Moon & Education In astrology


Moon & Education In Astrology

Education Prediction through Astrology

Moon & Education In Astrology: Moon is the significator of mind and in behavioral side it represents compassion when positive and cruelty when negative.

As it represents compassion thus nursing related studies are indicated by this planet. Moon also represents the field of medical. When a positive moon’s influence is higher in doctor’s horoscope then the doctor really knows how to cure a patient with good nursing and care. Moon gives motherly energy and all we know how a mother can nurse her child, it seems to be god sent.

Apart from nursing Moon also represents many other things like food, dairy products, travelling related studies in astrology. Food products like such as bakery, catering, any kind of food chain, hotel-management etc. related studies comes under the influence of influence of Moon.

Moon also represents Cloths related field of studies. Good combination of Moon and Venus can send a person to fashion designing field of studies in astrology. A good Moon and Venus combination give the mind an artistic approach. Do not think this is the final yoga to decide whether a person would go to fashion designing field or not or to see the chart of fashion designer in astrology, it just shows the possibility or potential of the person to become a fashion designer. If this combination is present then see the placement of Mercury in the chart and the related house.

As I said earlier that Moon governs mind, and mind is the playground of all things are happening in our life. We create our own reality through mind. So to understand someone’s life we need to first know his/her mind, or in other way, how the person thinks in life or perceives his/her own life. There is a dual reality. One we perceive and thinks to be true and another is the base of perceived reality. Our perceived reality changes time to time, but the base remain same. As the mind is the territory of Moon hence it reprints Psychoanalyst, or any psychology related studies in astrology.

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Moon makes a good poet due to its governing of emotional side of mind. Thus incline a person towards poetry related studies and gives encouragement to become a writer. While judging someone’s writing capability then do not forget to judge 3rd house and the 5th house of the horoscope. Writing poetry is an art so Venus also will come into the picture to give the glory to the poet.

Moon denotes water element among five elements in the nature. Thus indicates knowledge and inclination to studies related with water, like liquor, alcohol related products, laundry, ship or marine, pearl, and other sea and water related products.

Moon also represents studies related to farming, agriculture. But, in case of cultivating field Saturn also play an important role. All we know that Saturn is a very practical planet, but on the other hand Moon is extremely emotional. Due to their opposite nature Saturn Moon combination do not give result. But in some special circumstances this combination gives inclination to study agriculture related subjects. In a completely separate article I will write about this in detail.

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Moon also represents Mass or Public and thus any public related studies, like public welfare etc attract Moon influenced natives a lot. It is also the “karaka” or significator of mind as I gave said earlier and if combine with Mercury , therefore indicates Humor artist like Cartoonist etc. If there is yoga to go to glamour industry or film industry in a native’s chart and Venus is also has joined the combination then these type people tend to go to film industry and glamour industry related studies. Whether the person will do good in that industry or not that sepends on some other yogas related to 10th house of rashi chart and the Divisional chgart called D-10, which is also called “The Chart Of Career” 

Moon influenced people are very much motherly and caring in their behavior. Hence all type of fields where caring is must or needed they suit and attract towards, field such as house-keeping, nursing, baby-sitting etc. 

Moon also indicates Social-Service & Bureaucracy. Though these two sectors seems little bit different but come together on the same platform. For example a bureaucrat must be salaried but a social service provider. Whether it is a bureaucrat or a social worker if a a native is influenced by positive Moon then that person will always be humble and compassionate to others.

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Jaimini Sutras Says: 

If Moon is placed in 1st or 5th house, it can give knowledge related to “Yoga” & “Philosophy” or it can make someone a good singer and author.

Education Horoscope In Astrology

Education Horoscope In Astrology


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