Moon In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Moon in 2nd house in horoscope/ second house in horoscope

Moon In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance: Moon in 2nd House In Kundli Moon is the natural satellite of the earth. In Vedic Astrology, planet Moon is regarded as Goddess of wealth, fame and lover. In case of metal it signifies silver and among colors white pale. Pearl and Moonstone is denoted as the Gemstone of moon. Moon represents our mind and soul with mental stature of a also denotes femininity, motherhood love, selfless love and compassion. Moon represents and deals with our emotions at every aspects of our daily life. Let’s discuss on Moon in second house in astrology or MOON in 2nd house (‘Dhan Bhav‘).

Moon In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

Moon represents our instincts, emotion, mood-swings and behavior in our day to day life with others.The Result of MOON in 2nd house (‘Dhan Bhav‘) vary from person to person because of different sign in the 1st house of different people having the same planet moon in lagna; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. AS, lordship varies from Aries sign as lagna or 2nd house to Pisces sign as lagna or 2nd house  and also because of some different special yoga and combination in a person’s birth chart. In short the resuld or prediction does not only depends on Moon in second house in astrology.

The second house relates to stored wealth, family wealth or bank balance, speech, savings and food. Moon’s in 2nd house implies that material security is important for the emotional as well as physical satisfaction for the native. Having property or inherited wealth or liquid money gives you a sense of emotional security and mental peace. Moon in 2nd house also brings a lot of fluctuations in one’s financial position especially liquid cash.

There could be lots of ups and downs in one’s income and savings because moon in 2nd house in a horoscope causes lots of expenditure, which also largely depends upon the aspects of different planets on 2nd house of lagna or D1 chart. In case of affliction of Moon in 2nd house, the person can become much extravagant and reckless with money management, which could lead to imbalance of financial security or financial position in life.

GENERAL EFFECT Of Moon In 2nd House

The native with Moon in 2nd house in horoscope chart will follow the path to pilgrimages. He will travel to many religious or spiritual places. He will rise in life because of some female authoritative person who will come in his life. Women will play a big part in native’s success in his or her career and professional life. He may receive some happiness due to female counterparts. His ability or skill to convince others through some polite means or or using polite words in his or her conversation and dealings, with logical thought process. Some Women can go out of their way to help him or her whoever has Moon in 2nd house in his or her horoscope chart.

Moon either in conjunction or in aspect of enemy planets or in malefic position indicates fear of accidents. possibility of infidelity and failure in love affairs, separation  or inconveniences from progeny, increase in intoxication or alcohol or  narcotics when any malefic planet will aspect on moon in 2nd house in debilitated state or in weak dignity and deposition. Some finance related difficulties may be challenged by the native.  Sinus problem or diabetes may trouble native when moon happens to be posited in 2nd house.

Moon In 2nd House In Horoscope and Love Relationships

Moon in 2nd house gives very emotional and sometimes path breaking love affairs from different castes or religion in the life of the native. Moon in 2nd house nurtures emotional well-being of the native through very passionate love affair in his or her life more than once in their life time. Debilitated or malefic Moon in this house can also give clandestine love affairs or multiple love affairs simultaneously but for a very short period of time as fire and passion dies quickly because of folly, impatient and moody nature of the native which causes fluctuation in emotions of the individual.

If Moon is not in malefic state or debilitated state then, Love affair or loving partner in his or her life can turn into something deeper satisfying and long lasting committed relationship in the form of marriage. 

Moon In 2nd House In Horoscope and Marriage – Vedic Astrology

Native who have Moon in 2nd house in birth chart, these individuals devotes lot of time to their spouse but falls in trouble when starts giving orders to the spouse according to their own will and  likes and dislikes for following a particular path of life style. That does not normally make his her spouse happy or interested and he or she doesn’t normally fall in line with native perspective.

Marriage may take place quite early in his or her life if Malefic planets not aspecting 2nd and 7th house of the native. Moon in second house can bestow a positive peaceful and long married life if the native ward off their fluctuating moods and desires in their conjugal life. Moon in this house also makes native very nagging which can hamper their conjugal life. 

Moon In 2nd House CAREER and FINANCE – Vedic Astrology

Moon in this house bestows you the ability to earn through public work. You can do very well in corporate sector, finance sector or in artistic pursuit of drama, acting or singing or even painting. You want to remain in the public domain all the time, but that does not mean that you would deal with the public directly. It is just that you like to be seen praised and popular when in your working sector in public life or society. Your idea of whether you are doing well often impacts your mental and emotional wellbeing also. 

Moon in this house bestows lot of success and money when native starts dealing in milk and milk related products like-ghee, sweets, cheese, in their professional life gives them multiple gains and they often go for multiple profession simultaneously for multiple source daily income and wealth which causes them much liquid savings for them.

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Moon in 2nd house denotes extra spending on clothes and wardrobe of self and spouse and their progeny also. They spend lot of money on their skin care and medical treatment, moreover so of his blood family. These individuals are very fond of consuming drugs and drinks heavily, and they do store a good quantity of wines, beer, and other alcoholic drinks and cold beverages for consumption in company of friends and guests.

The 2nd house being related to wealth, collection of costly assets and valuable items of daily use, the individuals  having moon in their 2nd house are often fond of collecting all these assets and gains in life and they work for it too without any doubt. They may acquire to take loans to build and follow a lavish lifestyle for their social rise and projection.

Sources of the individual’s earning, occur from the earning of the spouse or family or from rental income or from returns on investments. You tend to be very frugal when it comes to handling money matters. You tend to touch extremes when it comes to financial dealings and management from being frugal to spendthrift just in few days as wavy sea motion your emotion and nature wants constant changes in your surroundings.

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