Mercury In 12th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Loss, Health, Jail

Mercury In 12th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Loss, Health, Jail

Mercury in 12th house Love, Marriage, Bed Pleasure, Sex, Loss & Expenditure, Jail, Foreign connection & Resident, :-  Mercury in 12th house will make native introvert shy especially in early years of life. Native will have love for isolation and imaginative romanticism. Native can become poet, editor, writer, and Journalist in life. 

Budh Graha in 12th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Mercury in 12th house gives a lot of trouble, scarcity of money, and other tension in life till 33 years of age. Native earning gets at its peak from 35 years of age. Native will be very stubborn and selfish in nature. Some immature decisions may bring loss and suffering in their life.

Mercury in 12th house From Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Mercury in 12th house can differ from person to person as placement of different sign in 12th house, malefic& benefic dignity, degree, aspects, affliction, combination, conjunction of Mercury in 12th house, Mercury in different Nakshatra(Constellation) as well as strength and dignity of 12th bhav.

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Mercury in 12th house gives loves towards metaphysics and astrology. Native will be unorthodox and sometimes indiscipline or lazy in life activities including education and career. Native will be charming and shrewd when it comes to get their work done by others.

Mercury in this house gives lot fear and confusion in life regarding taking initiative. Mercury in 12th house can make native a shrewd liar and a hypocrite in some cases. Native will get support of opposite sex in their life. Mercury in this house brings trouble in bones and lungs in young age.

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Mercury in 12th house in Horoscope and Love Life

Mercury or Budh Graha in this house give you failures in love affair and short term casual clandestine affair. There will be igniting passion at very romantic encounters but all will be short-lived with painful experiences and sadness. Native might meet their right match after the age of 27 or 32.

Native will face much sorrow in their life, especially in their personal romantic life. Native may feel boredom and loneliness, aloofness at their young age.

Mercury in 12th house Marriage and Bed Pleasure/ Sex

Native may marry twice in their life. There can be divorce or separation from spouse in case of infidelity. Native might cheat their spouse. Sexual relationship with spouse will suffer and there can be sexual issue or problem after marriage. The sperm count will be low. Native will not have much physical compatibility with spouse. There can be issues of miscarriage or late progeny. Some people might not get any children in their life if 5th lord is weak and with malefics.

Mercury in 12th house in Horoscope/ Kundli and Career

Native will be very intuitive in their occupation and may become a psychologist or an astrologer. Native will earn money from digital medium, writing, acting and few people will have career in occult field. Mercury in this house will occupation behind the public sphere and even sometimes in isolation.

Mercury in this house gives career in Adventure Sports, Martial Arts, Merchant Navy, etc. Native will do much well in business related to import-export, forex trading, investment in stock market, share market, etc. Native may become dealer, pear merchant, broker, writer, etc. Native may get job in IT Sector or in networking and communication department etc. Native can also become a popular Radio Jockey.

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Mercury in 12th house in Horoscope and Loss/ Expenditure

Native will have more expenditure than their actual income till 30 years of age. Native will lead a high-class aristocratic lifestyle and will have contacts with high-class people. There will be scarcity of liquid cash and savings till 30 years of age. Native will start their journey and occupation from very low income but will reach great height in terms of finance and career in middle years of life.

Mercury/ Budh in 12th house Health and Hospitalization

Native may suffer from leprosy, anemia, hair loss, thyroid etc. Native will have many expenses treating these diseases including Jaundice, nerve issues, etc. Native may also suffer from tooth decay and blood pressure issues. Native will not have good immunity system and metabolism in the body. He or she may get very fat or very thin very easily.

Mercury in 12th House and Foreign Resident/ Settlement

Native with Mercury or Budha Graha in this house will have temporal settlement in foreign country or away from birth place due to education as well as career. Native will have many travels in life with residing in foreign country. Although Native will lack any kind of own property in life especially in foreign country. Native will reside in spouse house or in rented house during their teenage and young years of life.


Mercury in 12th House in Birth Chart and imprisonment/ Jail

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Mercury in this house free native from any kind of seclusion, jail, or any legal trouble. Some litigation issues may crop up but native will be able to all those problems diplomatically and tactfully. There will not be any judiciary or legal complications in the life of the native especially when 6th lord and 12th lord are strong without malefic influence. Native will be saved from any bad incident and will come out victorious over secret enemies and also in competition.

Special Effects of Mercury in 12th house in Vedic Astrology

Mercury/ Budha Graha in this house may give education in foreign land or away from birthplace. Native will not have much spiritual and religious inclination in life and will enjoy life freely with spending almost all of their income. Although, native will be rich and will earn substantial money in life. Native will lead a luxurious life but there will be issues in family and some issues regarding spouse and children. Native will travel in many countries.

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