Number 9 In Numerology


 Number 9 In Numerology

What Number 9 Says 

If Your ~ Expression Number ~ is 9: 

Number 9 In Numerology: The positive side of this Numbers are – selflessness, Humanitarian, obligations, giving nature, creative expression.

The expression you exhibit in your life that is controlled by Number “9”. Your talents are centred in – humanistic interests & approaches. You always love to help-others. You can operate best while you follow – your feelings & sense-of-compassion, & make yourself sensitive – to the requirement or needs – of others. You can work well & manage yourself with people, & also have the required potential to motivate or inspire them. This shows that you would be able to successfully teach & counsel if you get a chance to do so in life.

Number 9 expression denotes artistic talent, Creative ability & imagination of the “highest order”. May be you won’t be using/ developing all these abilities at the same time. Many of those talents may-have-been used at the early life, & some of them may still “latent”. Know your all capabilities; so that, it would be possible for you to use them at the proper

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If you can achieve your own potential given by this Number, you will become much mass understanding & will have a lot of to give others. You should not lose interest in people, & a sympathetic, broad-minded, tolerant, & compassionate point-of-view. You’re quite “idealistic”, & the lack-of-perfection in the world make you disappoint a lot. 

The negative “9” expression can make you very selfish & self-centered. In positive energies of 9, as I mentioned earlier it can make you are thinking of others, but due to the effect of negative energy, you can behave just like the opposite.

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