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Credentials at a glance:

  • Over 15 years of experience & following traditions from last 3 generations.
  • Advised on various parts of life such as Education, Love, Career, Marriage, Foreign Travel etc.
  • Time tested remedial measures to counter ill effects of planets.
  • Analysed over 30000+ horoscopes till now.
  • Honoured as ‘Jyotish Provokar’ by ‘The Indian College Of Astrology & Astronomy’.

Online Marriage Astrology Prediction Remedies: Marriage is a conjugal bliss in our society. This is a long term relationship in between a man and a woman. It is not a relationship where a person can change his partner any time (divorce is not the solution all the time). It is your destiny, who will come to your life, how long the person will be staying in your life., whether that would be only a fling or short term relationship or would that be converted into a long term permanent relationship i.e. marriage.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. It is considered as the most pure or pious relationship over any other relationship in the world, across societies. It not only brings a new person to your life, but it brings a complete new flavor into your life. It brings along with it new fortunes, it changes your day to day life, it brings other new relationships in your life and in the life of your existing family members.

Moreover it not only changes your life it changes the life pattern of both the families. A man and a woman not only marry each other, they are not only two people who come together to create a bonding, the families of both sides also come together and create a long term relationship as well. Thus, it is well understood, that before taking any decision about your marriage partner, you should not only think twice but think multiple times, though not one but multiple aspects.  So before taking any final decision, it would be advisable to consult a professional and knowledgeable guide or adviser who will direct you to the right path. Here, astrology can help you in every way (Consult marriage astrologer), so that you can take the right decision at the right time. In life, on the basis of a correct or wrong decision taken at the correct or wrong time, can make or break your life. Because time once lost cannot be regained. Whether it is love marriage prediction or arranged marriage prediction or about timing of marriage prediction or marriage age prediction by date of birth free online (when will you get married prediction) all will come under one guidance only. Not only that but if there is any problem due to late marriage or if you have already selected someone you think you are not compatible with, remedies can be done through various aspects of spiritual science.

Online Marriage Prediction – Remedies: AstroSanhita.Com provides all kinds’ of marriage astrology related services, whether the consultation is before marriage or after marriage. Your horoscope will be judged by renowned astrologer, palmist, numerologist, face reader and vastu specialist Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee. Dr. Sankar has over 15 years of experience in the field of spiritual sciences and astrology, judging hundreds of horoscopes every day. From across the world, people consult Dr. Sankar for prediction and remedy purpose. So rest assured that your marriage and destiny related problems will be in safe and expert hands.

Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth Online

Your marriage related questions could be anything like following:

  • When will I get married? or Marriage time prediction based on date of birth.
  • Accurate marriage prediction
  • Would it be Love marriage or Arranged Marriage? According to your kundli or birth. Chart.
  • Will I really get married or not to my crush?
  • When is my auspicious or good time will come to get married?
  • How will my partner look like?
  • From which profession he/she belongs to?
  • What would their financial status be?
  • Would there be delay in marriage, if any?
  • Would there be parental approval problems in getting married?
  • Whether marriage would be inter-caste or not?
  • Whether partner will be from same country or not?
  • Where will you be living post marriage?
  • Doshas in horoscope can affect or affecting your married life
  • Time tested Marriage remedies as per Vedic Astrology
  • Marriage remedies for boys
  • Marriage remedies for girls
  • Remedies for delayed marriage or late marriage
  • And much more…If you have any extra question, you are free to discuss


Email Marriage Prediction/Consultation

This type of consultation will focus on in-depth analysis on marriage matters but in written form and the specially designed report will emailed to your registered email id. You can ask your own question also, at time of filling up the form.

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Phone/ WhatsApp/ Skype Marriage Prediction/ Consultation

In this type of consultation you can ask unlimited questions regarding marriage without any time limit. Till all your queries are answered the consultation will not get over.

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Marriage Yog In Astrology - First Marriage Yoga
What Others Say About Astrologer Dr Sankar Bhattacjarjee:


My reviews on the Best Astrologer In India...99

My association with Sankar babu has been over more than a few months now. What is so unique and special is how effective he has been not only through his consultation but also his remedies, which I have seen work more than once. He has been patient in his hearing, always approachable and pragmatic in his guidance. He has been thoroughly professional in his work and often delivered beyond his calling when required. He is also upfront in his advise and calls a spade a spade. The only con is that he may be a little expensive to afford but rest assured you get value from his service if you are able to afford. quality always comes at a price and his genuine and have a very niche segment which will always be there because of his credibility and honest work. I would highly recommended his expertise in astrology and remedial measures. God bless him.
5 stars out of 5.

Anindya Basu / Vice President at HSBC Bank- Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
My reviews on the Best Astrologer In India...51

The way sankar ji predicts that is totally different, he says the blunt truth whether you like it or not. When I took his advice for the first time I found him bit emotionless and extremely practical. Sometimes his way of predictions used to give me pain. Later when I found all his predictions are coming true, I really became his die heart fan. Still he predicts in the same way how he used to but I do not find anything wrong in it now, because I know what he says that just happens. He is a real guide, and you do not need to worry at all when a real guide is around. Thanks to god that one day I found him online just out of the blue.

Tanvi Katyal / Fashion Designer and Consultant at own business - Delhi, India

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