Hand Lines In Palmistry 

If you look at your palm, you will see a lot of lines are scattered here & there. Apparently, you can not see any sequence, but if you see closely each line have two points one is “starting point” and another is “ending point”. Lines are starting from one place and going to another. In between, they are meeting with various other lines and taking various shapes also. All these factors have their own importance in Palmistry.

Another very important thing you will see that, today the condition of your palm is something but before some days it was different, especially palm colours, skin etc. Actually, how our mind operates, our palm get the impression of that, you can say, it is a snapshot of our mind and it can be readable, just it needs your close observation to get the knowledge.

Palmistry is nothing but just a study of close observation of your palm. If you can do that so it will tell you everything about those forces, are working within you and how they are constantly changing the direction of your life, which in short we call “destiny”. It is a kind of diagnostic reading in medical science.

In Palmistry some lines are called “major lines”. Like – Life line, Head line, Heart Line and the Fate line. Besides these lines, there are also several lines those are called “minor line” like Love lines or line related to relationships, worry lines, Marriage lines etc. 

“Major lines” in our hand do not change that much, they are almost fixed, but “Minor lines” are always changing from one shape to another and thus the life cycle is going on and experiencing our new events in everyday’s life.

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