. Western culture has called it by the name of ‘Roman God of Battle’. Mars is generally known as the Red World due to its reddish appearance as seen from Earth. Likewise characteristics of all the planets are split into 4 components or elements which are also the basic elements of nature – fire, Earth element, Water and air element. Mars is meant to be always a fiery planet.

Mars in astrology indicates that drive of motivation within us what gets all of us away of bed each morning, it controls our energy and passionate character, and energy in every form in our day to day life. Whenever we are “performing out” our Mars energy, we are assertive, directed, forthright, and adventurous. On the negative part, we can be impulsive, rash, impatient, intense, and forceful.

Indications By Positions Of Mars In Zodiac Signs In Astrology

In the chart, the positioning of Mars by sign shows our basic sexual nature, how exactly we communicate our anger or temper, it makes us angry, and our first instinct to do something. Our competitive character is exposed in the type of Mars’ indication.

Indications By Positions Of Mars In Houses Of Horoscope

By house of horoscope, the positioning of Mars shows the regions of life where we apply our drive and exhibit our enthusiasm. Planets that Mars contacts are colored with action and self-assertion. These planets can represent the types of sudden and unexpected incidents or situations we seek in our life, sometimes that influence can be good and sometimes bad, depending of the strength of Mars in horoscope.

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As the complete tale goes into the Vedic system, Mars is the commander-in-chief of the celestial army. It therefore is, quite natural to relate Mars with action & raw energy, in the end it is fiery, hot red and fast (in comparison to Jupiter and Saturn it is a considerably faster world like planet orbiting sun).

Hence the effects of Mars can be categorized as following:

Personality Traits Of Mars In Vedic Astrology

Courage, Valor, ambition, anger, physical power, leadership, dominance.

Nature Of Mars In Astrology

Administration, Royal, Warm weather, RED COLORIZATION, Red Flower, CONDITIONING, Mechanical Engineering.

Represents Of Mars In Vedic Astrology

Army, Defense, Sports activities, Weapons, Fireplace Fighting, Surgery, Doctor, Non Vegetarian Food, Archery, younger brother, overcome, burnt place.

Medical Related Matters Of Of Mars In Astrology

Bloodstream, Marrow, Surgery, Burns, Bile, hemoglobin, wounds and cuts, Referred to as the indication for “maleness also,” Mars guidelines over sexuality and sexual energy.

Negative Aspects Of Mars In Vedic Astrology

War, Killing, Assault, Fire, Death unintentionally, accident, Sharp device, damage, criticism, cruelty.

Really does Mars have the duality in its character in Astrology?

Yes indeed. Mars has been given the lordship of two watery and fiery zodiac signs respectively – Scorpio (brischil) and Aries (mesh).

Aries is the first zodiac sign or Rashi in Kalpurush natal chart and it occupies the first house signifying the new origins such as birth. At exactly the same time, the zodiac indication Scorpio falls in the eighth house of the kaalpurush horoscope or kundli, with symbolism of retreat, loss of life and submerging.

This makes Mars a distinctive symbol of the natural cycles of death and life.

In Horoscope, energy of Mars plays as negative or positive Planet?

Energy alone is never bad or good. Like fireplace can be utilized in your kitchen to prepare food and to burn off down an entire jungle. Likewise Mars has an integral role in offering professions like Soldier, Sports activities Person, Doctor, Surgeon, Engineer etc. At exactly the same time there needs to be a solid role of malefic Mars to make a person dacoit or a murderer.

It is best understood by realizing that Mars represents ambition and energetic liveliness to compete with other signs or planets in Astrology. Much like deal with blood originates from the influence of Mars also. Whether at the job or on the field of playground of life, Mars promotes us to handle challenges and also to be our best — or better. A good Mars can make a person Doctor hence, Surgeon, Cricketer or an over-all who makes positive use of assertion and a fearless character in his type of profession.

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A well-positioned Mars values honor and courage. At the same time an a badly positioned Mars in the Horoscope or birth chart may give improper execution of aggression in the system of a person, making him a felony.

