Sun In 7th House Love, Sex, Marriage, Career, Finance, Education, Health

सूर्य ७ बे/ सप्तम भाव में - प्रेम, सेक्स, विवाह, करियर, वित्त, शिक्षा, स्वास्थ्यम , परिवार

Sun in 7th house Love, Sex, Career, Health, Finance, Education, Family, Marriage:- If Sun is posited in 7th house of a horoscope in an individual birth chart or Kundli then, Native will be religious and god-fearing individual. The native will prosper after 22 years of age. Native may work for the government or government agencies and native may attain a leadership post in the government affairs of state and city.

Surya Graha in 7th from Lagna for all Ascendants

Sun in 7th house aspect your 1st house or Lagna which will increase your self- confidence, administrative ability and respect in society. You will reach a good height of success in an administrative field or department. The native will also be of short-tempered and restless in nature.

Sun or Surya in 7th house from Lagna For All Ascendant General Effect:-  Effect and Result of Sun in 7th house can differ from person to person as placement of a different sign in 7th house, degree, malefic and benefic dignity, lordship, malefic and benefic aspect, affliction, conjunction, Sun in different Nakshatra (constellation) as well as strength and dignity of Sun in 7th house.

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Sun Represents positive energy and its aspect on your ascendant will boost your personality with brilliance shining face with wheatish complexion and also bestows a very attractive magnetic personality. Your aggressive and positive attitude with a knack of working for long hours with dedication will fetch you immense respect and an authoritative position with power at your workplace. But Sun in 7th house gives you a lot of ego and pride.  You may also have some problems with your father and father of your spouse as well.

Sun in 7th house and Love Affair in Vedic Astrology

Sun in 7th house and Your Love Life:-  Love life of the native will be inconsistent yet very genuine and exciting. Native may bear the trauma of heartbreak in his or her youth days but native will be involved in at least more than 2 love affairs in life before finally getting married to the right person who can be his or her soulmate. Native may become a victim of lie and cheating or disloyalty in his or her love life. The native will also live on pride, ego, and self-respect which will hamper his or her love life to a significant length. Overall Native’s love life will be full of an emotional roller coaster ride.

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Sun in 7th house and SEX / Sexual Health in Vedic Astrology

Sun in 7th house does not promote very active or pleasureful sex life or physical intimacy at least for a consistent period of time. There will be some problems with the physical compatibility between you and your spouse. There can some temporary sexual and hormonal imbalance either to you or your partner. The problem in pregnancy, sperm count and in the function of genital organs, infection in vagina, etc may occur in your or your partner’s life. Although these problems will be temporary it will affect your bed pleasure and physical intimacy with your partner which can take a toll on you mentally.

Sun/ Surya in 7th house in Kundli/ Natal Chart and Marriage

Sun in 7th house and Your Marriage:-  You may get married to quite a wealthy person with good social background and your spouse will be popular socially and also at his or her workplace. You will also become wealthy and prosperous in life after Marriage and Good gains and profit from Marriage are very much possible in your life.

You will also travel to far off places after marriage and you will gain much in a materialistic way from those travels. Your Married life will be outstanding and envious for others. Although Your Marriage might get delayed due to your career and other important priorities. But avoid much pride and ego in your nature and personality as it can destroy marital happiness and conjugal intimacy.

There can be a temporary separation from your Spouse. This position or placement of Sun in women’s charts may make women barren or problem in expectancy and pregnancy or problems in the birth of a child. Although you will have progeny kid’s health and well being will always because of concern for both partners. Superiority complex and competition of talent and work will create a wall between the love bonds between you and your Spouse.

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Sun in 7th house of horoscope/ Birth Chart – Your Career

Sun in 7th house and Career:-  Native with Sun in 7th house in D1 chart will possess an excellent management skill and will rise in life from management work, a career in politics, in law as a lawyer and judge or public secretary will fetch you good popularity with decent success in your professional life and immense wealth in from your work.

A business partnership can be profitable for a short period of time but you will prosper more in your independent business which deals with daily necessities of public or masses. You will be extremely prosperous as a farmer also. Native may become very popular in politics and also through his work in literature or overall through his or her writing.

Sun/ Surya in 7th house in Kundli/ Horoscope and Finance

Daily earning from Government or public source and also from an individual business will make your financial condition secure and you will be prosperous in life with decent saving and substantial overall income which you will spend on your luxury and on making an aristocratic status in society. You will be an affluent person. There will be a rapid rise in your daily earnings and overall monthly and yearly income after the age of 30 which will make you very wealthy. Money from business sources will increase your overall family affluence and position of dominance and respect in society.

Sun or Surya in 7th house of Horoscope – Your Family life

Sun in 7th house long united family. Each family member will back each other in the times of happiness as well as sadness. Family and blood relatives will provide rocking pillar and support to the native. Native’s family and relatives will be wealthy and Prosperous. In-laws’ families will also offer full support and help to the native. Parents will be fully supportive and devoted towards education, career, success and well being of the native.

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Sun in Seventh house of Horoscope Or Kundli and Health

Overall Health of the native will be fine with some complication blood pressure and impurities in blood plasma. Some natives may also suffer from heart-related problems and some may even become diabetic as well. But, Overall the Native will possess good physical stamina, power and good immune system with good energy and vitality to remain healthy most of the time. Although Native may become infected with some bacterial visit but will also recover quickly.

Special effects of Sun Or Surya in 7th house In Astrology

Sun in this house gives ill health to your spouse and to your father. Benefits from the opposite sex will be there. The difference of opinion with father or father-in-law is very much possible. If Sun in 7th house is under malefic aspect or it is in Debilitated sign then native can have two marriages or may have extramarital affairs with a widow.

The native will rise to a higher status in life than his or her father. Native’s life partner will also be in an authoritative position which will give confidence and security in the life of the native. Spouse will play a prominent role in your life especially in your success.

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