Rahu in 10th House Career, Marriage, Rise, Promotion/ Demotion & More

Rahu in 10th House Career, Marriage, Rise, Promotion Demotion & More

Rahu in 10th house Career, Rise, Love, Promotion/ Demotion, Marriage, Finance, Health, Family in birth chart/ horoscope/ kundli: Rahu in this house gives excellent communication and diplomatic abilities as well as talent in handling any type of management and financial affairs. Rahu in 10th house gives success in press and publicity line but gains big popularity in the line of Politics.

Rahu in 10th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Rahu in 10th house makes person contest and win election in politics. Rahu in this house also gives aggressive attitude to the Individual.

Rahu or North Node of Moon in 10th  house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Rahu in 10th house can differ from person to person as placement of different sign in 10th house,degree, malefic and benefic dignity, affliction, Combustion, combination,degree, malefic and benefic aspect, conjunction and posited Rahu or Dragon’s head  in different Nakshatra (constellation).

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Rahu in 10th house gives ultimate trick and manipulative ability to the person and technique to charm other people in their own way.

An Individual with Rahu in 10th house have the quality make people believe in his or her talk and bu that the person makes way to his success and profit by convincing people through his words and action. Although Rahu in 10th house person knows how to play trick and gets gains from everyone in their contact.

Rahu’s Placement in Tenth house in Horoscope and Career

Rahu in 10th house gives excellent Career in the  line of politics, Social work, NGO, and in the service of public welfare like  Corporation department, PWD Department. Rahu in 10th house gives huge success in the business of petroleum and Gas. Native reaches high position in life after the age of 40 although person starts earning good wealth from the age of 33.

Rahu in this house gives downfall in career too if associated with Saturn or 8th and 12th lord. Rahu in this particular house give amazing success and wealth in public sector as well as in the sector of entertainment, films, music, singing, acting, directing, choreography, anchoring. Here it also gives creativity and success in the field of Editing, VFX, and Animation.

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Rahu in this house can make a person a mass leader. Rahu in this particular house also give success in speculation, gambling, stock market, share market.

Rahu here gives contacts with gangsters and underworld sometimes.  Rahu in the 10th Bhav position gives massive success and fame in physical and athletic sports. Rahu in this house can also give good career in Advertising Industry as well.

Rahu placed in Tenth house in Kundli and Time of Rise in Career

Individual start rising in their career from the age off 33 but much wealth and success with popularity follows native after the age of 40 for the native.

This placement of Rahu gives sudden rise and sudden fall in life. Rahu in 10th house gives sudden success and sudden popularity in life through his or her profession. Rahu in this bhav may also give native opportunity tom earn much wealth after the age of 40 even in foreign land. 

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Rahu in 10th House in Birth Chart and time of Promotion/ Demotion

Rahu in this house give promotion during the age between 33 to 46. There will be improvement in job and native will rise to position of power, prominence and authority in life after much initial struggle and setbacks.

This position of Rahu gives native much income from their career or profession. This position of Rahu may also give demotion and downfall due to some of his activities or carelessness of the native.

Native may also get caught in involving illegal work or in some type of misdeeds which may make native suffer loss of power, respect, wealth and much suffering from humiliation. He or she may make some blunder in their undertakings or at their own workplace.

Rahu in 10th house in Horoscope and Your Finance

Rahu in tenth bhav house all kinds of wealth and profit in life but his or her expenses as well as losses will also be significant. Rahu in 10th house males native wealth after the age of 40 with much gain in status along with aristocratic lifestyle.

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Rahu in this position makes native wealthy and prosperous in middle years of life. Native will have gain of wealth from multiple sources and native may also become rich businessman or rich through self-employment.

Rahu  in 10th house in Kundli and Your Love Life

Rahu in this house gives failures and setbacks in love life after initial enjoyment of success in love affairs. Native will be flirty and will have many associations with opposite sex but somehow non will give sense of satisfaction or permanent happiness even if he go for Love Marriage.

Native lose interest in a particular partner after few months of cosiness and intimacy. Rahu in this house give unfulfilling love affairs after initial success. Native will not be mentally satisfied.

Rahu in 10th  house from Ascendant and Your Marriage

Rahu in this house gives mixed results in married life. There will be moments of happiness as well as moments of conflict in married life. Native may also marry twice in life with different partners.

Sometimes, Rahu in 10th house leads to much confrontation and divorce as well. Rahu in this position also give multiple affairs in many cases before and after Marriage. Although, with some sacrifice and adjustment Rahu in this house can give long lasting marriage. There will be some good moments of love and conjugal bliss as well as moments of misunderstandings and confrontations.

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Rahu in 10th  house in Birth Chart – Your Health

Rahu in this house gives certain possibilities of lung or heart failure if native gets involve in drinking and smoking. Rahu in this house can also make native drug addicts but in few cases only.

Health of the native will starts decline from the age of 48. There will be much expenses on medication for the family and for the native itself. Person needs to care for his or her overall health as well as bones and joints. Native may suffer from accidents at least once in life although recovery will be quick.

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Rahu in 10th house from Ascendant and Your Family Life

Rahu with this placement gives some trouble in family life as well as in married life. There can be some tussle with parents, especially with Father. Native will not agree with the views of family members and relatives.

There will be some kind of turmoil in native’s happiness due to domestic activities. Rahu in 10th house also gives some confrontation with siblings, cousins, spouse, and other relatives from time to time. Native may lose due to domestic atmosphere.

Special effects of Rahu in 10th house of Birth-chart/ Astrology

Rahu in this angular Mid-heaven bhav give social success in middle years of life but failures in the initial and young age of life.  Rahu in this position gives much ups and down in the wealth and happiness of the native.

Rahu in 10th Bhav gives bold and blunt attitude with carefree nature. This position of Rahu makes native bit selfish and self-centered and he or she will not be fearful of circumstances and will live king size. Rahu in this house gives not courage and commanding ability to the native.

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