Saturn Retrograde 2020 in Capricorn – Vakri Effects On 12 Signs

Saturn Retrograde 2020 in Capricorn - Vakri Effects On 12 Signs

Saturn Retrograde 2020 in Capricorn – Effects On 12 Signs: Shani Vakri 2020: Saturn,  very commonly known as ‘Shani’ is the second-largest planet in the Solar System and also the slowest revolving planet in space. However, it bestows very strong effects on each individual’s horoscope of any sign from Aries to Pisces. It has both positive and negative influences on human beings as per their deeds and Karmic balance. Its presence is considered favorable in 2nd, 7th, 3rd, 10th, and 11th house but unfavorable in 4th, 8th, and 12th house.

Not only does it controls life, death, wealth, home, children but also plays a major role in legal suits, theft, illness related to intestines, financial matters, etc. Thus, the planet of Saturn can yield amazing results if it is a favorable condition but can also deliver sorrow and pain if inauspicious in the horoscope with certain aspects. Saturn is a judge and hard taskmaster only delivers favorable results to those who are hard-working, honest and wise in their endeavors.

Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn 2020 – Effects On 12 Signs

In the case of benefic Saturn, a person becomes a great scholar with good command over multiple languages. Saturn is capable of turning gold into ashes, but when it is inauspicious or in a beneficial state, it yields immense profit for individuals. The people whose Saturn has good placement in the horoscope with favorable lordship and aspect will have high possibilities of engaging in the trade of machinery, furnace, leather cement, wood, iron, oil, transport, astrology, rubber, or in the field of law and justice.

Many politicians also have strong Saturn in their chart as Saturn deals with serving masses. However, if Saturn is malefic, the person has to face many obstacles and struggles in life. He or she may suffer from diseases related to the stomach too. There is a high chance that natives may also lose wealth or may fall prey to imprisonment. Saturn turning retrograde in Capricorn from 11th May 2020 till September 28th, 2020 and it will slow down further from its normal speed in Capricorn and its effect will bee intense and its impact will be astounding but mainly auspicious and positive since its revolving in its own sign Capricorn.

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Saturn/ Shani Vakri 2020 – Effects On 12 Signs

Retrograde/ Vakri Effects On Aries:

Aries natives will shine in their careers during this span of Saturn transit in retrograde motion  Capricorn with a rise in their overall income.

Retrograde Effects On Taurus:

Taurus native will bear some losses in their personal life but gain from inheritance and investment is very much assured in course of this Saturn transit in Capricorn in retrograde motion from May to September.

Retrograde/ Vakri Effects On Gemini:-

Gemini natives will have auspicious time in their business prospects especially in partnership and conjugal life will be blissful during Saturn retrograde motion in Capricorn in the year 2020 from 11th May till 28th September.

Retrograde Effects On Cancer:-  

Cancer natives will outshine their competitors and will keep their enemy subdue and at bay with a rise in popularity and growth in their career during this Saturn transit in Capricorn in retrograde motion.

Retrograde/  Vakri Effects On Leo:-  

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Leo natives will shine in their every endeavor and will gain profit financially from multiple sources and litigation in this span of  Saturn transit in retrograde motion.

Retrograde Effects On Virgo:-

Virgo natives will gain advanced knowledge and will improve their skill sets which would help them climb the ladder of success in their professional life from 11th May to 28th September 2020 in the span of Saturn retrograde motion in Capricorn sign.

Retrograde/ Vakri Effects On Libra:-

Libra individuals will share some joyful moments with their family and loved ones with lots of financial and materialistic prosperity during this course of Saturn transit in retrograde motion in Capricorn sign.

Retrograde Effects On Scorpio:-

Scorpio natives will see some of the best periods of their life in each and every aspect of life during the span of this Saturn transit in Capricorn.

Retrograde/ Vakri Effects On Sagittarius:-

Sagittarius native will gain from foreign lands and long-distance journeys will be fruitful and hard work will be result-oriented and beneficial during this period of Saturn transit in retrograde motion.

Retrograde Effects On Capricorn:-

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Capricorn natives need to deliver much hard work to yield growth and success in their career and materialistic life in this period. Personal life would be blissful as Saturn turning retrograde in your own sign as the owner of your sign dear Capricorn individuals.

Retrograde/ Vakri Effects On Aquarius:-

Aquarius people will have gains from share market and speculation, the travel-related jobs would yield highly beneficial and pleasurable during this Saturn transit.

Retrograde Effects On Pisces:-

Pisces natives will gain much profit and wealth in their business or any occupation related to self-employment. a creative field may give much fame and money during this period, particularly in this Saturn’s retrograde motion.

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    I, Ram Sharma S, born on 26.08.1952,star:Swathi, 3 padam @ Cherlopalli Vill, Venkatareddipalli,Post,Penukonda Taluk,Anantapur Distt, AP.
    Since, childhood suffering from accute,bronchial asthma,contipation,indigestion.yet did
    well in studies & after working in bank,retd as a professor in English, and HLC,SBI & Agent LIC; now, online tutor, because of very risky 2 Hernia operation,govt doctors said, it was ‘medical miracle’ after the surgery, as I’ve come alive from the jaws of death.But during my employment
    & till now, have not settled in life though a grandfather to name.Despite my good intention and deeds, am always misunderstood & persecuted by all & abused, I must admit that made blunders
    did not return money I owe to others…
    Under these predicament & mental rut & post operation agony, pl advise whether, this ‘Saturn transit’,will mitigate my suffering if, not solve it.
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    Ram Sharma S

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