North-East Direction In Vastu For Flat/Home/Factory/Office & Remedies

North-East Direction In Vastu For Flat Home Factory Office & Remedies

North-East Direction In Vastu For Flat/Home/Factory/Office & Remedies: North-east or ishan kon this is the direction placed between North and East. NorthEast is a sub direction. The lord of this direction is Shiv or Mahadev. As per astrology, the ruling planet is Jupiter, which helps us in physical, mental and spiritual development and growth.

  • The Lakshmi energy rules in this direction is Santan Lakshmi, who gives happiness related to children.
  • The body part of Vastu Purush falls in this direction is ‘Head’.
  • Among 5 elements the ruling element of this direction is mainly water but we also get a little bit of earth element’s effect in this direction, due to that the color of this direction is light yellow.

Significance Of North East Direction In Vastu Shastra

This direction is considered to be very pure and pious for any spiritual or religious practice. This direction generates very powerful energies. That controls our, health, wealth, knowledge, children and happiness from children. Hence, this direction always should remain clean, well lightened, open, so that the positive energies of this direction can flow to all directions of the flat/ building/ home/ factory/ office.

Northeast Direction Entrance/ Main door/  Main gate/ In Vastu

To keep the entrance of your home, flat, office, factory in Northeast direction is considered very auspicious as it brings the continuous flow of overall mental and physical level of happiness in our life. In Vastu Shastra this direction is considered as the direction or entrance of Santan Lakshmi and Ishana. Entrance in this direction brings new growth, happiness from children and gives the ability to live happily even in the bad state of life. But, all parts of the North-east direction are not good for entrance. See in the picture below: North-east Direction entrance In Vastu - Remedies

Only E3 and E4 E4 entrances will give good results and considered to be auspicious in Vastu Shastra.

  • E3 entrance of home/ flat /factory/ office brings monetary profits in business (for business personals and improvements working fields for working professionals.
  • E4 entrance of home/flat/factory/ office gives the connection of high profile people in society. This entrance also helps to build up a good rapport with high government officials.
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What to keep In The Northeast Corner Of The House/ Flat/ Factory/ Office

You can keep your

  • Main gate of the building, main door or entrance (but only E3 and E4 is beneficial),
  • Pooja or prayer room, meditation room. Always sit by facing North-east while doing any spiritual practice,
  • You can keep your living room/ hall/ drawing room also in this direction. This should be always the second choice. When there is no option to make your drawing room then you can make that in this direction.
  • The study room also can be in northeast direction as per Vastu, If you are placing your study room in this direction then face towards North-East while studying. in the northeast direction.
  • Any slope of your building/ flat/ office/ home/ plot can be towards North-East. That means your North-east should not be upper than the South-West. Any extension of the building towards North-East direction is considered very auspicious.

In Case Of Commercial/ Industrial/ Office Area

  • You can place the reception area,
  • General administrative related work,
  • Waiting area,
  • Drinking water-related area in this direction.
  • To face North-East while working in the office is considered very auspicious.

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What You Should Not Keep In North-east Direction?

  • In case of northeast corner bedroom Vastu, the master bedroom should not be placed in North-East direction.
  • The kitchen also should not be there in this direction. If the Kitchen is there in this direction will create unwanted ego between the family members, due to the presence of the wrong element in the wrong direction.
  • Toilet in north-east direction should be completely ignored as per Vastu
  • Septic Tank in north-east direction should not be built
  • Avoid building Staircase in this direction. If you have already built then I will discuss Vastu remedies for the northeast corner staircase later in detail.
  • Electric meters in northeast direction will create disharmony between family members.
  • Any Garbage should not be kept in the northeast direction as per Vastu Shastra rules
  • Dustbin should not be placed in this direction.
  • Any cut in this direction can bring misfortune to the resident of that house. Later I will talk about the effect and remedies of cut in the northeast corner.
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The north-east direction of your building/ home/ factory/ office should not be elevated at all. The North-East direction area should always be lower than in the South-West direction. The North-East area should not be cut also.

North-east Direction Vastu Doshas (defects) and Remedies

In case of an imbalance of this direction can affect the resident’s health, Finances, Children’s education, Relationships of any kind, Progress or growth in life, Problem-related to childbirth.

As this is the direction of Vastu Purush’s head, hence things you keep in this directly influence your mind very easily. If the fire element comes in this direction like a kitchen, red color or any kind then the residents will lose temper very easily, especially the owner of the building. Hence the quarrel between the family members is a must. You will find this type of family members are always fighting with each other.

The imbalance of this direction also affects someone’s decision making power, especially when air element comes in this direction (eg. If you place an inverter in this direction). This is the direction of self-focus or destination or target you should achieve in this lifetime. If you do not know what you actually want to do in life, then this direction can help you in that regard. Without the strength of this direction, a person becomes focusses or targetless in life. Thus, a delay can be seen in the growth or improvement and settlement in life.

This is the direction of Jupiter as per Astrology. So, if Jupiter in your chart is somehow disturbed then this direction will remain imbalance always. You will shift to some building, where this direction must be in an imbalanced state. By making it balanced you will be able to do remedy to the Jupiter in your chart.

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Northeast Vastu Dosh (Defects) Remedies

First, follow the above instructions about what you should not keep in the North-East direction. If you have already kept all those in the North-east then try to change the direction of those things. To do that if you need to demolish something, then stop, because without demolishing we can also balance the energy of the direction. But if it is removable then it would be better if you change the place of that anti element thing.

  • Place a clock in this direction to maintain or manage your time properly. You will start utilizing the time in a proper way.
  • Apart from the clock do not keep any pyramid in this direction. The use of a pyramid is to boost the energy of a particular direction in Vastu. As long the direction is not properly balanced, do not keep any booster in that direction. Many people buy lots of pyramids from online or offline stores and keep in this direction without balancing the direction. It is a bad Vastu practice. It will only bring bad luck. I have dealt with many such clients till now. They buy, all Vastu remedies from the market keep those in the related directions and complain that no good change is happening in life.
  • Keep the direction clutter-free, clean and hang a blue light on the north wall.
  • north direction rooms should be colored with light yellow (very light)

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