The Devil Card Tarot Reading Love, Marriage, Career, Money, Yes/No

The Devil Card Tarot Reading Love, Marriage, Career, Money, Yes or No

The Devil Tarot card Reading Love, Career, Money,  Marriage, spirituality, Health, Yes/No:- The Devil is a card of Jealousy, selfishness, violence, resentment, self-illusion… It’s often regarded as the trump card of negativity but it’s not outer negativity but it is metaphorical and internal.

What Does This Card Overall Mean In a Reading

This Devil card also signifies taking wrong decisions or wrong choices with unnecessary expenses.  You will be involved in bad habits, lust, and extravagant activities. The only thing which will defeat this self-delusions is spirituality and awareness along with wisdom. This card is denoted by Sign Capricorn

The Devil Tarot Card(upright) Keywords & Meanings:-  Mental issues, addiction, depression, secrecy, obsession, Violence, assault, materialism, sexuality, abuse, and hopelessness.

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The Devil Card Meaning In Any Tarot Reading Or Spread

The Devil Tarot Card(Upright) General Meaning and interpretation:-  This card is all about depression, addiction, and anxiety. A sense of jealousy and fear of losing will prevail in your life indicates The Devil Card. Failure will knock at your door and you will feel helpless and dejected to fight against that situation. A pessimistic attitude will make things worse for you.

You will suddenly develop secretive, impulsive and obsessive tendencies in your life. Your mind will not be in your control. You may become overly concerned with materialistic gains, status affluence, and power. You may become the victim of manipulation, criticism, and abuse because of your certain new behavior. You should get your thoughts clear and should take charge of your own destiny in full consciousness.

You need to ward off negative thought processes and fear of failure and rejection in your life. Meditation, healing or under the guidance of someone with spiritual mystic power or with worldly wisdom and knowledge will help you to come out that grave which is created by yourself.

Meaning of The Devil Tarot card in Love Affair and Relationships

The Devil Tarot Card(Upright) For Love & Relationship:- The Devil card is all about getting trapped in more than 1 relationship because of lust and sinful activities. You will form unhealthy bonds or relationships all around you.

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You will be involved with some harmful bad associates and negative energies may surround you. You may get obsessed over someone but it will be one-sided love and your lusty intentions will lead you nowhere in your love or romantic life.

Your love partner might not want to stay with you or continue the relationship but your stubbornness, ego, and obsession, as well as lust, might make the situation worst for your partner and for you as well. if Single, ten you must be in for desperation to be with someone pr to get involve with someone physically and mentally. This physic of yours will deter someone special from your life.

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This tendency of lustful obsession or eagerness of yours will lead you to aloofness and dejection. Although This card is  good for quick clandestine short time affairs and casual sex. There will be lustful temptation over many members of the opposite sex which would decrease your inner value as well as respect in society. Sometimes, it also indicates the feeling of imprisonment in an unhealthy relationship as well.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning In Marriage Reading

The Devil Tarot Card(Upright) For  Marriage:- The appearance of Devil card in the context of Marriage indicates, the native will lose the essence and happiness of married life because of addictive and vindictive attitudes as well as sinful- lustful activities. Native may also involve in secret lustful relations and bed pleasure outside marriage which may come to fore in limelight and it will destroy the peace and harmony of Married life.

It’s a danger card for marital peace and prosperity. This card also indicates a sense of imprisonment and loss of freedom in your married life. You might also get jealous of your life partner progress in career and materialistic world.

You may also become overdependent on your spouse but at the same time can become violent and aggressive which may cause physical abuse and domestic violence. You need to take a break from all insecurities and should meditate to get out the mess with mental peace. You are nee to vie your character and morals from within.

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The Devil Tarot Card Meaning In Career and Money

The Devil Tarot Card (Upright) For Money & Career:-  This card indicates that you may trap into unprofitable and futile jobs or business which is not letting you grow in life. You may be stuck in a workplace or at designation that you may start hating very soon.

You should start evaluating your needs and desires and should focus on what you want at a certain point in time and should chase that goal or desire in your life. It’s you who binding and imprisoning yourself in a job or in an occupation which is of no good for you. SO have some courage and take initiative to change your work life for improvement, betterment, and growth.

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The financial condition of the native will be tense and troublesome. Native has to bear some losses in money matters. Over expenses and extravagant activities with daily essential expenditure will dry your bank balance and will hamper your financial security and aristocratic status in society. Expenses on medication of family members will make your situation even worse. You need to acquire patience and will power to sail through these financial crunches in your life.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning For Health Reading

The Devil card indicates poor health because of bad habits and poor lifestyle. Addiction towards drugs, alcohol, smoking, overeating will lead to health trouble. The native should not be a voracious eater. Put some restrictions and limitations on your addiction and indulgence. The problem of high blood pressure may also trouble you indicates The Devil Card.

It can also indicate mental blockage and lack of hope due to excessive addiction and mental depression. But Change in daily routine will automatically improve the situation. Proximity towards Nature like walking or Jogging during Dawn and twilight period will help you to recover from mental trauma and addiction. Intake of Balanced diet especially vegetarian food will help you come out with this trauma and hole.

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The Devil Card for Spirituality in Tarot Reading

The Devil Tarot Card(Upright) For spirituality in a Tarot Reading:-  In case of Spirituality, The Devil card indicates you may become too much focused in acquiring materialistic possessions and may involve in worldly pleasures and daily affairs of life that spirituality may take a back seat in your life.

You need to try and practice energy healing or should meet a healer to ward off all negative energies around you for good. You may feel darkness and complexities of life taking a toll on your mind and soul but meditation and healing process will get you out of trouble quickly and new ambiance of positive energy will start surrounding you.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Devil Tarot Card(Upright) Yes/No in Tarot Reading across all Matters of Life:- The Devil card deals with negative things and negative energies. Fear, doubts, anger, temptation area associated with this card which would lead you nowhere in any matter of life. Hence, its a no-no card for sure.

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