Tarot Card Spreads For Love, Job/ Business, Career, Success

Tarot Card Spreads For Love, Job/ Business, Career, Success, Celtic Cross, 2 cards, 3 cards, 5 cards, 6cards, 7 cards, 10 cards: A tarot card spread is nothing but just different types of methods (layout of cards) to lay down cards at the time of reading to predict someone’s future or answer someone’s question. There are various types of spreads in tarot card reading, and in many cases, the reader also develops his/ her own spread later in the advanced stage. As a learner of tarot reading should always follow some standard spread system to answer the question of a questioner. Here I am going to mention some common but very useful tarot spreads that can be used at the time of reading.

They are: 

  • Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
  • The Love Compatibility/ Truelove Spread
  • The Career Path Spread
  • The Success Spread
  • The Three Card Spread

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread/ Layout Position Meaning Explained

It is the most commonly used tarot card spreads by many tarot readers for predicting the fate of an individual. this tarot spread is commonly used in for specific queries and questions and also the overall process and the result of that particular section of question from which can be known from 10 cards spread in Celtic cross tarot reading.

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Celtic Cross Tarot Spread/ Layout Position Meaning Explained

The Celtic cross layout is of 10 card layout denoting different conditions and aspects of life.

Card 1:-  is  The Present situation or condition of the querent.

Card 2:-  is all about immediate challenges the querent is facing or just going to face.

card 3:-  is about the past events and happenings which lead up to present situation

card 4:-  is all about near-future events going to occur in coming 3 to 4 weeks.

Card 5:- deals with querent goals, ambition, thought process and the outcome of work or goal querent(Native) is working towards.

Card 6:-  represents and deals with the subconscious mind of the querent as it reflects the underlying layer, tone, and trend associated with the present situation of the querent.

Card 7:-  This card bestows advice and seeks and demands native or querent attention towards all the happenings of past and present in querent life in recent times and presents a remedy, a solution, and recommendations to deal with current challenges with a distinctive approach.

Card 8:- This card signifies or indicates external influence and highlights certain energy and influence as well as events that will affect the outcome of the query and question of the querent.

Card 9:- This card denotes hopes and fears which are closely interwinding and this is the most complex position to interpret and sometimes it needs two cards to distinguish between wish hopes and fears.

Card 10:-  This card signals final outcome of where the situation is headed and how the issues would be resolve regarding with querent question and queries allow his or her wish and desires. This card reflects the end result of your question and desires. weather the outcome will be favorable with the desirable and auspicious result or not depends on the 10th card as well as the above cards to a certain extent.

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Love Life Relationships Compatibility Tarot Card Spread

Another type of Spread:- The True love spread which consists of a total of 6 individual cards spread by tarot reader to gaze the fortune of love life for the querent.


Love Life Relationships Compatibility Tarot Card Spread

#1 – The 1st card signifies the querent and circumstances in querent life at present. It represents what querent is currently feeling about his or her relationship,  approach, and his or her outlook.

#2 – The 2nd card represents the querent’s partner. It also signifies his or her current emotions towards your native, his or her attitude, and his or her expectations about your relationship.

#3 – The 3rd card is a connection card. What are the characteristics that both partners have in common and how do they bind love relationship together.

#4 – The 4th card indicates the strength of the querent or native’s relationship. What are the specific qualities that make your relationship flourish?

#5 – The 5th card shows the weaknesses in querent or Native’s relationship. What are the things both partners need to improve to sustain or prolong their bond?

#6 – This 6th and final card is the true love card. It interprets and asserts what are the points needs to be addressed to mature their bond into something meaningful. Is the querent’s relationship going to be successful? If there is a threat, what should be done?

Career Path Guidance and Reading Tarot Card Spread

Career Path Direction/ Choices/ Changes Decision/ Guidance and Reading Spread: This spread is also quite the favorite of tarot readers and practitioners. It’s a perfect predicting tool for career reading when someone is stagnant in their career or not getting growth, if in service not getting increment or promotion or if you are unhappy with current Job choice etc.


Career Path Direction/ Choices/ Changes Decision/ Guidance and Reading Spread

#1 – The 1st card interprets the answer to querent’s question: “Is your current job is your ideal job?”. It’s a pretty straightforward interpretation with yes or no.

