Sun in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope

Sun in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope1

Sun in All 12 Houses For Aries Ascendant Or Lagna In Horoscope: Effect and Result of Planet Sun in each different house for Aries Ascendant are as follows:– For Aries Ascendant or Lagna Sun acts as the Chief or Main planet along with Mars. Sun in this particular lagna acts as Yogakarak  and Significator of Fortune, wealth, creativity, Love affairs, relationship, higher education, Children,  and favours from different sources including Government. Sun acts  as 5th lord for this ascendant  gives much benefits and success to the people belong to Aries Ascendant in Natal or in D1 chart.

Sun in Houses For Aries Ascendant

Sun itself is Karaka for  power, position, government,success, happiness, prosperity, growth will be key planet to analyze for this particular Lagna. Sun will acts as one of the main planet for Aries Ascendant people to do good or bad in their life. Below are the  effects and results of Sun in each house from 1st house to 12th house  for Aries Lagna.

Please Note:-  The below prediction given is as per general rule and prediction but  susceptible for change due to different combination, aspect, conjunction, constellation(Nakshatra), dignity, degree, D9 chart, and the impact of Rahu-Ketu.

Impact of  Planet Sun in all 12 houses for Aries Ascendant or Lagna is given below-

Effect and Result of Planet Sun in each different house for Aries Ascendant are as follows:-

Sun in 1st House for Aries ascendant or Lagna

Sun acts as the 5th lord for Aries Ascendant while it is Karak for 1st house and 10th house, so anytime Sun acts as a main planet or Yogakaraka Planet for Aries Ascendant people. When Sun placed or sits in 1st house of Horoscope then native gets an opportunity in life to achieve amazing success and tremendous wealth in life. Some Natives might also achieve fame in life.

Usually, these people with Sun in 1st house in Aries Lagna remain popular in their social circle as well as in their working environment. The native might also get a government job with this placement. Native may achieve much growth and popularity in life due to their career in the entertainment world, Sports world or native might also can get massive success in the administrative sector.

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Native starts progressing in life after the age of 22 as their fortune rises from the age of 22. The native might also land in a foreign land and achieve success in the field of foreign ministry, foreign consulate, Embassy, Immigration, etc.

Sun in 1st house for Aries Lagna is one of the most fortunate combinations to have in any individual’s horoscope as it makes a person ambitious, fortunate, and successful in life. The native might get bald early but it will bring good fortune and wealth in life.

Sun in 2nd house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun in 2nd house as 5th lord makes native quite wealthy after 25 years of age due to their own occupation or hard work. Although, Native might be born in the quite wealthy and aristocratic family itself. Native prospers in the family business from a very young age.

The native will see all kinds of comfort, wealth, pleasure, and good bank balance in life. Native’s married life will be harmonious and he or she may settle for love marriage. He or she will be happy, cheerful and optimistic personality and will remain cheerful throughout life. Life will be easy going with full of happiness, growth and prosperity for the native. Native will be successful in most of their endeavors.

Career in the Education sector, Bank sector, Acting, Anchoring, Singing will take native to great heights. He or she might also become an advocate or land at a high position in Government job. Overall, a very good and stable position for Sun in the horoscope.

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Sun in 3rd house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun in 3rd house as 5th lord makes native creative, inventive, hardworking, goal-oriented, and very serious about their ambitions, aspirations, and objective. Native becomes favorite of the opposite sex but usually tend t have many hidden relationship and sometimes remain disloyal.

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3rd house sign will be Gemini which will give duality and confusion in mind at times but native will be multi-talented and likely to pursue more than 1 career path in their life. He or she may earn from more than 1 source in life. 

Moneywise life would be decent but expenses will be on higher side as well. Few problems with father or either with siblings is possible. Career in the field of technology and communication will provide much success and growth in the life of the native.  Career through Mass media, journalism, social media, advertisement will lead to prosperous financial position and high class lifestyle. The native will be active even hyper-active sometimes. Fortune will rise from the age of 28.

