Magician Card In Tarot Reading Love, Career, Money, Yes/No, Health

Magician Card In Tarot Reading Love, Career, Money, Yes No, Health

The Magician Card Tarot Reading Love, Career, Money, Yes/No, Health:-  The Magician Card Symbolizes Power creation through native’s own desire, will power, devotion and persistence. The Magician is the card wearing Red and White clothes Symbolizing eternal life and eternity of Nature. A small wand and the table in the picture with Sword indicating Knowledge and Preservation of the male individual in the picture.

What Does This Card Mean?

Magician Tarot card(Upright) in Major Arcana Tarot Spread -Keywords Meanings:-  Power, Psychic power, skill, intellect, influence, will power, logic, ability, concentration, and Resourcefulness.

General Meaning and Interpretation of The Magician card(upright):-  When The Magician cards appear in the Tarot Reading of a Querent or Native from The Major Arcana Tarot Spread then, it symbolizes originality, creativity, skill, self-confidence, and dexterity.

The appearance of this card in a tarot reading means querent or native will get an idea and solution from an ongoing problem. The native will also have an ambitious career, a sparkling and enticing love life with  New Job/business. One must trust his or her instinct when this card appears in your tarot reading.

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Your active brain will find the solution to your problems and pathway to fulfill your needs and desires. You will be successful because of your skills and ability. The Magician card usually displays the power to manifest your dreams into reality and you will get some direction and knowledge through some wise individual who will be full of wisdom with some specific skill and ability.

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The Magician tarot card in Love and Relationship reading

(Upright) The appearance of this card usually signifies positive outcomes in your love relation especially if the querent is planning to propose someone. If your single, then new profound love will enter soon in your life who will ignite passion, emotion, and fire in your life which would make your life delightful.

If Already in a relationship, This card signifies strengthening and deepening of relationship bond and taking it to a different level. Overall, one of the most auspicious and positive card for Love and Marriage. Your love partner will be devoted to you and you play a significant role in his or her life and this card signifies you will take your relationship to the next level.

The Magician tarot card in a Career and Money reading

(Upright) The appearance of this card in a tarot spread usually indicating multiple sources of income or money from unexpected sources will arrive in life.  Your financial condition will improve and you will get the chance to earn some extra income as well. This card also signifies promotion in Job and Service.

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If Planning for setting up new Business Ventures then, The Magician card indicating the most suitable time to do so as it will lead to much success and money in the near future for this particular endeavor.

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A bold and courageous decision will lead to something very lucrative and fruitful results in terms of Money. One has to put his ideas into practice in business dealings. You might also meet a person who shall play the role of mentor to you and his or her guidance will put you on the road map of success and money in the long run.

The Magician tarot card in a Health reading

(Upright) Querent or native will enjoy the best phase of life in terms of health and fitness whenever The Magician Card would appear in a tarot reading for that particular native. It is the best card for health perspective in Major Arcana Tarot spread. You may meet a powerful healer to engross some beautiful positive energy in yourself as well or you may certainly start working as a healer for others as well.

The Magician tarot card in Spirituality  reading 

(Upright) The Magician card is abundant in the context of spirituality, healing, meditation and psychic power. This card represents a new divine journey in the realms of the spiritual world. The new Psychic ability and knowledge will come to the individual and its benefit will be displayed to the fore in Querent or Native’s life. Concentration, intuitive power and discipline are key in the pursuit of Spirituality and the appearance of  The Magician card will result in the introduction of all these things in native’s life in the near future.

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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning Yes or No Tarot Reading

Tarot reading across all matters of Life:- This card indicates sure shot success and a definite Yes across all matters of life especially when we are talking about New Beginning, New Journey, New pursuit. Career, Money, Love or Spirituality all these aspects of life indicates the beginning of something new and auspicious as well as fruitful.

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    Sir I need to know wheather there will be love marriage or arranged marriage? My date of birth is 19/11/1977. Time of birth is 3.25PM and place of birth is TEZPUR, ASSAM, INDIA. I am facing trouble in my love life.

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