Role Of Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka Planet In Vedic Astrology

Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka Planet In Vedic Astrology - The Controller

Role Of Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka Planet In Vedic Astrology – Controller Of Your Destiny: Karkas means signify or significance. In the Jaimini system of astrology, the Functionality of the planets meaning Karkatwa or significance of the planets determined by degrees of those  7 planets occupied in an individual horoscope in descending order. In Jaimini astrology, Rahu & Ketu are not considered important to signify anything on the basis that they possess shadow image, they are shadow planet and do not relate or impact physical characteristics or relationships of individuals of any sort. Whenever the degree of 2 planets is identical or similar then we have to look at minutes and seconds of those two planets for determining the results of karakas.

Among each 7  Planets  Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Mars, Mercury and Saturn, the 1st place of priority or significance in life by Jamini astrology is allotted to the Aatmakarak planet which means the planet which possesses a maximum degree in an individual horoscope. Karakas in the Jaimini method of astrology is called Char Karak because they are formed with the consideration of degrees they occupy in the birth-chart. That is why any minor change in birth-chart leads to a change in karakas.

Let us discuss the role of these Char Karak Planets:-  Char Karaka because they are formed with the consideration of degrees in the birth-chart. That is why any change in birth-chart leads to a change in karakas. 

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Let us discuss the role of these Char Karak Planets: Role Of Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka In Horoscope

Role of Atmakaraka Planet In Vedic Astrology

Among all the planets, Aatmakarak planet shares a maximum number of degrees. Aatmakarak planet is king and chief planet in any horoscope. Aatmakarak planet has a direct influence on the Ascendant 1st house and 1st house lord. Ascendant House is the body of a person. External and internal qualities of the person, as well as his color or complexion, are also acknowledged from the Ascendant house. The planet having a maximum degree in your horoscope is the Aatmakarak planet of your horoscope. The chief planet, the most important and the prime controller of your overall life, destiny and well being. Your wealth, career, health, relationship all these sectors of life are influenced by your Aatmakarak to some extent. Happiness, sorrows, tensions, behavior, and nature are also determined from your Aatmakarak planet by calculating its position, sign, aspect, lordship, and overall strength and Nakshatra.

Ascendant is the element of Aatmakarak planet. Therefore, the health of the person is realized and acknowledged from the Aatmakarak planet

in Jaimini  system of Astrology

If the Atmakaraka planet is strong, then the other karakas in the chart will give good results, and the weaker planets will not give their adverse effect or results to the full extent. If the Aatmakaraka planet is weak, then even with other strong planets in a horoscope or birth chart of an individual, they will not be fully supported or give their beneficial results.

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Role of Amatyakaraka Planet In Horoscope/ Kundli

Amatyakarak planet is the chief adviser in the courtroom of the king which bis Aatmakaraka. Aamatyakarak is considered as 2nd most important planet in any horoscope. The role of Amatyakarak planet is to bear the workload of Atma Karaka planet and granting prominence to Atma Karaka planet and has to control the other planets. In the ancient period, it was known as the Minister, but with time its name also changed, today it is known as the chief minister and dear to king means Aatmakarak. If the adviser is intelligent, wise, honest, trustworthy and knowledgeable, then it is considered very good for the overall kingdom. If this planet is strong in the birth chart, then the person inherits all these qualities. Amatyakarak planet is also known as the karak of wealth, education and business. If this karak is well placed and in strength, then the person will achieve success surely in life but you also need the support of Aatmakarak planet.

 Amatyakaraka is calculated by determining the 2nd highest degree of any planet occupied in a horoscope but lesser than Amatyakarak who posses a maximum degree. For example, Moon has 29-degree acceleration which is the highest degree in a horoscope will be known as Aatmakaraka and Venus has 26 degrees possessing the second highest degree in a horoscope will be regarded as Amatyakaraka planet in a horoscope. Their placement and relation will conclude the 60% of the destiny and well being of an individual. AATMAKARAKA is denoted by AK and AMATYAKARAKA by AMK.

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The 2nd house in a horoscope is the house of wealth, money, food, prosperity, money, family, career line, primary education, way of talking and family business are also acknowledged from this house. Amatyakarak planet which rules over and prime factors of all these areas of life.

Amatyakarak planet is known as the Karak of the 5th, 9th and 10th houses. Education is calculated and determined from the 5th house, fortune from the 9th and dominance and business from the 10th house.

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