Rahu & Education In Astrology

Rahu & Education In Astrology


Rahu gives knowledge of Big-Machines, making Big-bombs like atomic & nuclear-bombs etc., & abstract mathematician.

Jaimini Sutra says:

If Rahu is in “Swamsa” it produces – bowman, or thief. He will earn by – dacoity or by cheating, or he will have the knowledge how to handle very poisonous & dangerous chemicals & medicines etc., or  can be expert in metals or manufacturing activities. 


“Maharishi Jaimini” says, Rahu indicates research studies of any kind & mathematics. Rahu gives knowledge of big machines & their manufacture or trade. The knowledge of Business related to big bombs like atomic & nuclear bombs etc., are also signified by Rahu. 



It also indicates study related to Import business, leather goods, secret societies, mining, wealth and minerals extracted, from below the – ground. It also indicates “poisonous substances” including drugs, etc.
Rahu indicates crime of all types.


Education Horoscope In Astrology


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