Effects Of Rahu and Ketu In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

Effects and Significance Of Rahu Ketu In Vedic Astrology

Effects and Significance Of Rahu and Ketu In Horoscope/Kundli – Vedic Astrology: After publishing my article on Rahu in Astrology, I got several e-mails, where many people asked me to through some light on how to exactly judge the effect of these two planets while judging any horoscope. In this article – “Rahu & Ketu in Indian Astrology” I will share my experience with all of you. what I have learned practically in my practice life till now, that may not match with your conventional principles. My intention is not to prove anybody wrong, but just to share my own experience as I have been requested.

Rahu Ketu in Vedic astrology: Vedic astrology gives importance to the nodal system or eclipses and takes those two eclipse points as planets that can influence human life. These two nodes Rahu & Ketu are still two mysterious planets to so many astrologers.

How many astrologers have that many principles? If we read our ancient astrology scriptures those are also not packed with enough information. Here, only practical knowledge will come to the fore.

Effects Of Rahu and Ketu In Vedic Astrology

The first and most important thing we have to remember is that Rahu and Ketu both planets are ‘Karmic Planets’. They indicate ‘karmic bondage’. These bondages are connected to the soul’s past deeds, they are the carrier of those.

Rahu is also called the ruler of ‘Maya Prakriti'(illusion) and Ketu takes away one from that illusion. Confliction of these two within us has given life to this whole creation. To understand how those past life deeds will manifest in this present life we have to know the characteristics of these two planets.

To know these two ‘karmic control’ planets we have to concentrate on three important matters: 

1. The nodal axis(degree),

2. Signs – where they are placed,

3. Houses where they are placed in the Horoscope. (Rahu Ketu dosha in horoscope)

Ketu or South node indicates inheritance, what you have inherited from the past life that will be known from this planet, especially the inherited capabilities. On the other hand, Rahu shows hankering after materialistic success in present life which was in an incomplete stage in the past.

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Some may think that, though Rahu may give a good result Ketu can not give at all. Actually, both have their own fields to work on. They have their own attributes and some key factors are linked with each other.

Sometimes Rahu is considered benefic, some compare it with Jupiter also, but remember Rahu is a planet that is never satisfied with unlimited materialistic desires, but Ketu is totally opposite it. This is a planet which sometimes compared with the nature of Mars and Saturn which always keeps one away from all materialistic desires and will put him in the realm of psychic and spirituality.

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Importance Of Rahu and Ketu In Vedic Astrology

When Rahu is the giver in chart:

If Rahu is exalted and its depositor is also in a very good state it will give you immense success in the material field. Success will be just at your feet. But, always remember, Rahu doesn’t give any negative side, Rahu will always give at the cost of something.

When Rahu gives it takes away more than that, if one is getting materialistic success in the form of name, fame & fortune at the same time it will give immense suffering through the loss of one’s closed and loved ones, friends, relatives who were associated with the person before selflessly and will give new selfish relationships what will in result cause suffering.

One sees that his desires are growing day by day as he achieves new success every day, bringing fame and fortune in more new forms at the cost of their peace of mind and valuable relationships. They may seem very happy apparently but in their personal life, they know there is nobody else in this world for them.

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I have got these kinds of yogas in the chart of many successful people. If somebody says this whole world is a trap, so Rahu makes that trap for you. Rahu always keeps one away from reality.

Rahu gives obsession, stubbornness, the power to stick to the goal, and the mentality to fight against any adversity of life, – but – on the other hand, due to the obsession it gradually sends you away from your dearest ones and well-wishers. Due to stubbornness, it gives overconfidence. Sun & Moon indicates ‘consciousness’.

Rahu is a planet the result of the eclipse, which means total darkness and absence of conscientiousness. Rahu is the planet of creating confusion. Somehow or somewhere it will create confusion about whether it is beneficial or malefic in a chart.

It doesn’t give lasting happiness in life. Because it is too far away from reality or real knowledge, it only shows the world as reality, it says without this world there is nothing so have fun and squired wealth, it doesn’t matter how those are coming.

Rahu gives wealth through unknown means and gives sorrow also through unknown means. That’s why it is called the creator of illusions. Rahu is all about – addictions, alcohol, poisons, drugs & all type of strange – madness characteristics. Like – if Rahu and Venus can make one obsessed about sex and all odd sexual activities, it will be more dangerous if Jupiter in the chart is very weak.

These kinds of people won’t be ashamed at all of doing all those things openly. Rahu boosts the energy of the planet with whom he is sitting. So with the benefit, Rahu will increase the benefic effect but if he is with any malefic planet(whether malefic according to house or natural) it will boost the malefic effect of that planet. Because, Rahu takes the qualities of the planet, whom he is with.      

What Rahu gives that Ketu takes away, they are always opposite to each other and 180 degrees apart. As long as Rahu’s giving matter is the concern – Rahu is a giver just like a Drug dealer, who gives but to make you lose all self-control, which will be the cause of your downfall.    

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Rahu Indicated Professions

Rahu-related profession: Rahu is an ‘airy’ planet. So it indicates Aviation, Airplanes, Helicopter, Pilots, Space Travel, Space Research-oriented work, etc. Here we have to remember Rahu always goes in the opposite direction of a Conventional method. So, that’s why research of any kind will fall under its influence.  

This planet is considered as a mysterious planet. Rahu denotes career belongs to physicians researchers, medicine or drugs, waste- material-dealers, speculators, etc.    

It can also indicate metaphysics, occultism, ‘Tantric Vidya’, or witchcraft. Rahu is basically deceptive in nature & likes to find hidden things, it always finds faults with others to make somebody down and get profit out of it. thus it can lead to politics or can join revolutionary political parties, drug dealers, secret societies – about which general people are unknown or fear to go, mysteries of any kind, inventions & scientists, deceit, affairs & taboo kind of ‘sexual appetites’.

Rahu has a very positive influence in gambling fields, the stock market or any market or financial state which changes very rapidly. 

Ketu In Astrology

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2 thoughts on “Effects Of Rahu and Ketu In Horoscope – Vedic Astrology

  1. Aditya Paul says:

    Sir, what are the actual objects whose shadows are represented by Rahu and Ketu, known as shadow planets?

    • Astrologer Shankar Bhattacharjee says:

      Imagine you have a big flashlight, and you’re shining it on a wall. Now, if you put a ball in front of the flashlight, you’ll see a shadow of the ball on the wall, right? That’s like what happens during an eclipse. Rahu and Ketu are like special points in space where shadows are formed during eclipses.
      You know how we have the Sun that gives us light during the day? And there’s also the Moon, which goes around the Earth. Sometimes, the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, and it blocks the Sun’s light. That’s a solar eclipse. Other times, the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon, and it blocks the sunlight from reaching the Moon, creating a lunar eclipse.
      Rahu and Ketu are like magical points where these shadows happen. But they are not objects like balls or toys; they’re just special places in space. They can change their positions because the Moon’s path changes over time.
      In ancient stories, people imagined Rahu and Ketu as a big monster called Svarbhanu. He was cut into two halves and given the power to cause these eclipses. So, whenever there’s an eclipse, it’s like a part of Svarbhanu trying to block the light of the Sun or the Moon.
      Isn’t that fascinating? It’s like a beautiful mix of science and storytelling, helping us understand the amazing things happening in the sky! 🌞🌕✨

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