Expression Number 4 In Numerology – Analysis


Number 4 In Numerology – Analysis

What number 4 says:

If Your “Expression Number” is “4”
Order, service, & management are the foundations of “Number 4”. You are destined to express, wonderful organizational skills with your practical sense & “down to earth” approach. You are that type of person, who always, wants long work. Your patience in the matter of detail makes you an expert in fields like, real-estate, building, engineering, & all sorts of craftsmanship.

Your inner most ability to write & teach may lean you towards more technical & detailed. In the art sector, music will probably be your-choice. Artistic talents of you may appear in the fields like “horticulture” & “floral-arrangement”, as well. So many, skilled-physicians & especially surgeons are under this Number “4” Vibration.

The positive vibrations of the “Number 4 Expression” denote responsibility. You are a kind of person who, fulfills obligations, & is very highly systematic & orderly. You’re very serious & sincere, honest & faithful.

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If impact of “4” energy is too much on you, then some of the negativity of Number 4 may come into the fore. Obligations that you normally face, sometimes may tend, to create “frustration” & feelings-of-limitation, or restriction. You also may many times find yourself – nursing negative-attitudes in these regards & these may keep you – in a very low mood. Always try to avoid becoming too – dogmatic, stubborn, rigid & fixed-in your own opinions. You have a kind of tendency to – develop & hold some strong likes &
dislikes, & some of them may border just on the basis of prejudice.

The negative vibrations of 4 often give characteristic like dominant & bossy individuals, who use “discipline” in any matter excessively. You should avoid this type of tendencies always.

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