Successful Love, Marriage, Immense Wealth, Property In Astrology

Successful Love, Marriage, Immense Wealth, Property In Astrology

Successful Love, Marriage, Immense Wealth, Property In Astrology – In Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart: As I have discussed a lot of info on planetary combinations of success in career/ profession in the same now I am going to discuss some very important combinations of successful m, marriage, property, immense wealth and success in early life.

Successful Love, Marriage, Immense Wealth, Property

  • Planetary Combination for acquiring abundance and wealth along with prosperity in kundli
  • Planetary combination to enjoy the bliss of Good Fortune in any career job/ business In astrology
  • The predictions are based on D1 chart or Lagna chart irrespective of Natal Ascendant
  • Planetary Combinations For Successful/ Happy marriage/ Married and Love life In Horoscope
  • Planetary Combination for Good fortune and Easy- Early Success in Life In Astrology

Please Note:-  These predictions will be based on combination & conjunction of planets, aspects, lordship placement, exchange of planets through Signs & Houses, Planets in different houses, Placement in Particular Nakshatra(Constellation), etc.

Successful/ Happy Marriage/ Married & Love Life In Astrology

Planetary Combinations::

Today I am going to discuss unique planetary combinations in the Horoscope/ Birth chart which gives a person success and happiness in Love and Marriage matters and attaining immense wealth, Property, and becoming wealthy in life. they are as follows:

  • 1) 5th lord in 7th house and 7th lord in 5th house gives sure shot successful married life in the form of love marriage.
  • 2) Moon and Venus in 5th house and Jupiter in 11th house gives very happy love marriage and married life without much complications in life.
  • 3) 2nd lord or 7th lord in 9th house or 11th house gives happy married life whether love marriage or arranged marriage accepted by all members of family.

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  • 3) 10th lord in 5th house or 10th lord in 7th house gives romantic partner or life partner through work and career endeavors. Spouse may also belong from the same profession.
  • 4) Moon and Venus in 7th house and Jupiter in 1st house gives long-lasting affair from childhood which gets converted into marriage after 24 years of age.
  • 5) Mercury and Mars whether in 5th house or in 7th house together gives failure in love affairs and failure in love marriage.Couples would get separated after few years of marriage.
  • 6) Mercury Saturn weather in 5th house or 7th house or in 12th house together gives scandal before and after marriage.
  • 7) Mars in 7th house alone gives failure in all love affairs.
  • 8) Mercury in 7th house alone gives success in love affairs but problematic married life.
  • 9) Saturn in 7h house gives aloofness and sadness in married without even separation or divorce.
  • 10) Venus and Jupiter in 2nd house together give happiness and fortune from a long-lasting arranged marriage.
  • 11)  Mars and Ketu in 4th house give problematic married life.
  • 12) Venus with Mercury or Jupiter in 4th house gives blissful married life along with happiness and wealth.
  • 13) Jupiter in 5th house gives happiness and pleasure to spouse and fulfillment from children.
  • 14) Venus or Jupiter in 1st house gives very loving and caring spouse.
  • 15) Moon in 7th house and Jupiter in 11th house or 3rd house will give devoted and inspiring spouse in life.
  • 16) 1st lord in 7th house will give spouse devoted and loyal to you who will also bring good fortune in your life.
  • 17) 7th lord in 1st house will give happy marriage from childhood love affair.
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18) Moon in 1st house and Venus in 7th house or vice versa gives very loving and supportive spouse from Love Marriage.

19) Rahu or Ketu in 7th house gives separation, divorce, or extramarital affair in married life and sometimes all three.

20)  2nd lord or 4th lord in 7th house or Vice versa gives very understanding spouse and very family-oriented partner with stable and happy married life.

21) Sun in 5th house or in 7th house give dominating partner but he or she will loyal and devoted towards the native.

22)  Sun Jupiter together in 7th house gives blissful arranged marriage in life.

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Massive/ Extreme/ Huge Wealth, Property Yogas In Astrology

Planetary Combinations:

  • 1) Mars in 4th house and Moon in 10th house will give lot of property and wealth in life.
  • 2) Moon and Mars in 4th house and Jupiter in 10th house gives a lot of wealth through real estate as well as from vast agricultural land.
  • 3) Venus-Mercury in 2nd house gives aristocratic family as well as much earning from one’s occupation and career.
  • 4) Saturn in 11th house gives wealth in old age but it will give hard-earned wealth after a lot of effort and struggle.
  • 5) Rahu and Mercury in 11th house give much liquid money and savings from multiple sources of income.
  • 6) Moon in 11th house give lot liquid wealth from job as well as from business.
  • 7) Sun in 11th house gives money from government or from politics.
  • 8) Sun in 1st house  or in 10th gives a lot of wealth from sports career or creative artistic endeavors.
  • 9) Sun, Saturn and Mercury in 12th house together gives outstanding achievement and wealth through government or from an authoritative and influential figure in society.
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  • 10) Jupiter in the 2nd house and Saturn in 11th house can make one a billionaire.
  • 11) If 2nd lord in 11th house or 11th lord in 2nd house then native will be most wealthy in family and will feed others lavishly as well.
  • 12) if 1st lord in 11th house or in 2nd house then native may be born in wealthy family itself but he or she will himself become rich after the age of 33 from their own effort and occupation as well.
  • 13) Moon with Jupiter or Venus in 11th house makes one very rich from digital medium or through entertainment world.
  • 14) Jupiter in 5th house and Moon in 9th house or Vice Versa then native will may become rich due to their spouse, partner or children.
  • 15) 1st lord in 7th house give much wealth from spouse as well as from partnership business after the age of 36.
  • 16) Moon in Aries sign o Scorpio sign and Mars in Cancer sign in the same birth chart indicates a lot of wealth and property in life after the age of 30.

17)  7th lord in 1st house or 2nd house gives wealth from family business or from the business of in-laws.

18) 7th lord in 11th house gives multiple sources of income in life.

19) Jupiter with Sun in 11th house gives wealth through government in the field of social welfare work, administrative work or management work.

20) Moon in 9th house and Jupiter in 5th house gives wealth from literary work, education, teaching or from writing and editing as well as publishing.

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21) Jupiter in 9th in Cancer or Pisces Sign house gives money to profit from Jewellery business or from Religious and Spiritual Trust.

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Combinations For Good Fortune Early Success In Life In Astrology
  • 1) 1st lord in 9th house or 9th lord in 1st house in Horoscope brings good fortune and early success in life along with wealth.
  • 2) Sun and Jupiter in 9th house together give early success and good wealth in life from the age of 16 to 22.
  • 3) Venus in 1st house alone makes one very fortunate at an early age in life.
  • 4) Jupiter in 1st house alone gives early to rise in career from 21 years of age.
  • 5) 1st lord in 2nd house or in 11th house gives birth to a wealthy family.
  • 6) 1st lord in 1st house gives good luck throughout life.
  • 7) 5th lord in 5th house or 5th lord in 9th house gives luck in middle years of life with Good Fortune and much wealth in life.
  • 8) Venus or Jupiter in 7th house gives an auspicious opportunity to grow in career after marriage.

9) Moon in 5th house or 9th house makes native gain substantial wealth and acquire good fortune after the birth of their children.

10) Sun in 10th house gives ultimate luck and favors from government or higher authorities or from influential people.

11) Sun in 9th house makes native wealthy, as well as their father, also acquiring and earning substantial money in life after the birth of native.

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