Number 7 In Numerology – The Secret


Number 7 In Numerology

What Number “7,” Says In Numerology

If your Expression Number is “7″ 

Number 7 In Numerology: Number 7 is all about knowledge, meditating, Analysis, understanding, awareness  & studious, Thought, introspection & seclusiveness.

The number 7 denotes a good mind, & especially very good at “searching out” & “finding-the-truth”. You have a great capability in judging, analysing, & discriminating that a little matter also can’t escape from your observation & deep understanding. You are a kind of person who can really involve himself in a constant search for – wisdom & hidden truths.

This vibration can very easily give you a technical & scientific nature or characteristic, or else it also may be of religious & occult. Whether it is mainstream science or occult, it doesn’t matter to you, you pursue only “knowledge” with the same kind of vigour. This number can also make a very good teacher, or just because of your natural inclination towards the spiritual, you have the possibility to engage yourself deeply in “religious
affairs” or even “psychic explorations”. Your mind actually operates – on a “different
wavelength”, & your friends & surrounding people may not understand you very-well.

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The positive side of 7 is – it can make you a true-perfectionist in very “positive sense” of a word. You’re very much logically minded, & generally, employ a kind of quite rational – approach to maximum works you do. You can become so rational sometimes that, people around you may think about you a person lack of emotion, but it is not that true. You are fully capable of studying & learning really very deeply even difficult subjects also. You keep always busy yourself in search for “hidden fundamentals”. 

If there would an oversupply of the Number vibration. The negative side of this number will be apparent. This can make you highly introvert 7 thus you can become a bit “self-centered”, sometimes very much “self-contained”. Due to this, you would not be adaptable, & you may become overly-critical & intolerant. You will really love to work-alone, at your – own pace & in your – own way. You would not be able to show & understand emotions, very well.

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