Sun in 4th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun in 4th house as 5th lord in Cancer sign for Aries Lagna will provide utmost success in life after utmost struggle and dejection at young age.  This auspicious combination also form Raj Yog in several horoscope provided 4th lord is not very weak. This position of Sun will gibe utmost support from family and loved ones but health of the father and mother may be problematic.

Native may have to live in distant place outside their hometown or place of birth for their career growth and success. Native will get good fortune in life after 24 years of age in distant town or city. Success in love affairs and marriage is very much assured. 

Native will lead a peaceful and harmonious life. Native might become author, poet, writer, publisher and can achieve fame through it. Prosperity after marriage is very much assured. Significant success at the age of 28, 30 and 33. Native might face health troubles related to blood or heart in their last part of the life. Weak eye sigh at middle years of age is possible.

Sun in 5th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun in 5th house in their own sign Leo  for Aries Lagna will give success and fame at very young age, sometimes even in childhood. There will lot recognition and success through artistic career and creativity.  Sun in 5th house gives solid fortune and high status in life. Native can do very well in their academics and higher education and can become a popular writer and professor as well. 

Native always gets pleasure and happiness love and relationship. Native may end up marrying love of their life or soul mate. Native can become good painter, fashion designer, cooking expert etc. Sun here as 5th lord in 5th house create abundance in life with happiness, prosperity.

Although, there will problems in child birth and issues with mutual understanding with children. Native addiction to liquor will bring down fall in life. Financial prosperity will be achieved in life through business or artistic pursuit.

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Sun in 6th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun as 5th lord in 6th house will destroy competition and enemies and will give native win in election, court case or any kind of litigation. Native can become politician with this position of Sun. Success through government job or politics is possible.

Sun here gives much success after the age of 40. Sun in this place gives intellect to earn gains from investment, real estate etc. Native may have multiple properties or large agricultural land. Health of the spouse will always be delicate.

Native can also have some problem in bones. Financial prosperity through agricultural business or through government job is possible. One can become police officer or advocate, jury at high post. Married life can be  problematic but there will be lot of growth and progress in career after the age of 40. Native will achieve high status, position and affluence in life. Problem with father is possible but there will be financial support from father for long time.

Sun in 7th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun as 5th lord in 7th house in libra will be slightly weak ad can create some issue in marital life but overall very lucky and blessed placement with bright children an devoted loving spouse. Native may end up marrying their soul mate or love partner.

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Spouse will be loyal and devoted but there can be some tiff or lack of understanding initially in married life of the native. Native with this placement of Sun in 7th house will give independent business, entrepreneurship, Self-employment in your career. Native might also public advisor or advisor for ministry and  in government. Native can become an expert diplomat as well.

Native will get success after 25 or 27 years of age. Native will achieve high status and position in career and will flourish financially after 32 years of age. Sun here gives solid family background or solid support in life from people of aristocratic background.

There can be some losses and trust issue in business partnership. If in Job then one will end up having successful career with much promotion and increment. Skin disease or tuberculosis may affect native for short time period. He or she may also suffer from baldness.

Sun in 8th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun as 5th lord in 8th house is not very auspicious or favourable position for the native. Native may achieve some success in the occult line or in the line of astrology and spirituality but will suffer from health issues and relationship issues. He or she may remain unmarried or suffer from divorce. 

There will dissatisfaction and unhappiness from family as well as from love and relationship. He or she may suffer from depression.Native may earn good money from fraud and tact but it will go in waste.  Native might also win some big lottery or gain from inheritance.

There will lot of expenses because of medication. Chances of accidents will be there. Suffering and punishment from government or law will be there. Native might posses some type of criminal mindset.  Native will be clever in their deed but may perform unholy deeds. Cruel intention and jealousy may rise at some point of time in the life of the native. Mental peace will be destroyed.

Unhappiness from family and marriage will be there. Addiction towards alcohol and intoxication may prove fatal. Native can die due to snake bite or some  type of poison. Although, Native can become a successful yoga teacher, astrologer, healer and may earn reward from  high class people and government.

