Sun Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 7th, 8th, 9th,10th,11th,12th House

Sun Moon Conjunction Combination in 7th, 8th, 9th,10th,11th,12th House

Sun Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 7th, 8th, 9th,10th,11th,12th House in Horoscope/ Kundli/ Birth Chart – Vedic Astrology: Sun and Moon Combination in any particular house gives good Intelligence and some inborn talents. Although, Sun and Moon Conjunction in any house gives perplexed domestic environment and very hustle working condition in life. Native may remain confused at times.

Surya Chandra Conjunction/ Yuti in 7th, 8th, 9th,10th,11th,12th House

The Duality in mind may cause native to shift their focus from one project or goal to another without completing the former. Moon, when placed in close degrees with Sun, gets combusted and it will be hard for the person to concentrate and remain passionate about anything particular for a longer period of time.

From here now, i am going to discuss the remaining part and houses following the effect of Sun and Moon Conjunction in these houses and also the result of the combustion of Moon in different houses.

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Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 7th house

Sun and Moon combination in 7th house gives very independent and moody spouse. Although, spouse can be loyal and caring he or she will be very egoistic and dominating. An extramarital affair with a widow is possible. Monetary help from spouse and spouse’s family will be there. Spouse will be restless towards his or her career and she will be career-oriented and successful in life.

Business in partnership will give you success and wealth from 24 years of age. There will be a lot of short travels in life. Native will lack discipline and diplomacy in his or her life. Success will come only through support of others. Native will be emotional and impulsive.

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Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 8th house

Sun and Moon in 8th house together gives a lot of common sense and intuitive ability. One will incline into Occult practices, Spirituality Astrology, etc. Person can become an eminent spiritual leader and eloquent speaker. Native can become a religious or spiritual preacher and orator.

One can become a popular Astrologer, travel writer, blogger, etc. Native’s success will depend on the identification, exploration, and execution of his or her hidden talent. Success and wealth will come late in life.

Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 9th house

Sun and Moon together in 9th house yields good fortune in life after struggle and bad experiences in childhood. Native will not have an amicable relationship with parents at times. One may become wealthy and successful at a young age especially, in foreign land. One can become a very popular writer or painter in life. Progeny will be bright and intelligent

Native will be very lucky at a young age may settle in foreign country. Person may adopt foreign culture as well. He or she will be dedicated and ambitious towards their goals and dreams. You may also get a degree in high Education with a lot of Knowledge in Subjects like Sociology, Political Science, law, and Philosophy. Wealth will come easily at a young age.

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Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 10th house

Sun and Moon in 10th house give clear direction and aim towards their goal in life from the age of 25. Native will be successful in their career before 30 years of age. Native may become high profile administrative officer or Entrepreneur. One may also become Actor, Director, Anchor, Model, etc.

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There will be a significant improvement in lifestyle after the age of 25. One may become wealthy from the age of 30. Person can become a celebrity or a successful politician. The teaching profession will earn you a lot of reputation in life. One will be a daydreamer but will turn their dream into reality after initial dejection and struggle in their career life. Opposite sex may help you in your career endeavors.

Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 11th house

Sun and Moon in 11th house give a lot of friends with influential people in life. There will be help and support from authorities or people who are already established at high positions in life. You may also be born in a wealthy family. Income will be great so will be expenditure. Although, there will be good savings and bank balance. Success in independent work or business is assured. Spouse will be caring and supportive. Affectionate children will give you happiness.

One may become favorite of opposite sex. There will lot of friendships and associations with different people. You may have a very charismatic personality with good social life. You will be very outgoing and your vision will be clear with a positive outlook towards life. One may have a very passionate love affair with someone younger as well as older in age. Love affair may turn into a long-lasting marriage.

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Sun and Moon Conjunction/ Combination in 12th house

Sun and Moon Combination in 12th house gives frequent travel to foreign countries. One may earn substantial money in foreign land. There will be problems in married life for the temporary time period. Marriage may get delayed as well. Popularity and recognition in foreign countries can be possible for native. One will earn away from their birthplace with happiness. One may face hardship to succeed in life before the age of 30.

Fortune will rise if one lives away from their birthplace. Love affair and sexual indulgence with foreigners is a possibility for you. The extramarital affair may lead to temporal separation with spouse. You may settle permanently in foreign country after the age of 30. There will be more than one occupation in life simultaneously. One may be addicted to smoking and drinking. Expenses will be always high bit so is income from the age of 35.

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