In general, below are a few interesting combinations in Astrology associated with the consequences, association and signification of Mars:

  • If Mars is linked to the other fiery planet Sun in horoscope or the malefic planet or graha Ketu, then professions of the individual may have something regarding things such as furnaces, heaters, solar power panels, boilers, ovens, foundry, high temperature molding / smelting fierce warmth etc.
  • Mars and Sun combination, if both are well positioned and connected with the house of profession or career in horoscope also, can make the individual a senior army office and wealthy also. This combination connects him to Government matter as well as Administration also.
  • An excellent connection of a well-positioned Mars and Mercury in horoscope connected with either 11th or 2nd house or both can make the individual prosper in property and real estate related things.
  • If Mars is in the 7th House always indicate combat or quarrels with his/ her partner or business partner. If here mars get any benefice planet’s influence then the intensity becomes little bit less. The result may vary due to debilitation and exaltation of mars in horoscope.
  • People during the dasha of favorably positioned Mars might think of buying a property or a vehicle. The precise timing can be observed from the sub and sub-sub dasha (antardasa and pratyantar dasa) and the transit of the 4th house connected or related planets.
  • A badly influenced Mars in the very first house of a horoscope has the capacity of making an individual hot angry and blooded. Such person is irritable and becomes nerves easily.
  • With a well-positioned and benefic influence Mars in horoscope provides interest and courage to fight at the time of face of adversity in life and helps the individual to take quick action.
  • Mars in the 2nd house of horoscope gives the individual habit or craiving for having Hot and spicy foods – as Mars relates to sharp, prickly and fiery nature.
  • If Mars and Moon are conjunct or make a combination in a house of horoscope, then it forms Chandra Mangala Yoga. If the yoga is in financial status related houses like, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th, then it gives a very good financial state. According to the interpretation of astrological classics “A person’s chart influenced by this Yoga, makes him extremely wealthy, powerful and intelligent. This individual will have a higher self-confidence which makes him work in the most challenging of the situations easily. Since this is a Yoga related to financial prosperity, it gives the person capability to earn profits through his own initiatives.

Planetary Stats of Mars In Astrology:

  • Gender Of Mars In Astrology: Masculine.
  • Mars In Astrology Signifies: Power and Strength.
  • Mars In Astrology as relationship personality signifies: Siblings.
  • Temperament of Mars In Astrology: Violence, Fierce, Rash and angry.
  • Among Natural Elements Mars Governs: Agni or fire.
  • Guna Represented By Mars In Astrology: Tamo Guna.
  • Caste of Mars In Astrology: Kshatriya or Warrior.
  • Characteristic of Mars In Astrology: Malefic.
  • House Strength of Mars In Horoscope: While placed in Tenth House.
  • House Weakness of Mars In Horoscope: While placed in 4th House.
  • Mars Ruled Signs In Astrology Are: Aries and Scorpio.
  • House Of Mars In Natural Zodiac: First house and 8 houses.
  • Exaltation Sign Of Mars: Capricorn.
  • Debilitation Sign Of Mars: Cancer.
  • Mars Does Not Give Good Result In: Libra.
  • Mars’s Friends In Astrology Are: Sun or Surya, Moon and Jupiter.
  • Enemy Of Mars In Astrology: Mercury and Saturn
  • Vimshottari Dasha Of Mars In Astrology: Seven Years.
  • Nakshatras Ruled By Mars Are: Dhanishta, chitra, and Mrigashira.
  • Body Part ruled by Mars In Astrology: The Upper body.
  • Week’s Day ruled by Mars In Astrology: Tuesday.
  • Direction Of Mars In Astrology: East.
  • Season ruled by Mars In Astrology: Summer months.
  • Metals ruled by Mars: Copper.
  • Gemstone ruled by Mars: Red Coral.
  • Alternative gemstones governed by Mars: Bloodstone.
  • Colors ruled by Mars In Astrology: Blood Red.
  • Numbers according to Numerology ruled by Mars Are: 9, 18, 27, 36 and those that results in 9, are ruled because of it.
  • Positive Significations Of Mars In Astrology: Courage and bravery, Energy and Activity of any kind, Effort and initiation.
  • Negative Significations Of Mars In Astrology: Egotistical, Intense, Headstrong, Self-centered, Imprudent and impulsive.
  • Age Represented By Mars In Astrology: From 25 to 35 years in an average.
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Vedic Remedies for afflicted Mars In Astrology

As discussed, a favorable and well-positioned Mars in horoscope, can make an individual rise to very good levels in Military Service area, Police, Game activities, Medicinal Ground etc. However, if it is positioned in a Horoscope badly, here are some easy astrological remedies to check out:

  • Lord Hanuman should be worshiped every day, especially on Tuesday.
  • Drink a lot of drinking water.
  • Be regular in sports or working out etc.
  • Don’t take long rest during day time, if there is no emergency or medical issue.
  • Try to stay yourself away from eating junk and spicy food.
  • Try to avoid smoking.
  • Do not have red-meat.
  • Donate money, foods to laborers.


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