Numerology Number 3 Love, Marriage, Career, Personality


Numerology Number 3 Love, Marriage, Career, Personality: Number 3 is the happy go lucky childlike energy. Where number 1 represents the man and 2 represents woman than 3 would be the child of the family who is not childish, but childlike. The rulership of number 3 goes to the planet Jupiter. Jupiter in Vedic science refers to as guru or preceptor. It shows us the way to light from the darkness. It leads us through its high altitude of knowledge at the time we need a trustworthy leader in life. So, these are the qualities which is going to infuse in someone’s life who will be strongly under the influence of number 3.

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Numerology Number 3 Personality, Love, Marriage, Career

Numerology no 3 characteristics

When I think about the life path number 3, the first thing comes in my mind is self-expression. These people are very self-expressive and they are born gifted with self-expressive qualities. This is the most communicative number. And could be a good entertainer. As long as three is around, you are far away from boredom. That is the reason most of the poet, filmmakers come from this life path number.

Jupiter rules the 9th house of the natural zodiac, which is the house of luck and religiousness. Hence, these people will tend to remain very virtuous, wise, full of the joy of living, optimist, hard-working-ness, good sense of humor throughout life. Generally, these people are very fond of learning. Academics and scoring well in their studies is high in their priority. They make excellent students and later on teachers or masters in any field, whether it is spirituality or materialism.

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Numerology number 3 personality: The number 3 is called the knowledge seeker. Their love for learning also gives them a lifelong love for accumulating information from different sources. It could be through the books, could be through the internet, and could be through interacting with wise and experienced people in their field. This is a very big asset as far as the number 3 people are concerned. If you are with them or if you go to them with any of your problems, they will patiently listen to you, because they are inborn counselors and guides. They also have a very empathetic feel towards understanding emotions and the academic level of the other person and are able to tone down their knowledge to suit their students. Thus ideal teachers, counselors, ideal mentors, ideal trainers in the corporate field are number 3 people.

These people remain the luckiest or the most fortunate ones amongst all the numbers. They are very creative, very inspirational, very motivating, they have the notion that they are born to do something extraordinary or at least something very unique. That is the reason you will be able to see some kind of creative angle in their all works of life. The intellectual pursuit tends to remain very strong and high in people influenced by this number.

Number 3 in Indian numerology also has a high degree of self-respect. They are very self-respecting or swavimani people. Some people can mistake it for a high level of arrogance also because if they come across persons who do not understand their level of knowledge and the way they communicate, they are likely to be shunted out of their influenced group. Thus not everybody can measure up to the expectations and high standards of Jupitarian number 3.

They should maintain their self-respect, they do not like taking any help from any person whether it is financial or otherwise and would rather struggle in their life and build up their own empire slowly rather than take assistance or charity from someone. At times this can be a poly because help can be extended also out of good intention, but a Jupiterian number 3 will not understand that, thus they should surround themselves with lot of family members and their well-wishers who they know will not take advantage of them and whose help number 3 can take with open heart and an open mind.

While the numerology number 3 marriage life, numerology number 3 love life matters come, they very caregiving people towards their partners. This number is called the universal helper or service provider. They easily can mix up with people even with strangers.

Number 3 people are also very magnanimous by heart. They would hesitate to part even with their dearest thing if they feel their loved ones need their help or if demanding it.

Number 3 people are generally placed for their very good family life. Their spouse is also very understanding and may belong to education, teaching or the nursing fields. Generally, number 3 people unless their Lagna and 7th house of the horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets will enjoy stable family life.

Numerology Number 3 Career: If I talk about the career aspect of number 3, just because the creative faculty, imagination power is very high with high ambition, highly knowledgeable and dynamic characteristics, opens up a whole variety of fields to them. The connection could be of religious institutions, spiritual organizations, priesthood, preaching, teaching, becoming a philosopher, becoming a teacher, a lecturer, anything related to the judiciary, government, to the civil services, banking, etc.

These people are also very fond of art cinema, glamour and all the fields are related to entertainment. A lot of good achievers and a lot of successful people from these fields will be baring the number 3.

Number 3 people are very high on their values, very high on principles. Sometimes a little bit obstinate also, because, they do not tend to be flexible if the situation is demanding it but on the whole, they are very righteous people, justice-loving people, religious people, very god fearing and very idealistic. So, if you are a number 3 so you are one of the blessed persons who are born to lead the universe by enlightening the society about the scriptures, about our Vedas, Puranas or scriptures or ancient books of any religion.

They are also very good healers and they are also very much interested in new age phenomena like universal consciousness.

Body organs and diseases number 3 in numerology:

This number refers to body fats and liver. All diseases related to these two – number 3 people are likely to suffer from. Here I am talking about the origin of the disease, not the apparent symptoms. For example, if a number 3 suffer from diabetes or arthritis so the origin could be excess body fats etc.

Lucky factors of numerology no 3

Lucky Numbers or Compatibility Numbers Are: 3, 6, 9 and 1.

Numerology no 3 Lucky colors Are: Yellow, violate, saffron, purple, cream and gold are considered as the lucky colors to increase the positive vibration of number 3.

Numerology number 3 Lucky Gemstones are:  Yellow sapphire or topaz are considered good gemstones to increase the positive energy effect in your life.

Numerology number 3 Lucky direction is: North-east.

Numerology number 3 lucky ishta dev is: lord Vishnu

More on Numerology number 3: As intellectual pursuit is very high so these people tend to remain very hypocritical towards the details of anything at times. Many times it has been seen that these people tend to remain in a very hurry in order to accumulate knowledge, in taking decisions, in money related or career-related matters. To make proper decisions in life that hurry and haste part needs to be avoided. Another very important part I should mention is the egoism of the number 3 people. This is the worse part of the number 3 people. You should avoid it all the time by not indulging it the time it first raises its head.

Numerology number 3: you are blessed, you are optimistic, you are cheerful, you are confident and most importantly you are intelligent and learned. What is there in this world you cannot achieve! You are born to lead us, but try not to be proud, try not to be obstinate.

wishing you more success and more name and fame in life…

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5 thoughts on “Numerology Number 3 Love, Marriage, Career, Personality

  1. Ibrahim says:

    Thank you master for your teachings but I am 2 won’t know my guardian angel and how to invoke him for my daily activities. Thank you.

  2. Rajeev Kumar says:

    As i am a numerological number 3(September 30) I read about characteristics of personal related,and agree to possess about your predictions ,characters and so on , really amazed to reading it.Thanks for your article .Do predict about my future life venturs PLEASE.

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