Rahu In 6th House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance, Education, Health

Rahu In 6th House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance, Education, Health

Rahu in 6th house Love, Career, Health, Finance, Education, Family, Marriage:- North Node Graha/ Dragon’s head in sixth horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: The placement of Rahu in 6th house in an individual birth chart is considered to be the most positive placement for Rahu. Native with this position of Rahu becomes experts in conflict management and building association and organizes political and public meetings.

North Node in 6th from Lagna for all Ascendants

After a lot of trials and tribulations in life person with Rahu in the sixth house get success in their pursuit through the service of others. These people have a strong need and desire to serve masses especially those less fortunate or from minority communities. Natives have a tendency to indulge in conflict and arguments with their enemies. Rahu in this house provides great endurance and great fighting spirit and subdue their enemies and really becomes victorious in politics and election against staunch enemies or opposition especially after 40 to 42 years of age.

Rahu in  6th house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Rahu in this house can differ from person to person as placement of a different sign in 6th house, malefic dignity, combustion, malefic and benefic aspect, affliction, conjunction, Rahu in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Rahu in this house.

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The native with Rahu in this house will be long-lived but oppressed and tormented by his enemies till the age of 40-42. Native, however, overcomes his enemies and acquires happiness and success all of sudden in life.  The early part or 1st part of the life of his or her life will not be a happy one, but later Natives become rich, powerful and popular. He may suffer or possessed from Ghosts, negative energy from astral Spirits. His sickness will be of unidentified and undiagnosed in nature and it would be troublesome and puzzling for natives and their well-wishers. 

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There is a possibility of mental trauma and mental suffering if the planet  Moon and Saturn conjunct Rahu in this house of the horoscope of an individual Kundli then Native’s private Life would be too scandalous and it will appear on the public domain as well.   The native comes out victorious, after struggles and strife in life especially in politics or mafia world.

Rahu in 6th house and Love Affair in Vedic Astrology

Rahu in 6th house and Your Love Life and Relationships:- Rahu in this house makes native fond of the opposite sex and sometimes much addicted to many secret clandestine affairs, physical sexual pleasure with many different partners.

Rahu in 6th house always makes native fall for the person from another community and religion altogether but his native will be flirt and disloyal to their love partners and never really manifest their exciting infatuation into something meaningful loyal and emotional love relation or love bond. The native will crave only for lustful association and sex. Native may get involve with playboy if female or playgirl and prostitutes if male.

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Rahu/ North Node in 6th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Marriage

Rahu in 6th house and Your Marriage/ Married Life:- Rahu in 6th house makes native’s married life unhappy and troublesome. The native will never prosper in his or her married life and will suffer from unhappiness.

The native will be least interested in their spouse and will not much care for married life at one point of time in life and also both partners will cheat each other with extramarital affairs and disloyalty may also cause divorce or separation. The native will be involved in many scandals including sex and it may come in limelight at some point in time in life.

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Rahu in 6th house of horoscope/ Birth Chart – Your Career

Rahu in 6th house and Career – Business/ Job:- Career in politics or in public affairs will help natives reach a great height of popularity and success in life after the age of 40. The native will struggle hard in service and business matters till middle age with a lot of failures, troubles, and delays. Native may work under government for public welfare. Rahu in 6th house may also lead native to success in the underworld or in the world of kidnapping and money laundering with interest rates.

Rahu/ North Node in 6th house in Kundli/ Horoscope and Finance

Rahu in 6th house and Finances and Monetary matters:- Financial condition of the native will be weak till 39 years of age but after crossing 40 he or she will be financially very strong very sound with a lot of bank balance, luxury, property, and overall prosperity. Cash inflow will always be there in constant amount but natives will not contain their money. lack of liquid cash may trouble native till 40 years of age.

Rahu in 6th house of Horoscope – Your Family Life

He will suffer from unhappiness with respect to his paternal or maternal Uncles. there will be no support of family members or relatives in his or her life. The native will not like his or her parents and parents may also neglect this native. There will be a lack of peace and harmony in the family life and married life of natives and even spouse, kids and servants of the native will not be happy and devoted towards the native.

Rahu in Sixth house of Horoscope Or Kundli and Health

Rahu in 6th house- Your Health Related Matters:-  Rahu in 6th house makes native suffer from diseases which will not be diagnosed easily. These people may have to struggle a lot on the account of the health prospect. The native may also suffer from sexual disease, STD, AIDS or issues and malfunction in private parts.

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An individual might also Suffer from teeth troubles, liver issues or ulcers and wounds as well as from Anal diseases. But Overall, Rahu in this house provides great body strength, capacity, energy, and stamina which will help the native overcome all those ailments rather quickly in life. Although, there will be health issues in life from time to time.

Special effects of Rahu in 6th house In Astrology

These natives with Rahu in this house may often involve in something disruptive in divorce, drugs, war, illnesses, kidnapping, animal selling, and oppression. This position brings sudden gains to the native but there will be a sudden great rise in life and there will be a sudden fall in life as well after some point of time.

The native will suffer from humiliation in public, criminal cases, suffering from law and government and native may even land in jail due to his or her scandal and other bad endeavors. He or she may become part of big corruption in city, town, or in a State. The person may incur gains or losses with involvement in loans, bankruptcy, divorce, litigation, and contract breakage. These natives will have inimical relations with servants, employees and maternal relatives.

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