North Direction In Vastu – Remedies New Opportunities, Business, Clients

North Direction In Vastu - Remedies New Opportunities,Business,Clients

North Direction In Vastu and Remedies New Opportunities, Business, Clients, Jobs: North direction in Vastu brings opportunities of any kind. It could be your business-related, job-related, money related, etc. North direction gives you that spark to start something, to take an initiative to fulfills your desires.

Remember, North brings opportunities only but not guarantees the continuous flow of money or the result of that opportunity. It only guarantees the flow of opportunities that you may or may not convert into success. But, think if there will not be any opportunity at all then the question of becoming successful will remain a mere painful question throughout the whole lifetime.

The energy emanates from the North direction gives you the power to grab any opportunity in life. For example, if you are a business person, and clients have stopped coming or have become less than before, or when you know that your product or service is ok, but still there is no client or less client in your business. Then you need to understand that the north direction of your home/ factory/ office has got some Vastu energy imbalances.

The Direction Of Kuber, Dhana Lakshmi and Mercury

North is the direction of the Water Element. Water represents:

  • Continuous flow,
  • Wavy shape,
  • Colorlessness,
  • Black and Blue.

On the other hand:

  • Lord of this direction is Dhana Lakshmi and Kuber (caretaker of wealth)
  • When we combine Vastu and Astrology then Mercury becomes the significator planet of this direction which gives us new business ideas.
  • The left shoulder and chest portion of Vastu Purush also fall in this direction.

Hence, when there is a problem of continuity of anything at any part in your life, you need to understand the energy of this direction needs to be balanced of your building/ home/ factory/ office.

The destroyer or enemy of the water element is the earth element, which represents:

  • Color yellow,
  • Squire shape,
  • Heavy storage, etc.

So, when someone says I am not getting any opportunity at all. That means the enemy element is present in the north direction of his/ her building/ home/ factory/ office. The opportunity to come to life is very important. Because as long as someone does not get the opportunity to do something, how come he/ she will do hard work to improve or progress in life. Why the earth element is enemy to the water element? Because earth element blocks the flow of water thus blocks the flow of opportunity in life.

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It is not like you will sit at home and all directional strengths will bring everything to you without lifting a finger. Directional strengths help us to achieve things easily but you need to continuously work to progress in life.

What Should Fall In The North direction According To Vastu

Rooms in North direction should be used by children, young members of the family or whoever is trying to improve careerwise. If you are planning to keep a cash box in this direction or in any room in this direction then you need to keep the cash box in the south or south-west wall of the room, so that the door of the cash box faces the North or North-east direction.

If you are building a house then try to keep the slop of the house in the north direction. This means the South direction of the house should not be lower than in the North direction. Your garden or lawn area can be placed in this direction but remember, no big trees should be planted here. This is not the actual direction for gardening, but if you do not have any other option then you can choose this direction for gardening but without big trees.

In case of office or commercial uses, you can keep your Accounts, Cash Receipts, and Payment Department in North direction. Industrial area, for factories, the North directional entrance is also considered as the best direction. But, you should not keep any heavy metals, machines in this direction. It would be better if you can keep the place open and light.

What Happens when The North direction Of Your Home/ Office/ Factory Is imbalanced? If your North direction is somehow disturbed or imbalanced then you will see drastic negative changes in your financial matters and health, pain or problems related to chest and shoulders. If there are children at home then it will also affect their education. A negative north direction will destroy your savings, whether it is money or jewelry or wealth in any form, it will destroy those savings that were giving you peace of mind and financial security till now. Growth in career will be stopped or with unnecessary obstructions.

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You will start investing in the wrong fields. For example, if you are a property dealer then you will likely to invest in the wrong property whose rate will go down after your purchase. Then either you need to hold the money for long or you need to sell it at less price.

The Entrance/ Door Of North Direction In Vastu Shastra

To keep the entrance of your home, flat, office, factory, etc. in North direction is considered very auspicious as it brings the continuous flow of new happenings in the form of opportunities in our life. In Vastu Shastra this direction is considered as the direction or entrance of Dhana Lakshmi and Kuber. Entrance in this direction brings new opportunities to earn money and gives the ability to manage the earned money also. But, all parts of the North direction are not good for entrance. See in the picture below:

North Direction In Vastu - Remedies

  • N3 entrance in Vastu brings a lot of opportunities to earn an abundance of money. This is the vital entrance for them who needs a continuous flow of opportunities in life. It helps us to build a lot of business contacts.
  • N4 entrance in Vastu brings properties in inheritance and new earning opportunities. This direction is very auspicious for property dealers, builders, etc. The energy of this entrance also helps the family members to live unitedly.
  • N5 entrance in Vastu brings the vibrations of religiousness, peace in the family.

If you are choosing North direction entrance for your flat or house then apart from above three-parts of North direction you should not choose any other. Because all other parts of the north direction entrances bring one or more than one bad event in life.

What you should not keep in the North direction? First of all

  • Master bedroom,
  • Kitchen,
  • Toilets,
  • Septic tank,
  • Heavy furniture,
  • Waste materials,
  • Fire-related Machines,
  • Wastewater outlet (whether in the factory or home)

All the above points should be remembered while you are planning something in the North direction according to Vastu rules.

Vastu Remedy for North Direction For Health, New Flow Of Opportunities

First, follow the above instructions about what you should not keep in the North direction. If you have already kept all those in the North then try to change the direction of those things. To do that if you need to demolish something, then stop, because without demolishing we can also balance the energy of the direction. But if it is removable then it would be better if you change the place of that anti element thing.

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For each wrong anti-element, there are different types of remedies, that I will talk about later in details, otherwise, this article will be very long. Let me discuss some common remedies you can do to balance the energy in this direction.

  • 1. The most important is color balance, try to paint the walls of the north direction with blue or green. Blue is the color of Water Element and represents continuous flow and Green is the color of Air element that represents growth in life. So if we can bring these two colors in this direction then this direction will be balanced.
  • 2. Do not keep or hang any shape, sculpture or photo in this direction as long as you are not balancing the direction properly. Because, shapes, sculptures, murtis only boost the energy of a direction, so if your direction is not balanced and is giving bad results then bad or negative things related to that direction will increase.

Many people buy Kuber murti or Dhana Lakshmi Murti and keep in this direction without balancing the direction. It is bad Vastu practice. It will only bring bad luck. I have dealt with many such clients till now. They buy, all Vastu remedies from the market keep those in the related directions and complain that no good change is happening in life.

  • 3. Keep the direction clutter-free, clean and hang a blue light on the north wall.
  • 4. North direction in Vastu always should be well lightened and open air. Sun rays come from this direction gives us good health.

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