Mercury in 10th house Love, Career, Rise, Promotion/ Demotion & More

Mercury in 10th house Love, Career, Rise, Promotion Demotion & More

Mercury in 10th house Love, Career, Rise, Promotion/ Demotion Health, Finance,  Family, Marriage in Horoscope/ Birth Chart/ Kundli:-  Mercury in 10th house will give struggle in early age but success after the age of 30 when native’s dreams and ambition will start getting materialized. Native will be manipulative but skilled in executing every work with neat and clean perfection.

Budh Graha in 10th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Individual will honest in their endeavours but may cheat or thug others in life at times to gain own success and profit. Some individuals may corn or sweet mouth someone to gain favors from life. Person may also get favours from ladies as well as government agencies or from government sectors in life. Native will have good contacts with aristocratic people or people of influence including politician.

Mercury in 10th house from Lagna for all Ascendant:- Mercury in 10th bhav gives lot of casual and romantic affair for temporal time period away from a serious devoted relationship. Mercury in this position will give rare quality to extract own profit from any endeavors of life.

Native may become selfish and moody at times as well. Person will lead a comfortable life with overall good fortune and happiness. Mercury in this specific position will lead to scholarship during school and college life. Mercury here will give support from friends as well especially in testing times.

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Mercury in 10th house General Effect:- Mercury prediction in this house can differ from person to person as different sign in 10th house, malefic planet or benefic planet aspect and impact on 10th house,  Mercury in different Nakshatra (Constellation), conjunction with different planets, degree, retrogression , lordship etc.

Mercury in 10th house gives very practical mindset with he value of time and punctuality. Native will be very clear headed and will have an eye for detail. Mercury in 10th house gives happiness and support from parents and relatives. Mercury in 10th house give solid education and success in school and college life with popularity. Native will have flair, charm and charisma in their personality.

Mercury in 10th House in Horoscope and Your Career

  • Mercury in 10th house gives progress and satisfaction in engineering field, technology field, artistic field and some times native may also become a big diplomat, work in embassy or as a successful entrepreneur.
  • Mercury if with Venus gives success in creative and artistic field and Mercury with Sun gives success from government job or working for welfare of state. Mercury in 10th house can give work in home ministry or affairs of ministry of state.
  • Mercury in 10th house can make native a SSC pass out. Mercury in 10th bhav can also give employment through print media, social media. Mercury with Sun or Venus can make you a popular anchor or popular journalist in tv media.
  • Mercury in 10th position can also give work in Radio agency or Advertisement agency. Mercury in 10th gives gives popularity through communication profession or through social media.
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Mercury in 10th House in Horoscope/ Kundli and Rise Time In Career

Mercury in 10th house will give rise in career after 33 years of age especially in the field of technology, artistic field, computer or business in Steel or Iron-ore. Native will rise in their life slowly but will pinnacle in their career from 33 years of age to 39 years of age.

Some native may gain from independent business after 60 years of age. Native will get slow success in life till the age of 30 to 33. Person may see downfall  from success at least once in life may be from 40 to 60 or in between. Although, Native will regain all the respect , wealth, power and position in life.

Mercury in 10th House In Vedic Astrology time of Promotion/ Demotion

Mercury in 10th house only gives demotion if it is associated with Rahu or Ketu in 10th house and may land native in Jail through fraud or loss of position or reputation. Generally, Mercury in this very house gives promotion and advancement in career through job & business both after the age of 33. Mercury in this particular house gives excellence and proficiency in their field of work especially in technology or artistic field.

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 Mercury in 10th house in Horoscope/ Birth chart and Your Finance

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Native will struggle in financial aspect of life till 30 years of age but native will slowly start achieving their materialistic desire after the age of 30. There will be growth in income and overall earning and native may get rich after the age of 40. Financial  prosperity will be achieved after marriage with growth in fortune. Native will get financial baking from parents, relatives and in-laws as well. Native may get much profit and wealth from partnership business as well as financial assistance from spouse as well in tough times.

Mercury in 10th house in Horoscope/ Kundli and Your Love Life

Mercury in this given house gives success in love life and love marriage especially if connected with Venus. Love life will be blossoming but native might get caught in cheating their partner for temporary time period. Although, it will sorted if native try to convince their partner for forgiveness.

There will initial break up and trouble in life due to cheating in teenage years of life but native may meet their ideal match in young and may get settled with him or her as a long lasting partnership through marriage and commitment. Native will be very possessive in relationship. Mercury here will make native demanding in relationship.

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Mercury in 10th house from Ascendant/ Lagna and Your Marriage

Mercury in 10th house gives long lasting marriage with understanding spouse. Mercury with Venus gives love marriage in life with all the happiness and bliss. Mercury in this position will give harmony in married life but there will problem in bed pleasure. Sometimes native may live away from spouse may happen due to travelling and career. Spouse will very caring, supportive and motivator in lie. Spouse will also be successful and happy in life

Mercury in 10th house in Birth chart and Your Family Life

Mercury in 10th bhav gives happy and joyful family life if 4th house or 4th lord is not afflicted. Mercury here gives joint family as well sometimes. There will be happiness from spouse and children and there will be auspicious events will be celebrated in family. Domestic daily life will be harmonious without much problem or hustle. There will be support from family and relatives as well in life.

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Mercury in 10th house in Natal Chart and Your Health

Mercury in 10th house will give solid health and stable mental health in life. Native will not have much health issue but issue related to skin and lungs  or obesity  may appear in life after the age of 40 if they show carelessness in eating and daily life activities. Overall, health will be fine native will remain energetic throughout the life.

Blood pressure or nerve issue may crop up after the age of 40. Daily Morning exercise with fresh Oxygen is the remedy for making their health better with proper blood circulation.

Special Effect of  Mercury in 10th house In Horoscope in Astrology

Mercury in 10th house will give association and connection with diplomats, bureaucrats in life. Native will be professional and very practical in life. These Individuals with with Mercury in 10th bhav will be very focused and goal oriented in life. Mercury in this specific position will give positive mindset with lot of clarity in mind.

Native will also do some humanitarian work in life. Person will gain from investments and may work in finance department as well. Native will have profit from mutual funds and may earn from Jo and business both from 0 to 50 years of age.

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