Numerology Number 4 Love Life, Marriage, Career, Personality

Numerology Number 4 Love Life, Marriage, Career, Personality

Numerology Number 4 Love, Marriage, Career, Personality

Basic Information On Life Path Number 4

Lord is: Rahu

Element is: Fire or Agni Tatwa

Your Compatible Number for Business: 1,4,6

Your Compatible Number for Romance: 1,4,6,8

Your Compatible Number for Marriage: 1,4,7,8

Your Lucky Days Are: Sunday & Saturday

Your Lucky Color Is: Golden

Your Lucky Gemstone Is: Garnet or Gomed

Your Important Years In Life Are: 13,22,31,40,49,58,67,76

Your Favorable Direction Is: East

Your Friendly Numbers Are: 5,6,8

Your Neutral Numbers Are: 3

Your Enemy Numbers Are: 1,2,9

Your Lucky Metal Is: Iron and Gold

Your Auspicious Months Are: February, April, August

Your Auspicious Period Is: 13 June to 31 Aug

Your Best Name Alphabets Vibrations Are: A,D ,J,M,Q,T,Y


Numerology Number 4 Characteristics:

Order, service, & management are the foundations of “Number 4”. You are destined to express, wonderful organizational skills with your practical sense & “down to earth” approach. You are that type of person, who always, wants long work. Your patience in the matter of detail makes you an expert in fields like real-estate, building, engineering, & all sorts of craftsmanship.

Number 4 in Indian Numerology: Your innermost ability to write & teach may lean you towards more technical & detailed. In the art sector, music will probably be your-choice. Artistic talents of you may appear in the fields like “horticulture” & “floral-arrangement”, as well. So many, skilled-physicians & especially surgeons are under this Number “4” Vibration.

You are a kind of cerebral individual who should explore ways to fix your minds into perfect relaxation. This is really very essential to nurture and give vent to your creative ideas which could otherwise die completely unexpressed.

People always find you very loyal, trustworthy and highly dependable. You are always like to be honest in your all dealings, friends, and relationships. These characteristics also make you highly worth the same honesty and trustworthiness in others.

It is really very strange but true that you only make a very small circle or group of friends. You may tend to be very serious, stubborn, egoist and inflexible at times unnecessarily. At that time it becomes very tough to approach you. You plan for something but execute very lately, you need be careful about that. You always delay in launching your plans. Otherwise, that may end up missing some good opportunities. But, you become very committed once you have executed your plan.

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Numerology Number 4 Personality: The positive vibrations of the “Number 4 Expression” denote responsibility. You are the kind of person who, fulfills obligations, & is very highly systematic & orderly. You’re very serious & sincere, honest & faithful.

If the impact of “4” energy is too much on you, then some of the negativity of Number 4 may come into the fore. Obligations that you normally face sometimes may tend, to create “frustration” & feelings-of-limitation, or restriction. 

You also may many times find yourself – nursing negative-attitudes in these regards & these may keep you – in a very low mood. Always try to avoid becoming too – dogmatic, stubborn, rigid & fixed-in your own opinions. You have a kind of tendency to – develop & hold some strong likes & dislikes, & some of them may border just on the basis of prejudice.

The negative vibrations of 4 often give characteristic like dominant & bossy individuals, who use “discipline” in any matter excessively. You should avoid this type of tendencies always.


Numerology Number 4 Careers:

If you do not any emotional number is not present in your numerology chart then the number 4 vibration makes you highly practical and theoretical minded and also care for any minute detail. In many cases, this number can make you a very health-conscious, exercise and sports-oriented person. That is the reason you do well when you do something on a regular and repetitive schedule.

You have a very unique tendency and promise to discipline what makes you excellent in the finance sector. You will be well suited for fields like banking sectors, engineering,  as a financial planner, tax law, architecture, and landscaping. You are highly suited for high managerial and organizational positions.

 Natural paths for career for number 4s in Numerology: are engineer, builder, mechanic, contractor, draftsman, architect, a dealer in furniture, mason, carpenter, any hardware manufacturer, technical writer as well as technician, actuary, manager, army officer, trainer, government work, programmer or any kind of computer analyst, librarian, civil service and office manager.


Numerology Number 4 Love life:

Number 4 vibration makes you the best life partner on the earth, but all 4s, each number 4 is unique in this case, but yes overall dependable can be said. In the case of relationships in maximum cases, 4 energy will give you highly loyal, trustworthy, and dependable characteristics. You always try hard and also go through an endless effort to be in the good books of your partner. In relationships matters, you always look at the future and long-lasting aspects.

