Meaning Of Empty/ No Planet Houses in Astrology – Ultimate Guide

Meaning Of Empty - No Planet Houses in Astrology - Ultimate Guide

Meaning Of Empty/ No Planet Houses in Astrology – In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – The Ultimate Guide: questions like can you have empty houses in astrology? what is the meaning of empty house in astrology?  or what does it mean if a house is empty in astrology or what is the significance of empty houses in vedic astrology haunts many of us many times in life.

An empty house in a horoscope without any planet means that one has to struggle hard to extract all the good results of that house which empty houses are signifying out of all 12 houses. Person do not get enough fortune and blessing to receive gift of those houses naturally.

For Example- An empty 2nd house means person will not get or inherit any kind of family wealth or business or parental property or much monetary support from family in life. Even when he or she gets any kind of property then it will be useless for the person. He or she will not get the comfort of that property and that property will be problematic for him or her. Even with inherited liquid wealth one will not able to save and sustained it for long period of time.

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Difference Between Empty House and Houses With Planets

What does it mean if a house is empty in astrology? An empty house gives struggle related to matters of that particular house but houses with planets can give both good and bad results.

Houses with planets show those areas of life, where we put or invest lots of energies, and thus events related to those areas seem to be more prominent and much in numbers than the empty house in a horoscope. Where we put our energy those areas tend to shows series of incidents more frequently.
So, houses with planets in the horoscope are areas where significant people, situations, and events are stored in a disciplined or indisciplined way depending on the planetary position.
For example, If you have several good planets in the eleventh house but nothing in the 2nd house, then your friends will play a more importantr role than your family as you grow up. 

Exception In Empty Houses Theory In Astrology

An empty house usually gives struggle to attain significant attributes of that house except for 6th, 8th, and 12th house but house with one or more planets gives results good or bad according to their strength placement, position, lordship, aspects, constellation, etc.

Planetary Aspect On Empty Houses In Astrology – Rules

If any planet aspects any particular house which is empty gives much promise and power to that house and one should not consider that house empty anymore. For Example – 1st house is empty but if Jupiter aspects 1st house then the native will attain 1st house attributes easily in life. 1st house means status, success, and early fortune and native will attain all along with success and growth in life. It will happen mainly with support and help of partner, parents, or mentor.

Planetary Transits Through Empty/ No Planet Houses Of Kundli

Empty houses don’t remain/ give empty house results throughout your life. The time Planets transit through natal empty houses of horoscope or Kundli, the house matters become prominent for the native throughout the transit time period. The transiting planets can be there in the house for years/months/ days. These scenarios will stimulate or activate new events and conditions related to those particular house matters.

Native will notice a change in activities related to those houses that usually are not a matter of concern to them or were struggling with those for the last couple of months or years.

For example, If the native does not have any planet or planetary aspects in the 11th house of his birth chart then, a long or short (the transit should not be for a very short period) transit of planets through the 11th house will bring a series of activities or developments in a person’s earning, social life, and success.

The Native will put an extra amount of focus or attention on earning, social life, and success, and other 11th house matters. The significations of this house will be emphasized.

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Meaning Of Empty Houses In Astrology In Horoscope

Below, are the predictions for empty/ no planet houses in Horoscope:-

  • Empty/ No Planets in 1st House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 1st house in birth chart means one will have to face a lot of struggle and hardship to make their own name, fame, and status in society. One will not have much name and popularity in their childhood. His or her family will not be very significant family or wealthy family in society. Native will have to work hard to earn respect, status, and wealth in life. Fortune will not play that much roles in it.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 2nd House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 2nd house in Kundli means, Native may not be born in wealthy family or their family wealth and status will be vanished after native attains youth. He or she will not get much property or bank balance through family or inheritance or parental property.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 3rd House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 3rd house in natal chart gives problems in the sector of communication and it can cause misunderstanding in professional life, in partnership, in business, etc. Person will have hard time convincing others through their views and ideas. Native will not have many good friends or colleagues in life. Some individuals will have had connecting with others and there can be some controversy through media and social media.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 4th House Meaning in Astrology:-  Empty 4th house in D1 chart either gives very amicable relationship with parents and family members or very strained relationship with spouse, parents or other family members. Native will have to work very hard to obtain property, luxury, and materialistic comforts of life.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 5th House Meaning in Astrology:-  Empty 5th house in horoscope, provides problem in children health and also in romantic life of an individual. There will be loss of happiness and failure in romantic affairs. Love life will be short-lived through every relationship. Native will have problems in exploring their own artistic talent and presenting it to the world.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 6th House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty or blank 6th house without planet means safety from any major legal troubles and there will be almost no enemy in particular in life. Health will be good and there will not be many occurrences to visit hospital and consult doctors in life. Although, there can be some skin and hormonal problems in life.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 7th House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 7th house means person will not have much zeal or focus to get married early and settle early in life. Native will have doubtful nature towards their spouse and business partner. Person will not get married easily and will be very choosy among picking right partner. Married life will be normal. Few individuals will have some problem with their spouse.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 8th House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 8th house in birth chart gives sudden ups and downs in life. fortune will play hide and seek. Empty 8th house in horoscope gives artistic talent and occult ability. Native will have hidden talent in Astrology and in Healing. Native will have abstract imagination and he or she will be free from accident, fire, and theft.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 9th House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 9th house in natal chart indicates less dependency on fortune or on father assets. Person will be hardworking and will achieve everything by their hard labour. He or she can be unlucky at times in life. Father will not be very prosperous in life. Hard struggle in traveling to foreign land. Hard struggle in gaining reputation and growth in career. There will not constant settlement at one place in life. He or she will not be very religious.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 10th House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 10th house gives struggle and delay in getting promotion or getting success in career with stability. One will not have support from others and person can miss opportunity for growth in life. There will be delay in choosing a clear path for career. There will be delay and struggles in getting popularity, reputation, or status in life.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 11th House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 11th house in kundli bestows problems and misunderstanding friendship. Problems with people in authority. An altercation with influential people in society and delay in establishing long term friendship or large network circle in life. There will be problems in earning and saving in young age as well.
  • Empty/ No Planets in 12th House Meaning in Astrology:- Empty 12th house in birth char means well balance sex life and bed pleasure. There will not be much growth in spiritual pursuit. There will problems in traveling to foreign countries and settling in foreign country. One has to struggle hard for a longer period to get permanent citizenship in foreign land.

In this way, we can say an empty house just makes native work extra hard to get the result of that particular house with some delay.

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