#2 – The 2nd  card signifies what actions must be performed to further strengthen your career. A positive 2nd  card will indicate that querent should remain in his or current job and position while a negative card suggests that native should think about making a move in the area indicated and suggested by the card.

#3 – The 3rd card reveals the career aspects of native’s professional life that querent or native can no longer change. Here the Tarot reader may suggest and advise you that native should search something different but in the same line or stream of work which native currently working in.

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#4 – The 4th card shows your confidence and the skill level of performance in your current job. Is native or querent putting enough effort to get to the top or even to accelerate? Or are you slacking and lacking behind? And why?

#5 – The 5th card t\reveals about the things that querent or native needs to change and improve. This card can indicate possible new employment or new career sector path or just small things that natives should alter in his or her current job to ensure he or she is more productive and that native gets noticed and appreciated.

#6 – The 6th card answers the question:  like Is there a past event in querent’s career life that is affecting his or her current work status?” Pay careful attention to this card dear native. You can also use the Yes or No Tarot Guide for help depicting the card you draw here.

#7 – The final 7th and the last card interprets the result that you can anticipate if you follow the guidance given to you by the reading and your tarot reader. If this is a negative card then some of your bad decisions and choices which will lead you to make bad profession or professional option.

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Business Or Financial Success Tarot Card Spread

The success tarot card spreads consist of 5 cards spread and used in a reading when an individual is stuck in a particularly complex situation like legal cases, court cases, land and property conflict or Marriage conflict. Thus, this reading helps to find out the true nature of obstacles and pathways to overcome it with your skills as it also signifies an individual’s skill and resources with the plus point in the overall personality and positive points in the fate of the native.

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#1 – The 1st card signifies natives or querent’s major concern or obstacle. What is it that he or she facing? You can’t overcome a problem if you’re not exactly sure what it is and that’s what this first card will reveal you.

#2 – The 2nd card elaborates on the current challenges and complications querent or native is facing. How big and complex the present problem is showing up in a native’s life? How is it shaping the destiny and course of a native’s life?

#3 – The 3rd card reveals the hidden factors affecting the native’s current condition. Native need to know what these factors are to overcome the obstacle that she or she is facing.

#4 – The 4th card signifies new ideas, people, or things that can help querent or native to grow further. By involving himself or herself with these new aspects native perception of the condition will evolve and natives will find better solutions to his or her problems.

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#5 – The 5th and final card indicate what exactly native need to do to be successful or what native should refrain away or stay away from to avoid failure. It will exactly point out the direction that native needs to follow if it is a positive card or will warn you to stay away from the circumstances indicated by the card if a negative card comes out.

The 3 Tarot Card Spreads Reading

This is the most popular online tarot spread done by tarot readers but the most powerful and the most effective one. This is my personal favorite tarot spread and by far the most dynamic one. Unlike other cards, it does not possess any particular fix purpose.  it is completely dynamic reading and prediction depending on the soul purpose of the reading, and the question being asked by the querent.

Free 3 Cards Tarot Reading

  1.  It can describe querent or native’s Past/Present/Future
  2. It also deals with querent’s purpose and question like What helps him or her?/What hinders him or her?/What are his or her realized and unrealized potentials?
  3. The current present situation in the life of querent/present  time Challenges/Guidance to the querent
  4. What native thinks/What native or querent Feel/What native do?
  5. Native himself or herself/ Native Partner/native relationship
  6. Querent’s Strengths/Weaknesses/Advice
  7. Mind/Body/Spirit etc

Two Tarot card SPREADs: This is the most simple tarot spread used for particular specific questions and answers. For example- will I meet my soul mate or not? weather I’ll get true love or not? will I get married this year or not? The specific question gets a specific answer through this accurate and effective spread.

Types of tarot deck:- Types of Tarot Card Decks

  • #1. The Rider-Waite Deck:- Consists of total 78 cards of Major Arcana and Minor Arcana and the most useful and accurate result giving and this deck  Spread accurately predict one’s past present and future regarding every aspect of life. This deck is mainly used by tarot readers for prediction up to 90 to 95 percent of tarot spreads as it is quite accurate and pinpoint the exact issue and its solution.
  • #2. The Angel Oracle Deck
  • #3. The Universal Marseille Tarot
  • #4. Druid Craft Tarot Deck
  • #5. Renaissance Tarot Deck
  • #6. Wild Unknown Tarot
  • #7. The Legacy Of The Divine

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