Rahu In 4th House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance, Education, Family

Rahu in 4th house Love, Career, Finance, Education, Family

Ketu In 4th House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance, Education, Family: Dragon Tail/ North Node In horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: When Rahu is placed in 4th house in a horoscope of an individual then it becomes difficult placement for the native. Bad past life karma makes one suffer in their domestic and personal life. Often the mother will [play influencing factors in the life of native but his or her residential house can be shadowed by some negative energies from time to time. Physical accidents can occur while driving if you become slightly reckless.

Visiting Lord Shiva temple every Monday and Saturday will help to remove those negative vibes and energies.. When Rahu is with a benefic planet or getting aspect of the benefic planet, then the native would be highly intellectual personality, will possess substantial wealth or property and Liquid money and would like to spend on their comfort and luxuries. While if  Moon is exalted in horoscope in fourth house or in the tenth house, the native will become rich with all the affluence.

North Node or Dragon Head in 4th from Lagna for all Ascendant

Result and effect of Rahu in 4th house can differ from person to person because of different signs in 4th house, aspect of a benefic or malefic planet on 4th house, affliction, conjunction, degree, strength, dignity, etc..

The natives usually live at stay at rented houses for a long time but in their middle age, these natives do posses house and property. They also bring foreign people in their homeland or native place.  Their parents may also posses quite unpredictable nature and behavior.

 A person with Rahu in 4th house generally has a big large Joint family but they do not enjoy much association with family members. The native usually lives and spends considerable years of life in a rented house, many times alone as a bachelor.

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These individuals possess the personality of mischievous persons or being a fraud. Their behavior and tendency to lie or getting things done by favor by hook or crook hence lands into illegal activities. He or she may also become a victim of fraud or guilty of fraudulent action. They possess every, materialistic thing but do not enjoy or prosper in life.

Rahu in 4th house of Horoscope-Your Family Life

Rahu in 4th house makes native land in a foreign land away from family. These native always suffer mentally whenever they live with extended family weather in his or her birthplace or in a foreign land. They usually crave for a nuclear family even away from parents as they lack in bearing their parent’s responsibilities.

They buy property once in life and spends much money on decoration and other lucrative luxury and comforts. Even they lack the skill of proper parental quality which affects the lives of their own children. These native natives remain unstable and unsteady throughout life.

Rahu in 4th house in Kundli and Education

Educational life and academic performance of the natives remain good throughout the schooling and college years. They usually excel in the field of science and technology and sometimes even in social and political science.  But sometimes lose focus and concentration from their path of ambition.

Rahu in 4th house and Love Affair in Vedic Astrology

The love affair of these individuals will be exciting can start off from exotic locations. At first, there will be casual friendship or flirting but things can turn into something serious and meaningful in the course of time. These individuals will have more than 1 serious affair in life sometimes in a parallel way but there will be less chance of their affair turning into marriage. If it does somehow then, it will not last forever.

Rahu in 4th house Kundli/Birth Chart and Marriage

Extra Marital affair will ruin your marital bliss or conjugal harmony. Native with Rahu in 4th house will definitely cheat his or her spouse. Sometimes, even both partners cheat each other knowing or unknowingly because of their strained marital life with a lack of love and mutual admiration or understanding in their marital life. Even Physical pleasure or satisfaction will be less from the married life of the native. The native will lack the inclination to marital as well as family life.

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Rahu in 4th house of Horoscope and Career

Rahu in 4th house will lead native to a tremendous boost in the business initially but will bring great fall in business and finances of the native once in life. Loss in a business partnership is very much assured. The natives with Rahu in 4th House are quite energetic and aggressive in pursuing their professional life.

They impose their opinion on other colleagues& partners and do not listen to other’s opinion so they generally have strained relations with colleagues or higher-ups authorities in office.

In the Job Service sector, the native receives favor from the government or boss in administration endeavors but does lose job once in life because of conspiracy and politics at the workplace. Growth and promotion, as well as popularity with Kudos and Plaudits, will be granted to native after 42 years of age with a large income. The native flourishes in foreign countries and attain wealth and recognition.

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Special effects of Rahu in 4th house in Horoscope/Birth chart

Fear & Insecurities will be part of the native’s life. Psychic or any kind of hidden unknown fear mainly emotional and insecurities will always bother the native. The relationship with Mother will not be cordial and affectionate after attaining young age. He or she will be careless about parents and their sufferings. Mother will have health issues quite frequently after native’s birth sometimes suffer from an undiagnosed disease.

You may have to struggle hard to have a stable and profitable career until the age of 42. You may sell your ancestral property as well. You may also live far from your mother because of your occupation and also due to some parental issues and family burden. The placement of benefic or exalted planet with Rahu in 4th house would bring intellect and skill to the native and will take him or her towards the heights of success besides bringing lots of wealth at home. The native with Rahu in 4th will spend money over buying or building 1 house in his or her lifetime.

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