But the presence of an emotional vibration like number 2 in your numerology chart can give you an unstable and indecisive mind, which can make your life a disaster due to incapability in choosing the correct life partner at the proper time.

At times you could be very difficult to approach for your partner due to your mood shifting. All these tendencies of you can put you in trouble in the early stages of your relationship, but it becomes ok as time passes. For relationships, you are a bit slow mover and it takes time to adapt to your partner. In one word: the energy of Rahu – the master of complexity makes your relationship and mind so complex that sometimes may lead to separation. 


Numerology Number 4 Marriage Life:

As I said earlier that number 4 vibration gives unique and unconventional personality to each individual, especially as far as relationships are concerned, whether that is a post or premarital. Generally, most of the number 4s are not romantic in nature, but some are. If you are one of those romantic fellows, then you are very much committed to your life partner and keep your energy always in family bonding without making your life complex.. But if you are not one of them then you may tend to make a lot of real-time relationships outside the marriage, here the motto is just to enjoy sex.

The reality about number 4 is that a very small percentage of them are loyal and dependable to their partners and value their family bonds. Now, you know better which group you belong to. If you belong to the second group, then it will be really difficult for your partner to catch you, because in that case, you give full freedom to your partner to dominate you.

Even when you are already in an extramarital affair with someone, you try to remain very loyal and show your trustworthiness and openness to your partner to keep him or her satisfied. Number 4 vibration due to its fiery nature may make you a bit short-tempered at times. Which may lead to serious marriage problems and maybe end up in divorce.

The true resolution is to be careful while choosing the partner for your life, you will not suit everyone on this earth due to your unique characteristics. Go with the right one, but here also you may find very difficult to make a decision. So, for marriage, my last word for you is: “MAY GOD BLESS YOU”.


Numerology Number 4 compatibility With Other Numbers:

As you share number 4 vibration you should always be careful in choosing a strong and long-lasting. You have a leading tendency to value your routine and regular monotonous lifestyle what can only be imaginable with long-lasting relationships. In this regard, you always should avoid numbers 3s which are highly dynamic energy and seem to be unpredictable and uncontrollable to you at times.

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If you can adopt their energy that can be a bliss for you because number 3s have the tendency to pass on their energy to their partners, sometimes they do that unconsciously, and if this is the case then you can get the taste of life through a different dimension and in a completely different way.

Number 5 vibration caries restless energy. They are best suited for number 1. The extremely goal-oriented number 8 can be suited for you. The number vibration you carry, you will be neither fitted with dynamic, unpredictable and highly energetic 3 nor restless and playful 5. You do not like to be alone that is true, but if you cannot choose the right partner then that can lead you to loneliness. To avoid that, choose wisely and live well.  You could be well suited with another number 4 or number 7.

Numerology Number 4 Positive Characteristics:

Due to your innate excellent organizing, managing and structuring capability, you could be an excellent organizer. You are accountable, do not fear to take responsibilities (definitely if you like to take then only), reliable, analytical and practical.

Numerology Number 4 Negative Characteristics:

Number 4 vibration represents Rahu energy in Vedic Numerology, which makes you rigid, unapproachable, stubborn and narrow-minded to some extent. You have a tendency to hide your feelings, and sometimes completely unaware of your real feelings which result in restlessness and indecisiveness which ended up in unnecessary troubles in life.


My Advice To Numerology Number 4:

For you, my advice would be very short. As your number represents Rahu energy which is the most complex making planet according to Vedic Numerology and Astrology. So, complexity will be there in every stage of your life. Life without complex it is very rare for number 4 people. There is only one way out. Always remember Rahu plays with the mind in case of your number vibration what makes each number 4 so unique and different from each other.

If you can make the right decision for you by controlling your mind by not letting Rahu (complex) energy overpower you, then you would be the winner. What is there that you cannot achieve in life! You are born to achieve all sorts of success in life. The time you listen to your heart your mind starts confusing you always by giving you stupid ideas to make a simple thing complex.

You are an intelligent being, use your brain all the time, not the heart which is your real nature. Go back to 4s real nature. It is blended with Rahu energy what compels you to see everything in different ways not by the way as it is. It is not necessary that a particular situation, person or anything always has to be curved, try to see things, persons or situations as they are.

You have to Come-out of the rigidity, monotonous and fixed mindset, and need to be flexible so that life can be flexible with you. Always remember, what you project in mind that will be projected unto you. Go with the flow of life, feel the breeze and be happy. Because you are the architect of your own life, controlling your mind is the key to your success. Be practical, be energetic, be analytical and see things as they are. God Bless You.

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