Mercury In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Mercury In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Mercury In 3rd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology: In Horoscope/ Kundli Or Birth Chart: When Mercury is placed in 3rd house in a horoscope of a native in Lagna or natal chart, the native travel a lot and makes a lot of short journeys related to the profession in life, Short travels tend to be one of the highlights of their life even for education and business purposes. These individuals are good at being a jack-of-all-trades.

They are unique in their talent and identity and usually become multi-taskers and often study more than one course or simultaneously two different stream courses simultaneously at a parallel time. Nevertheless, they should be extremely careful with this tendency as sometimes, they usually tend to acquire superficial information on each subject and are unable to dig deep and get in-depth knowledge on any particular subject or topic. They usually remain very hasty in life. Sibling remains very supportive in their life and in many personal and professional endeavors.

The result of Mercury in the 3rd house can differ in a horoscope from person to person because of the different sign, lordship, affliction, combustion, retrogression, constellation, aspect, etc.

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Effects Of Mercury In 3rd House For Any Ascendant

GENERAL EFFECT Of Moon In 3rd House In Astrology: People with Mercury in 3rd house in their horoscope remain restless in life and takes hasty decisions which may sometimes backfire. They usually take much pride in being multi-talented but remain Jack of all trades but a master in none throughout their life. Their childhood and teen years tend to be happy and fortunate ones mostly.

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These natives with Mercury in the third house does very well in their academics and overall in their student life. They usually tend to communicate efficiently and ardently on any topic discussion and usually win competition in debates and quiz. These people possess very sharp memory with intellectual tact and cleverness to get through any situation in life. They usually talk in a polite way to please others.

Gift of Gab ability makes them popular in their social life as well in their school and college. But one thing that they cannot get away with is lying. Mercury in the 3rd house makes people lie blatantly with a straight face and they know the tricks to appease others after their misdoings or naughty deeds. They remain very committed to their family responsibilities. They normally remain family-oriented individuals throughout their life.

Mercury Effects In 3rd House – Career, and Finance In Astrology

The career graph of the natives with Mercury in the 3rd house usually goes through all kinds of high and low. These native makes an awesome career in the engineering field, technology field, IT sector, digital marketing, sales and taxation department, passport control office, and usually become computer info maniac. These people can also do well in blogging, content writing, publishing, printing press or Journalism in print media.

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Novel writing or authorship can very well acquire accolades, respect, fame and wealth in their life. Official daily routine work suits them and their punctuality and daily regular hard work can make them reach a good height in their career. Service in the banking sector can also lift them to executive manager posts.

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Mercury Placed In 3rd House Of Horoscope and Love Relationships

Natives with Mercury in 3rd house usually flirt with the opposite sex very often present in their surroundings. Their flirtatious nature can become a serious concern for their love partner in his or her committed love life. They usually do not remain dedicated to one partner for a long time because of their playful nature but remain amicable to their Lover even after separation. Friendly and pleasing persona nature of these natives may get them out of trouble several times in their love life.

Mercury In The Third House and Marriage In Horoscope Or Kundli

Married of life of these individuals with Mercury in their 3rd house of ascendant or Lagna chart remains happy and brings luck in their life. Love marriage or arranged marriage, their marriage bond remains strong and harmonious throughout their life in normal general circumstances with bright children or progeny.

They fully enjoy their marital life in terms of their physical and mental felicity. Cozy friendly and blissful conjugal life gives them immense happiness and satisfaction in their life with much pleasure and support deriving from talented and co-operative life partner. Spouse plays a big role in shaping up their destiny.

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Mercury in 3rd house bestows a deeper level of bonding for natives with their siblings. Mercury is the natural  Karaka or ruler of 3rd house which relates to communication, short travel, writing, which provides these natives money and honey in their life.

This  3rd house is the house Mercury feels comfortable and gives auspicious results more even in debilitation. Such a person finds it easy to express and talk to their heart and mind out. Moreover, they are versatile and clever enough to execute and implement their ideas into utilization especially in their professional life. These natives are mentally quite alert and work hard. These natives can become a good travel agent and travel guide in their life.

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