Sun in 10th House Love, Career, Career Rise, Promotion/Demotion & More

सूर्य दसवें/ १० भाव में स्थिति का फल - प्रेम, करियर उदय, पदोन्नति/ पदावनति, बिबाह

Sun in 10th  house in Birth Chart For   Love, Career, Health, Finance,  Family, Marriage:- Sun in 10th house makes native work for the government or may acquire a high position in their professional life in the foreign land. The native might also become famous through politics or sports.

Surya Graha in 10th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Native can be a popular politician or can become a  popular sports star.  Native also posses a high chance of becoming an IAS or IPS officer. Sun in 10th house native will be high on self -respect and commitment.

Sun in 10th house also has a good impact on their colleagues and common people in their society. The native will be a highly influential and smart personality along with good intelligence and dynamic skill set in their profession. Sun with malefic influence or affliction in 10th house makes native highly ambitious as well as successful in their life.

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Sun in 10th  from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:- Effect and Result of Sun or Surya in 10th house can differ from person to person as placement of a different sign in 10th house, degree, lordship, malefic and benefic dignity, Combustion, degree, malefic and benefic aspect, affliction, combination conjunction, Sun in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Sun in 10th house.

Sun in 10th house deals with respect and authority. If a person has Sun in 10th house, then that native climbs the ladder of success very early in their career at a very young age mainly after 22.

Sun in 10th house gives a commanding position at the workplace and native gets elevated to a high position of authority rather quickly in their working life. Sun in 10th makes native hold command and respect in their professional life. The native will also possess a father’s wealth and property. The native will have high wealth and materialistic benefits from their father.

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Sun in 10th house in  Horoscope/ Kundli and Your Love Life

The love life of native remains exciting but bit dramatic. The native will have ups and downs in their love life with more than 1 serious love affair in life. Although, Native’s partner will be loyal and devoted but will always be concerned about native’s secretive personality, tact, stalks, and possessiveness.

When it comes to romance native will no shy away from displaying his or her affection even in public. The native will be courageous and bold in love matters. The native will also enjoy much physical pleasure before marriage along with their partner. There will be some kind of insecurity in their love relations.

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Sun/ Surya in 10th house In Horoscope Marriage

There is a high chance of Love Marriage for native but for some native it can be arranged marriage but with a lot of happiness, emotional security, and satisfaction. There will be stability, mutual respect, and conjugal affection and devotion in the marriage for native with Sun in 10th house.

Sun in 10th house gives  very intelligent and very charming life partner. The partner will be calm and stable with much efficiency at the workplace as well as in domestic affairs. There will be conjugal harmony in their married life.

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Sun in 10th house in Horoscope and Career & Profession

Native with Sun in 10th house makes native involved in the sector of Banking, administrative service, Defense service, or in the analytical department. Native may hold a high position in Secret agencies or CBI. Most Native work for government or Government affiliated organizations.

Native gets recognition, benefits, rewards, plaudits from seniors higher in the rank. Native gets tremendous popularity in their work life. Sun in 10th house makes native honest in their dealing regarding Job or business.

The native will also have a high diplomatic ability along with tact and wit. Native may also work for Embassy in a foreign land. The native will have high professional merit with a good career far away from the birthplace. These natives remain dominant in the public eye and work in the public domain. There is also a chance of native becoming an artist, actor, or singer with a higher level of success.

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Sun in 10th house in Vedic Astrology and Time of Rising in Career

The native might start there career at a very young age of 22 or 24. Natives start rising in their career from the age 28th and reaches pinnacle or peak point in their career at the age of 40 or 41. The native never see downfall in career or status and rises very quickly in life to a very high position in life with power and authority. He will command highly respectful stature at their working place or in their career is generally in their regular life.

There will be no fall or no looking back in life except when Your Sun is debilitated in 10th house or conjunct with Rahu and lord  8th house and 12th house. if 6th lord is connected with Sun in 10th house then it will give rise in life. But, if somehow 6th house lord gets connected with 8th house lord or 12th house lord then it will give rise and fall in career.

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This position of malefic Sun will also give delays, obstacles and frequent troubles like problem in promotion, tiff with seniors and colleagues as association with  8th house and 12th house or with their lords denotes separative circumstances.

Sun in 10th house In Horoscope time of Promotion/ Demotion

Sun in 10th house makes native highly Successful in life and he or she rises in career after 25 years of age. There is a high chance of increment and promotion for native in the 28th, 30th, and 35th years of life. No Demotion can be seen in the life of native. The native will progress rapidly in life especially during the young and middle years of life.

\The only exception is if Sun is with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn and Sun is the owner of 8th, 12th house or 8th house lord and 12th house lord gets connected with Sun then there is chance of defamation, sometimes false allegation or loss of position, job and respect in life but this thing could only happen on rare occasion if somehow there is malefic Saturn and Jupiter in your horoscope.

There is also an interesting observation that if Sun is lord of 6th house and get conjunct with Rahu, Ketu or Saturn then native loses their job or position and suffers from court cases, false allegation and litigation. But, these things will be only for a short period of time as native will come out as winner in this case and will destroy their enemies and rivals with significant gains and he or she will return to power, position, wealth, and prosperity in life.

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Sun in 10th house in Horoscope/ Natal chart and Your Finance

When Sun is placed in this house makes native earn immense wealth from their regular work and will accumulate amazing wealth from their career with self-effort. The native will become wealthy after 25 years of oaf age by earning on their own. Sun in this house also gives more than 1 property or House and good bank balance.

The native will have a high standard of living with luxurious cars and houses with all materialistic comfort. Sun in 10th house makes native aristocratic and classy in their lifestyle. Few natives become very rich due to government support and benefits. These native might also earn from public affairs.

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Sun 10th house In Horoscope/ Kundli Family Life

Native’s father may achieve high status and respect in their profession or in politics after Native’s birth. Mother’s health will have some complications but Father will rise in life due to Native’s luck. 

Father can be a teacher or headmaster as well. if Native’s father in politics then he will become popular and wealthy through the line of politics. The native will also comfort of servants at home and native will be fond of eating hot foodstuffs.

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Sun in 10th  house in Kundli/ Birth Chart – Your Health

The health of the native will be fine but the health of family members will cause much tension for native. Spouse and mother’s health will be delicate and there will huge expenses on medication and hospitalization as well. 

Native may also have problem in their stomach and chest. Native may suffer from indigestion, high blood pressure, gastric problem and there can be a pain in the chest or stomach.

Special effects of Sun in 10th house In Vedic Astrology

There will be a lot of luxury and comfort in native’s life after 28 years of age. Sun in this house gives pride and ego in the personality of an individual. The person will be diplomatic and honest as well. He or she will be kind-hearted towards the poor or less fortunate.

Sun’s placement in this house will give style and class along with good appearance to the native. Sun in this house will give fondness for sweets and milk. The native will be a foodie and will eat delicious stuff. The native will also attend a lot f social gatherings and parties and he or she will be highly popular in their social life.

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