Sun in 9th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun as 5th lord in 9th house is one one of the most fortunate combination in any individual’s horoscope. This Placement of Sun will give ultimate love and support from father. Native may inherit large wealth and father’s big property with good bank balance.

Native will also reach high post and position in life through job service or through self-employment. Native can become famous writer, blogger, publisher. Native’s fortune will rise from 23 years of age. Native can also become a popular actor or Star. 

Native may attain high position through high education in foreign land. There will be a lot of foreign travelling and chances of foreign settlement will be there. Native can also become head of college and university. He or she will be a well-known scholar and professor. Many benefits from children as well as Native’s progeny may also achieve big success large wealth and fame in life.

Love life or Married life will gibe all kinds of happiness and utmost pleasure in life. Health will be fine and there will be abundance of luxury as well as financial prosperity from the age of 30 in the life of the native.

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Sun 10th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun as 5th lord here becomes Karaka and gives much success in life with good fortune from young age. Although, Sun in enemy sign Capricorn might give some restriction, failure, obstacles, delay, and dejection in life during young age but native will cross all barriers and destroy all kinds of affliction and will reach high post and position in life with hard work and self-determination. 

The native will have high class career with much income and financial prosperity. There will be good growth and progress in life after the age of 26. Native will see rise and growth in their career along with fame in very quick time during young age.

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The native will have distinctive career with high class income and overall very sound financial position if 10th lord is not much weak or afflicted. Married life will be normal with obedient children.

The native might get bald early or may possess some skin disease. but overall there will be good health and good stamina. Native may get fame in public life and there will be regular occurrence of supporters and admirers for native.

The native will get Kudos and applauds from their seniors and superiors. Government job is certain with high post. A high-class lifestyle and celebrity-like status may be achieved if native is in showbiz business.

Sun in 11th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna

Sun in 11th house as 5th lord will aspect 5th house  indicates success with ease without much hard work. Native may born in rich family or may get support from high class affluent people. Native will climb the ladder of success with much wisdom at very early age in life.

Native fortune will rise from 21 years of age and he or she will be wise but very smart.  Sun in this position will make native highly intelligent and will bestow high-class business acumen. The native will have habit of showoff or lead a luxurious high-class lifestyle.

The native will see success and prosperity from very young age and will abundance in wealth and property if 11th lord is well placed. Financial prosperity from business, politics, and entertainment career is very much assured. Native will have large friends circle and high class contacts. Native will yield lot of profit and gains through business and relationship.

The native will also get wealth and inheritance and he or she might own a shopping mall or a cinema hall. The native will prosper from commercial business but loss through fire is indicated. Native married life will happy and blissful. Health may affect native with prob;em of joints, arthritis or my broke some bone through accident.

Sun in 12th house for Aries Ascendant or Lagna  

Sun in 12th house as 5th lord will give some unhappiness from spouse and children. Native may face some failure in life with a lot of struggle and dejection at young age. Native’s fortune will rise after 48 years of age. Native’s desires may remain unfulfilled.

The native will thrive in the profession of Astrology, Astronomy, Research work, Occult Science, Tarot reading, healing, Online blogging, Travel Blogging, etc. The native might achieve success in young age through the above-mentioned field.

The native might get settle in foreign and prosper. The native will not get help from family and relatives but will achieve success through much delay , struggle and own hard work Native might achieve success in foreign land through the business of salt, textile, trade, import-export of commercial goods, cotton, and fisheries. The native will have less hair and weak eyesight. Native will face problem in eyes.

The native might become famous through the line of spirituality and consultancy. The native might become chief priest of highly popular institution or worship place. He or she may become very popular spiritual scholar.

The native will be good yoga teacher and healer as well. The native might also achieve fame and success through politics or as spiritual leader. Heart or blood-related issues may cause problem in old age. Native may not get married but if get married then married life will be successful after initial troublesome years.

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