Rahu in 11th House Career, Gains-Loss, Marriage, Friends, Finance

Rahu in 11th House Career, Gains-Loss, Marriage, Friends, Finance

Rahu in 11th house Love, Career, Friendship & Networking, Finance, Gains& Loss Marriage in birth chart/ horoscope/ kundli – Vedic astrology:  Rahu in 11th house gives much optimism and positivity in life. Rahu in this specific position gives success in love affairs, marriage, contract work, partnership, business, legal affairs, litigation, etc.

North Node Of Moon in 11th from for all Ascendants

Rahu in this very house bestows an incredible amount of energy, courage, and dedication to the native to fulfill his or her objectives and goals even after a lot of struggle, obstacles, dejection, etc. Rahu here provides ample wealth in the life of the native with all luxury and comfort. The native will run after materialistic desires and most of his or her desires will be fulfilled. Rahu with this placement gives victory in election and native might also crack any competitive examination.

Rahu or North Node of  Moon in 11th  house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and result of Rahu in 11th house can differ from person to person as placement of a different sign in 11th house, degree,  malefic and benefic, dignity, degree,  aspect, affliction, combination, the conjunction of Rahu, North Node of Moon in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Rahu in 11th bhav.

Rahu in 11th bhav gives success after efforts but sometimes it gives huge success even with less effort if 11th lord is positive in your horoscope. Rahu in this very house gives rise in status and success in life twice. Rahu in this particular house gives success before 24 years of age or after 41 years of age. The native will come across many opportunities for growth and success in life.

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Rahu in this position gives several chances to native to make their life successful and happy. Although, Native will be prosperous but he or she will not be satisfied and content in life.  Rahu in 11th house also gives success in outdoor sports as well.

Results Of 11th house Rahu and Your Career

Person will be a very career-oriented and hard taskmaster due to this position of Rahu. Rahu in this bhav bestows solid success in careers such as in the aviation industry, the technology sector, engineering, electronics Department, telecom industry, communication sector,  work in radio platform, anchoring, Social media sector, Digital media and digital media sector, online business etc.

This placement of Rahu can make native a film star or a popular celebrity, singer, dancer, cinematographer, director etc.  Rahu in 11th house yields success through politics as well. Person may become a very popular leader after the age of 41. Rahu in 11th house gives a sudden rise and sudden fall at least once in life. Native may establish big business empire through high powerful contacts and by forming social structure and contacts.

Politicians, police, businessmen, or people in authority will help native fulfilling their needs and desires. Person will perform exceedingly well in their career.By, dint of their hard work, dedication and good deeds he or she will see growth and rise in their life along with wealth at a very quick pace.

Rahu In 11th house in Kundli and Your Finance

Rahu in this house gives lot of money to the natives even at a young age but native may waste their money in useless pursuit, gambling, addiction, and in extravagant activities usually at a young age. The native might also have high expenditures due to his or her addiction to a lavish lifestyle, smoking, drinking, etc.

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Although, Native will have ample wealth and savings in life after the age of 40. Rahu in this specific house may give immense wealth in middle age but a person can have a shortage of money in old age. The native will have a sound financial position in the middle years of life and native will not face a shortage of money from young to old age.

Rahu in 11th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Your Love Life

Love affairs of the native will be successful and might turn into a marriage. Love relation will be long-lasting after the initial failure, rejection, and dejection at a tender age and in the teenage years. There will be several options in the life of native for love and marriage.

The native might also involve in a clandestine secret affair outside committed relationships simultaneously. Although, love affair will give you physical and mental satisfaction in young age and also in the middle years of life. You may get a very loyal and committed loving partner in your romantic life with many romantic and intimate moments.

Rahu in 11th house in Kundli and Your Marriage

Married life will be happy and prosperous. There will be all kinds of bliss in conjugal life along with comfort, sweetness, emotions, care, love pleasure, and satisfaction. The native will get a loving and caring spouse who will support native in their endeavors and decisions.

Although, the problem in childbirth, as well as other problems related to children, can be possible. Sometimes progeny will not be healthy  or relationship with children will not be amicable which might disturb the native. Overall, married life will be happy with domestic peace and prosperity. Your partner will be chaste and loyal.

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Rahu in 11th house in Horoscope/ Birth Chart – Gains and Loss

Native will gain much wealth and success through help of friends and contacts. Gains from children as well as from family is there. The spouse may also be earning well and will be in a good position in his or her career. Rahu in this house gives native a lot of profits, gains through business,politics, and also in the field of entertainment.

There will be a lot of accolades, rewards and recognition to the native. Rahu in 11th house gives prosperity and wealth through marriage along with career and family support.  Rahu in 11th house gives enormous profit from one’s profession as well as from the government and several other agencies.

Rahu in 11th house in Horoscope and Your Friendship & Networking

Friendship with high-class people or rich people will give your ego a lot of boost and pride. You will also known be as aristocratic people.  You will have a large social circle and network with people from all walks of life. There will be many benefits in the life of native through their friends, social circle, and network.  Rahu in this upchaya house gives long-lasting benefits and wealth in life.

The native will be able to earn money from multiple sources due to his or her social contacts and networking. Friends will be supportive and beneficial for the native. Rahu in 11th house gives gains through family support as well as from the face value of the native itself.

Special effects of Rahu in 11th house in Astrology

Rahu in 11th house generally gives long life with all kinds of wealth, prosperity, and affluence. There will be a sudden rise in the status of native after the age of 40. If in politics, then native will be respected by poor people and middle class. Native also rises to rich class if 11th or 2nd  lord is positive. 

Rahu in this particular house gives some rare talent and communicative skills to the native. Native’s father may also rise in life in advanced years of life. The native will have a very up and down relationship with family, siblings, parents, and relatives.

Rahu here gives solid career stability and family background as well as family support to the native. Some people might also attain education in a foreign country as well or starts residing in foreign land permanently. Native may attain fame in the music world or can become a music director as well. The native will also learn more than 2 languages in life.

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