Sun In 2nd House Effects On Love, Career, Marriage, Finance In Kundli

Sun In 2nd House effects on Love, Career, Marriage, Finance-c

Sun In 2nd House Effects On Love, Career, Marriage: Sun in 2nd House In Kundli: The Sun represents  Success in the family business and family matters and growth in bank balance or liquid cash due to family support or family business and this person also enable to multiply the family to a good extent. A royal planet of power, authority, Govt, favor, and honor in 2nd house It bestows on the native a general success, fortunate for character and events. This adds strength and uniqueness to the generosity in behavior when the sun happens to be posited in 2nd house of any native horoscope chart. The persons having strong Sun in 2nd house will try to dominate others and they are free, frank, outspoken, generous, proud, firm and of strong Will- Power. They attain good Will of superiors, honor, general success, advancement in life and are very impressive. Ambitious popular in society and energetic, defective right eye, rich by family wealth and possession and becomes learned. Lust for power and authority sometimes can make native indulge in immoral activity to attain success by hook or crook with Sun in second house in astrology. This position of Sun can turn native’s enemy or foe into friends after amicable communication.


Sun In Dhan Bhav, Effects On Love, Career, Marriage, Finance

The Result of SUN in ‘Dhan Bhav’ or 2nd house vary from person to person because of different signs in the 2nd house of different people having the same planet sun in 2nd house; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. AS lordship varies from Aries sign in 2nd house to Pisces sign in 2nd house and with respect to the Nakshatra constellation of each sign.


GENERAL EFFECT Of Sun In 2nd House

Placement of Sun in second house suggests that the chart holder will have the quality of generosity and compassion in his or her characteristic and behavior.  Native with sun in 2nd house is likely to be successful in money matters or dealings related to finance. Their efforts may get recognition and much respect in society.

Such people inherit great leadership skills thus often enjoy a good position of authority in politics, govt service or high position of power in society. With Sun in 2nd house in horoscope, native possesses the quality of leadership which can also generate them a good income. Sun in 2nd house also means the native enjoys an enviable power in society commands a lot of respect from others in his family and with among various relatives and friends. It can also give infection, a sense of burning or rashes on the skin.

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Sun In 2nd House In Horoscope and Love Relationships

There will be many failures and setbacks in the native love life or love affairs when the sun happens to be posited in 2nd house of the horoscope chart of a boy or a girl. There will be many casual encounters and clandestine affairs but nothing will evolve or convert into meaningful relationships or as we say there will be no real actual emotional bond in a person’s life and there will be no soul mate in his or her love affairs.

The native will display folly and flirty kinds of tendencies too when such instances come to the natives love life. No-serious attitude and approach will be there as they will not remain committed for a long time to their lovers. 


Sun In 2nd House In Horoscope and Marriage – Vedic Astrology

Sun  in 2nd house will aspect the 8th House from here which is not that good and may affect matters of inheritance, relationship with in-laws. He may have some disputes with family members regarding his wife or marriage. Sun in 2nd house in birth chart also gives ego, overconfidence, and other such problems which may turn people against them. In 2nd house, Sun may create problems with wife or in-laws due to ego issues. Marriage of such native those having sun in second house may take place at an early age of his or her life.

Marriage life of such natives may get tangled in the petty issues of ignorance, ego clashes or nagging activities. But, such people do enjoy a long marital life with some clashes from time to time in their conjugal life.2nd house Sun may also give 2nd marriage to the native if Sun is malefic or in enemy sign, else native will have a good spouse. Sun in 2nd house bestows undesirable experiences in married life, being in the 8th Position from the 7th house which rules marriage and married life cause many hindrances in their peaceful married life.

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Sun In 2nd House CAREER and FINANCE – Vedic Astrology

2nd house represents wealth, the person will invest the maximum energy in the creation of personal wealth and financial security. There will be a strong desire for material pleasure. The native’s father could be a great support in professional life and will bear native expenses and may invest a lot of money in a native’s careers or professions. Father of such native gives everything to the native, everything they need regarding their education and career and that can make native brat and spoiled also.

Such kinds of people can have a very prosperous childhood, they might be very educated due to family prosperity and they may settle their career in abroad also. Being in the 5th position from the 10th house of a natal chart (which rules career, joining public services and politics) Sun placed in this house gives outstanding success in career-related to NGO or public services, public sector, health sector and in politics, Sun ensures high-grade regular income too when in this position in the horoscope. However this position of Sun being in 6th position from the 9th house of the natal chart (which rules luck, fate, fortune), success would not come easily to the native and without self-effort and hard work. 




Individuals having sun in second house have an insatiable desire for respect and command over others and a strong sense of self-worth. Their whole energy and focus is driven towards the goal of attaining power in the form of acquired possessions, a big strong bank balance, and artistic talent. They also tend to earn pretty well, but they spend them extravagantly. The royal vanity in these natives sometimes makes them dominate things and people around them, which should be avoided to lead a better social life.

As per classic Vedic scriptures, they are very much straightforward and sometimes self-praising also. Moreover, they aspire to learn and acquire a new skill set especially in the form of artistic creativity and knowledge of many different languages which they would speak whenever required. Some speech disorders may be like stammering is also likely to trouble the native who have Sun in 2nd house in malefic or in debilitated position in the horoscope. Such persons are rich, earn money through self-efforts and with the help of family and superiors and holds an authoritative position in the office or in professional life.

Gain through trade and persons in authority. They are very social people fond of luxury, inclined to the opposite sex and courageous. But they will also face unwanted expenditure and will have some disease in the face and this position of sun placed in this house may make him or her stammer in speech. Good fortune will increase when Sun gets good aspects of benefic planets in 2nd house of the natal chart of a horoscope.


Sun placed in this house is indicates your decent behavior and enhances your prestige and popularity because of your generous nature, and this Sun in 2nd house can take you to the authoritative position in Government or in society. It also enhances your ability to make money the right way. Your life will be prestigious and you shall be respected everywhere you go. Your status and respect in the family grow as you advance to certain age gradually.

Father of the native will have a dominant role in the family; if Sun is malefic or in enemy sign or in a debilitated state, natives do not enjoy good relationships with his father. The native or native’s family may have a high social position and respect, he/ she also may belong to a politician or business class family.

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