Expression Number 6 In Numerology


Number 6 In Numerology

What number 6 says:

If Your Expression Number is “6” 

 Number 6 In Numerology: Responsibility, protection, nurturing, community, balance, sympathy.  Number “6” Expression gives you really an outstanding-sense of love, responsibility, and balance. The Number 6, is helpful & ever conscientious, make you capable-of rectifying & balancing any kind of “inharmonious-situation”.The positive side of your charecter is capability of taking responsibility, nurturing, maintain community-balance & sympathetic.

You’re a kind of person who is always ready to help & give comfort to people in need. You are naturally tended to work with old, the sick, or any underprivileged person. Though, you have very good creative & artistic talents, but you like to involve yourself in those occupations where the main concern would be to do something for the betterment of the society or community.

The positive-side of this Number suggests, you’re very caring, friendly, loving, & appreciative-of-others. You’ve a very depth sense of understanding & that produces – much kindness, sympathetic, and generosity. Due to this Number quality, “6” make – the finest & most concerned-parent & someone who is deeply-involved in “Domestic-Activities”. You maintain openness & honesty in your all relationships.

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If there will be excess impact of this number, so, the negative side of this number plays its role. It could make you over-emotional & may develop a tendency within you to-be too much exacting & demanding-of-yourself, hence, you may sometimes sacrifice yourself or your-loved-ones for other’s welfare or for the welfare of the society. You may face difficulty to express your own-individuality, due to involvement – with responsibilities & causes. There is chance to develop another matter of concern that you could worry too-much, just for everything.

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