Success In Career/ Profession Unique Planetary Placement In Astrology

Success In Career Profession Unique Planetary Placement In Astrology

Success In Career/ Profession/ job/ Business Unique Planetary Placement In Astrology – In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: Today I am going to discuss unique planetary combinations in the Horoscope/ Birth chart which enables an individual to attain success in career.

  • Planetary Combination for acquiring abundance & wealth along with prosperity.
  • Planetary combination to enjoy the bliss of Good Fortune in any career job/ business.
  • The predictions are based on D1 chart or Lagna chart irrespective of Natal Ascendant.

Please Note:-  These predictions will be based on combination & conjunction of planets, aspects, lordship placement, exchange of planets through Signs & Houses, Planets in different houses, Placement in Particular Nakshatra(Constellation), etc.

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Success In Career/ Profession Unique Planetary Placement

Unique planetary placement & Combination/ Yoga for attaining Success in Career:

  • 1) Exchange of sign of Jupiter and Moon in  Natal Chart or D1 chart or Birth chart leads to a lot of success in career. For Example- Jupiter is in Cancer sign and Moon either placed in Sagittarius sign or Pisces sign will lead to success and popularity through career.
  • 2) Jupiter is in Leo sign in 6th house and Sun in Sagittarius sign in 10th house or Vice Versa will lead native to very respected and authoritative position in life weather in government field or in spiritual field. Native may become a mass leader in politics or become an eloquent speaker or eminent speaker in the field of spirituality.
  • 3)  Jupiter and Sun if mutually aspects each other from any house then it gives vast knowledge in the field of astrology, sociology or political science. It can also give success in the field of astrology and politics.
  • 4) Moon -Mars Mutually aspects each other through the 4th-10th house axis then native may become a successful entrepreneur and a very skilled successful businessman. Native may also do very well in fields of banking, management, and administration.
  • 5) Rahu either with Mercury or Venus in the sign of Taurus or Gemini in 3rd house or 5th house or 9th house will give success and popularity through digital mode of work in spaces like Food Vlogging, Travel Vlogging, Nature Wandering and even in the aviation sector.
  • 6) Sun with Mars in 10th house in Leo sign or Aries sign may lead native to become Army officer or Police officer of high rank.
  • 7) Rahu with Moon in Scorpio sign in 10th house or 6th house may lead native to become spy, CBI officer, CID officer or officer of high rank in Crime Branch.

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  • 8) Venus with Mercury in 2nd house in Aries sign may lead native to become a singer or become a  chef, manager in Well known Restaurant, Motel, Hotel.
  • 9) Venus with Mercury in 1st house will make native a creative person and an artist.
  • 10) Jupiter and Mercury together either in 10th house or 1st house then it makes native involve in management field or in the field of banking and accountancy (Success In Career/ Profession).
  • 11) Jupiter in 7th house and Venus in the 1st house will give success in the field of the embassy and diplomatic work in foreign countries. Native may also work in passport office or immigration center in foreign land.
  • 12) Lord of 1st house in 10th bhav or 10th house in 1st bhav will give success in career at very early age before the age of 24.
  • 13) lord of 1st house in 7th house and 7th house in 1st house can make native a good diplomat, an IFS officer, or Foreign minister in life.
  • 14) Sun in 1st house and Jupiter in 7th house may give government job in the field of administration or success in the field of politics.
  • 15) Rahu with Moon in 3rd house or 10th house will make native a very popular artist particularly in the field of acting and comedy or painting.
  • 16) Sun in 7th house with Ketu or Venus will give success in the field of consultancy or in the field of medicine.
  • 17) Venus in Gemini or in Virgo sign and Mercury either in Libra sign or Pisces sign can make native A class artist especially a famous singer, musician, painter or poet.
  • 18) Moon in Cancer or Pisces sign in 5th house and Jupiter in 11th house can make native an excellent writer, storyteller, and poet.
  • 19) Mercury, Sun, and Venus together in 12th house will make native an excellent doctor or surgeon.
  • 20) Saturn and Mercury together in 12th house will make native an excellent engineer.
  • 21) Jupiter and Moon in 12th house can make native a tourist guide, professor in big institute or bookkeeper in big Heritage Library. Native can also become an artist as well.
  • 22) Ketu in 8th house or 12th house with Moon or Jupiter can make one a yogi, occult expert, magician, or spiritual practitioner of high level.
  • 23) Saturn-Mars together in 11th house or in 4th house will give success in the field of agriculture or in construction line real estate business.
  • 24) Saturn in 10th house in own sign or in the exalted sign will give immense profit in the iron-ore business, transport business, coal business, or in the business of petroleum.
  • 25) Saturn in 11th house and Mars in 1st house or 10th house will make native an architect or mechanical engineer.
  • 26) Mercury in 3rd house along with Venus can make on software engineer.
  • 27) Rahu in 9th house or in the 11th house alone can make one electrical and aeronautical engineer if one pursues engineering.
  • 28) Sun in 12th house with Mercury can make a successful researcher or Scientist.
  • 29) Rahu in 1st house will give great success in the line of politics or entertainment world.
  • 30) Rahu in 3rd house will make native an excellent actor/ performer/dancer especially with Jupiter or Venus.

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