Expression Number 2 In Numerology


Number 2 In Numerology

If Your – Expression-Number is “2”

Numerology number 2 personality traits: Number 2 – Expression always gives you a kind of ability to work well, with other-people. Your destiny is playing the role of mediator & the peacemaker. You’re dependent on others – in many ways & seem to work best in any kind of partnership, or in any form of “Group Activity”. Modesty runs very deep in – your nature, & you can also work comfortably, without any recognition of your all accomplishments. The good side of your Character is adaptability, Cooperation, partnering, consideration of others & mediating.


Sometimes, other people get credit just for your unique ideas, & this is really of little concern to you. As you naturally grow in this kind of directions, you become very sensitive to – the feelings-of-others; you’re not diplomatic at all in handling a complicated situation. Courteous, co-operative, & considerate, you’ve the full capacity to become one outstanding facilitator. You know ver well that, how to – organize & handle people. You’re a very good detail-person, because, you rarely “overlook” anything. You are very much
Tactful & friendly, nearly just everyone likes you.


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The negativity of Number 2 personality would be “Over Sensitive” & “easily hurt”. Too much effect of this number on you can make you shy & uncertain. Sometimes the excessive effect number 2 vibrations can make you apathetic & somewhat very indifferent to every job at hand; your ability to handle “details of anything” is hampered, in these type of cases.


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