The Justice Card Tarot Reading Love, Marriage, Career, Money, Yes/No

The Justice Card Tarot Reading Love, Marriage Career, Money, Yes or No

The Justice Card Tarot Reading Love, Career, Money, Health, Yes/No:- The Justice card signifies the law of Karma good or bad and its effect. The outcome of this carder either goes in favor of you or against you which only depends on your recent deeds good or bad.

What Does This Card Overall Mean In a Reading

This is the card of outcome you truly deserve which can be rewards or dent depends on your Karma as the Law of Karma always act according to one deed. Your Moral character will be put on test. This Card is denoted by the sign Libra. Numerology Number or Master Number 11 is associated with the card.

The Justice Card(Upright) in Major Arcana Tarot Spread:- Keywords Meaning:- Balance, Equality, Law and Karma Justice, Harmony, honesty, truth, integrity, law, legal disputes, consequences and Life Lessons.

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The Justice Card Meaning In Any Tarot Reading Or Spread

General Meaning and Interpretation of The Justice Card(Upright):- 

This card signifies the essence of integrity, balance, honesty, high moral, good character, and Harmony which would benefit an individual in the long run with good karmic rewards and fruitful results. This card also reflects on your behavior and thinking, the way you approach or treat others. If you involve in any kind of lawsuit, then most chances are result or decision will be in your favor.

You will bear the consequences of your actions or deeds weather Good or Bad depends on your past deeds. Nature will return the favor to you in an equal rightful way according to your good deeds or misdeeds.


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Meaning of The Justice Tarot card in Love Affair and Relationships

The Justice card(Upright) in Love and Relationship:-

This card is a happy card for those single native who is waiting for the right love partner or soul mate for a long time. Nature will answer your call and there can rise and the emergence of a newly blossoming love relationship and romance in your life with a very lovely loyal person who could turn into your life partner as this love bond can sustain for a very long period of time.

Those already in a relationship may plan to get married soon. Honesty will be the key as dishonesty may lead to breaking up of a long time relationship or bond. Balancing your emotions will bring love care and Harmony in a relationship. You can be in a relationship with a partner who may be involved in the profession of Justice like  Judge, lawyer or legal secretary.
The Justice Tarot Card Meaning In Marriage Reading

The Justice card(Upright) in Marriage:- This card of Justice in the context of Marriage indicates some kind of dishonesty or cheating in married life. It may be done either by you or your spouse which will lead to being the cause of separation or divorce as any kind of secret clandestine affair will come to the surface of the limelight. The Justice Card indicates some kind of ongoing disharmony or regular tussle in married life as well.

Justice cards may also lead to separation and divorce of Native if there is some Karmic debt or lack of devotion towards married life and marriage partner.  The health of the spouse will also give tension and quarrel in your conjugal life and you will start loosing intense connect and bond with your life partner.

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning In Career and Money

The Justice Card (Upright) For Money & Career:-  This card suggests you keep balance between work and play. This card also suggests keeping a balance between your professional and personal life as it may hamper your focus and concentration on work.

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Financially, it’s a rewarding period or period of luck and good fortune when it comes to money matters. But Avoid any kind of Gambling involvement in speculation. There will be some money gains from unexpected sources and as a result, you will be in a happy and comfortable zone and the inflow of liquid money will be regular.

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning For Health Reading

This is a card of caution in the context of health issues. Avoid any kind of overindulgence in your daily lifestyle and keep a tab on your overeating as well. Balance and a healthy diet, as well as lifestyle, will be key to ward off any niggle or health-related problems.

The Justice Card for Spirituality in Tarot Reading

The Justice Card(Upright) for Spirituality in Tarot Reading:-  This card in the context of spirituality brings balance in your spiritual and daily life. A sense of calmness and wisdom will prevail in life through your spiritual pursuit and spiritual Journey. The confusion in life will be overcome by finding balance and sense of purpose and perspective in life. This card also indicates you will learn the life lessons of your past mistake and full fill your karmic debt through your spiritual endeavors.

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning Yes or No Tarot Reading

The Justice Card(Upright) Yes/No in Tarot Reading across all Matters of Life:- This card is all about the result of your Karma or deeds. Any kind of misdoings in the past will fetch you dry, harmful undesirable result hence, this card is 50-50 card for yes or no regarding all matters of life. You will be accountable for your own deeds.

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