What Is Numerology & It’s Calculations


What is Numerology

What is numerology and how it works: Numerology is the way of finding the vibration by which an object is establishing in practical world. Every object has its own vibration in this creation and through that it communicates with other objects. Vibration is nothing but just a frequency which decides the identity of a particular state and helps to communicate with other. For example, 98.3 fm, is a radio channel, but here 98.3 is a frequency, a medium through which a communication process is going on. In our society also you will see some people are there who can very easily mix-up with people but some can not, this only happens for vibration. When your vibration will match with a person that time you will become the best friend of him/her  but if that does not match so he/she can become your great enemy, whether there would be a strong reason for that or not. 

Numerology is the system of finding the rate of that vibration. Numbers are in Numerology say that rate. There are some primery numbers in behind all numbers in
mathematics. For instance when you say “2014”, actually the vibration rate behind this number is = 2+0+1+4 =7 , . In Numerology we read this rate and what this vibration rate is saying.

About your Career, Wealth, Education, Business, right time for your marriage etc, everything is possible to say with the help of this system. 

I am not saying that what I am going to share with you,  just by knowing those you would be able to say everything, but  at least you will get one basic idea what will increase your interest in this subject. In future I will add more articles and will try to clear your all doubts. 

How to calculate numbers in numerology

Now I am going to tell you what is basic calculation in Numerology to get the exact vibration rate. 

Suppose somebody’s birth date/month/year is 14/02/1987, now we have to convert all these digits into a primary digit to get the vibration rate, like this: 1+4+0+2+1+9+8+7 = 32 = 3+2 = 5. So, here the vibration rate of this date of birth is “5”, This is called the “Life Path Number”, this number represents the vibration of your existence, this is very important number for a native. Now see the characteristic of the digit 5, you will come to know so many things. 

In case of name also the same process we have to follow. See the above chart you will
come to know. From the “Name”, what number we get that is called the “Expression Number”, if this number doesn’t match with your “life path number” so, there will be a constant contradiction between your talent and the “karma” you are doing in the real life.


Relation between numbers in numerology 

As I have mentioned earlier that, the numbers are nothing but just the vibration rate. Some vibration matches with other and some doesn’t at all, here, we get the idea of friends and enemy of numbers. On the basis of which we decide which date, age, name, career, business etc will suite more and where you can face difficulties. This is a very vast and complicated method, one by one I will be telling you all, just wait for my future articles.

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