Saturn In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Saturn In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology

Saturn In 2nd House Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Vedic Astrology: Mars in Third House in Kundli/ Birth Chart: Saturn in 2nd house of wealth accumulation, immediate or closed family and speech makes you good with money management and savings as these people whose Saturn is in 2nd house of his or her natal chart believe in savings and are quite steady, balanced in their money dealings and practical in nature. These individuals value their heritage and legacy and inherited money and property too and believe in hard work and luck.

The native accumulates money only after a lot of hard work. Native is sometimes so busy in acquiring wealth especially in making liquid money by his or her hard labor that he or she is unable to use it for his or her own good or pleasure or for any personal and professional purpose. These people do not spend money on their own desires but feed their family and relatives simply by hard work without any complaints or demands but fulfill their family demands. This position can also give poverty to the native. In some cases when Saturn is in enemy sign or in retrograde motion or in debilitated position, then the financial sector or issue of money management gives you a lot of stress and makes native hypersensitive.

Saturn is all about discipline, difficulties, delay, duties, deals with restrictions and boundaries. Saturn in 2nd house makes you work hard, put in your best efforts, learn from your mistakes until it gives happiness and provides you an abundance of wealth and immense success in a native’s life at the middle age or middle part of life mainly after 36 years of age.

The Result of Saturn in 2nd house varies from person to person because of different signs in the 2nd house of different people having the same planet Saturn in the second house; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. As lordship varies from Aries sign in 2ndhouse to Pisces sign in 2nd house. We should also check the sign, aspects, conjunction, and nakshatra constellation, mutual relation, and lordship for prolific and accurate prediction.

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GENERAL EFFECT Of Saturn In 2nd House In Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, the impact of Saturn in the 2nd House in a horoscope is not so good. However, it has many positive effects too on money, wealth, speech  etc for both males and females.

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Planet Saturn in 2nd house is not entirely favorable or fruitful for earning liquid money as hindrances and obstacles do come in their path of earning big money and making growth in providing steady income and savings with a big chunk of accumulated bank balance. Malefic Saturn in 2nd house makes native liar sometimes, harsh in speech, a sort patronizing spirit. if afflicted or in enemy sign or aspects by malefic and enemy planet then at times gives difficulty in speaking such as lisping, stammering, the difficulty is pronouncing and hesitation in making public speeches and shy away from coming to the forefront in their office, society, etc.

Saturn in 2nd house gives trouble in the right eye and sometimes both eyes. Saturn in 2nd house causes or implies adverse results for Gemini, Cancer, Leo & Pisces ascendant native. Shani or Saturn is known as the planet of discipline, follower of rules and regulations, so in the family life of the native, his or her parents and guardians will be strict and would put a lot of restrictions and boundaries in the life of the individual especially in personal life which he/she truly will not admire. Troubled relations with mother and father in their adult or young age can be seen in the life of such people.

These men & women will not be at ease in mixing with people and socializing, unpopular among communities and society. Saturn here sometimes gives a sense of isolation, aloofness love for seclusion or hyper and risky tendency and they mentally remain disturbed a lot of times. Earning daily livelihood will be a tough task for the natives early in their life, will require high perseverance and uphill struggle early on their life, then only little gains will be preserved as compared to the efforts they put.  Saturn here delays the signification of 2nd house if Saturn is in own sign or exaltation then much relief expected and it will prove to auspicious in the long run. Saturn in 2nd house leads native to travel far off places in search of success and pleasures which he/she feels not getting in their hometown or home city and sometimes home country.

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Saturn Placed In 2nd House Of Horoscope and Love Relationships

Saturn in 2nd house makes natives fall in several love affairs but most of their love affairs turn out to be dull and boring with lack of fidelity or devotion and loyalty. They never get a partner who can match their mental wavelength and fulfill his or her expectations when it comes to the matter of romance and relationship. They carve for their soul mate but they never meet one even when sometimes they do only after a certain age especially after 28 years of age of their life after many breakups and lost bonds.


Saturn’s Placement In The 2nd House – Career, and Finance In Vedic Astrology

Males & females with Saturn in 2nd house will be wealthy, rich if not afflicted but at a later part of his or her life but remains miser and accumulates much money and becomes successful and prosperous in foreign lands or in dealings with foreign relations, trade foreign work or foreign job occupancy. Saturn in 2nd house in natives kundli makes them economically average in their birth country and leads an ordinary life in his or her country but does a lot of sacrifices and turns off their all desires of any luxury or comfort personally in the goal of accumulation liquid money and to save that liquid money as bank balance. He will earn while dealing with laborers, agriculture, servants, metals, storage, leather, mine, photography, architecture, real estate agencies, and antique items, etc.


Saturn’s Placement In The Second House and Marriage In Horoscope

When Saturn happens to be posited in 2nd house of his or her horoscope, the native may get married twice or more because of disturbed family and conjugal life and relations and causes a lot of tussle and ego issues in relations as being placed 8th from 7th house of marriage. Saturn here endows or bestows the native with long life and gradual gains and growth with success after 36 yrs of age. Marriage life will remain unhappy and in trouble especially till 35 years of native age which can lead to divorce and separation at an early age in their life.

Saturn here gives complications in pregnancy also and gives head injury once in their lifetime. Sex life will remain unexciting in their conjugal life. Marriage partners will neglect the native and there will be a lack of love and peace in their married life. But Saturn in their exalted or own sign here gives lasting marriage but with a lot of troubles and misunderstandings.

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Saturn in 2nd house also gives the native feelings of being taken for granted as they bear loads of expectations responsibilities. Such a person should learn to tackle their initial financial troubles patiently early in their life as they start earning from a very young age to bear the responsibility of their economically average family lineage but they follow all the responsibility and customs of one’s family culture and religion. Prioritizing material possession or material wealth over emotional aspects of life can cause distress.

Saturn in the 2nd house gives native the opportunity to earn money in a foreign land as they get the chance to work in foreign countries and makes a lot of money in comparison to their own country. He or she gains riches, wealth and vehicles only in foreign countries. The native lives in others house as a tenant on rents and the people backstab them in his or her time of need and urgency. He or she gets recognition from the State authority or government in foreign countries along with comforts of vehicles etc.

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