Sun Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th, 6th House

सूर्य चन्द्र की युति १, २, ३, ४, ५, ६ वें भाव में होने का फल - कुंडली में ज्योतिष के अनुसार

Sun Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th, 6th House in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: Sun and Moon are very friendly in nature to each other. Their Combination or Conjunction in any house in horoscope boosts the placement of that particular house. In close Conjunction, Sun eclipses the effect and significance of the Moon in horoscope. The moon becomes combusted whenever it is close to Sun in the same house.

Surya Chandrama Yuti/ Combination in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th, 6th House

This occurrence of Sun and Moon in the same house or same sign causes Amavasya which means no moonlight night or Dark moon night. The close association of Sun Moon together within 1o degrees causes Combustion of Moon. Although, Sun and Moon together give sudden luck and artistic talent in life with very ethereal creativity.

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Now, I am going to discuss the effect and result of the Sun-Moon combination in all 12 different houses in horoscope. It is divided into two parts. This part will cover 1st house to 6th house and part 2 will cover 7th house to 12th house:-

Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 1st house

Sun and Moon in 1st house will make native fall in an unorthodox love affair and sometimes in living relationship. Person will be very concerned about his or her public image and status in society. One may have an adopted progeny. There can be recognition and popularity through their own occupation. But, he or she may get involved in some kind of scandal and conspiracy.

One will work very hard to attain success and wealth in your life from 24 to 40 years of age. There will be an all-around success after facing hardship and poverty for few years in life. You may become an actor or singer in life. Some people may become politicians or sports stars as well. Native can gather mass support in life. Although, he might be born in a middle-class family.

Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 2nd house

Sun and Moon in 2nd house together will give a lot of financial fluctuation in life. There can be big gains at times and big losses at times as well.  Occupation in Music, singing, and direction may bring fame in life. Childhood will not be memorable and happy. Although, he or she might be born in a rich family. Success will come from the support of spouse. There can be some anger issues for you in childhood. You will try to impose your ideas on others.

Native may enjoy wealth and property through means of inheritance and gift. Fortune will start favoring you from 25 years of age. You will be outspoken, blunt but will lack will power to put hard work and dedication towards your goals. The family business will grow rapidly in life. Monetary help from in-laws is also possible.

Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 3rd house

Sun and Moon in 3rd house will make native multi-talented but he or she might lose interest in their work. He or she might be able to do multiple works simultaneously. One may have more than one occupation in life. Person may get involved in confrontations with siblings, colleagues, and neighbors. You may do excellent in the media or banking field.

Occupation related to Marketing, designing, Anchoring, Media, Advertisement, Computer programming, web designing, and software work will give success and wealth in life. Sun and Moon in 3rd house will make native intelligent but hesitant to show their talent and craft publicly. Self-confidence will not be high at a young age. One may become a marketing guru in his or her life.

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Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 4th house

Sun and Moon in 4th house gives a lot of wealth and property right from a very young age. Native will have a lot of affluence and aristocratic lifestyle. Wishes and desires will be fulfilled easily. But, he or she may live away from their home. In some cases, parents die early as well. You may become the coach of a big sports institute in life. Spouse will be very clean-hearted but there can be trust issues in your marriage. Your stubborn nature will be irritating to your spouse.

You may get popularity through sports or through clearing competitive examinations of Medical, Engineering, UPSC, etc. There will be a lot of restless energy at your young age. Romantic life will be passionate but there can be some sadness and separation in your love life along with aloofness. Person may also get a break in their education at least once in life. You will have short romantic encounters in life.

Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 5th house

Sun and Moon together in 5th house yield a lot of casual flings in life and romantic clandestine association with older people as well. Person earns fame through sports and entertainment field but it will not be long lasting until and unless Rahu or Venus Or Jupiter also has an impact on 5th house.

Native will be very creative and will have a touch of brilliance in his or her artistic and aesthetic skills. One can become a photographer, Actor, Model, Anchor, painter writer, etc. There will be an inclination towards fashion designing and modeling. Native can become a popular Radio Anchor or newsreader on Tv.

Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 6th house

Sun conjunct Moon in 6th house gives property and other legal issues in life for native. There can also be divorce issues in life as well.  Other criminal cases or conspiracy may get hitched against native. Person may become an excellent Doctor & Surgeon. Some people may get involved in violence and confrontations regularly in life. There will be a lack of clarity and balance in life. Few individuals may become police officers in life.

One may get popularity through advocacy as well. Many health issues may crop up suddenly in the middle years of life. Your sense of Judgement will be perfect. The chance of gains from politics is there. Victory over competition or enemy will bring happiness to you. You may get deprived of support from friends and family. Although, you may win big political elections in life.


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