Expression Number 1 In Numerology – An Analysis


Number 1 In Numerology – An Analysis

Number Number 1 In Numerology:

(Numerology number 1 personality traits)

If Your, Expression Number is “1”
Numerology number 1 characteristics: A no.” 1” vibration rate denotes a skilled executive, with keen capabilities of administration. You have to develop this capacity to become a fine leader who can lead a large number of people, from sales department to higher administrative post. You really have the capacity to become a creative person in approach to – problem solving, & intend for – initiating action. You may need someone behind you, to handle all the details, but, you know very well how to manage everything and get those things done.

You have a very good mind & intellect, more important is you are fully capable to use that for your own betterment or advancement. Due to these all factors, you potential is very nearer to achievement & financial rewards. Sometimes this type of expressions we see in struggling businessman or who has already has become one. This type of expression will give you the energy and capability while striving to reach a level on the basis of you talents & efforts. But, remember, do not become over confidence at all, you also need supervision of your well-wisher sometimes, and that time do not show your ego at all.. You’re both ambitious & determined. Self-confident & self-reliant you must have, as you will develop, a strong “Unyielding-Will” & the courage, of your “convictions”. 

Though you scare of loneliness, but, sometimes you want to-be left-alone. You do not like routine & being in – a rut. You sometimes “jump-the-gun” because, you’re scared of being left-behind. 

The negative side of the “Number 1” Expression are – “egotism” & a “self centered” approach to life. This is a very aggressive number & if the aggressiveness goes high so it would be very hard, to live-with. You don’t need to be “over-aggressive” to – fulfill your own destiny. Number 1 has a “natural-instinct” to dominate & to become the boss of all time.

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