Timing Of Marriage In Astrology – Horoscope

Timing Of Marriage In Astrology – Horoscope

 Marriage time prediction

Timing Of Marriage In Astrology – Horoscope: There are plenty of marriage combinations or yoga to determine the exact time of marriage are mentioned in classics. Before judging to get the exact timing the natal chart should be judged very carefully whether the native is destined to get married or not. If there is definite yoga of marriage then only we should look for the timing. Below I am mentioning some important combinations to get the exact timing of marriage which will help in marriage time prediction.

If Jupiter in transit passes through or aspect any of the following:

7th house , 7th lord, Venus and if there would be no bad influence of malefic planet so, the marriage is confirmed.

If in birth chart any malefic planet makes any kind of relationship with the house or planets ruling the marriage and in the transit also the same malefic planet aspect or pass through that house or planet then marriage will be confirmed. But, remember if any other malefic planet who has never have created any relationship with any marriage ruling house in the natal chart but in transit that planet is influencing the marriage houses or planets so the marriage will be cancelled.

While you are trying to get the timing of marriage from your horoscope, you have to remember always that, 7th house, 7th lord Venus, 7th from Venus , Moon & 7th from Moon and their related planets will come into the picture. Dasa-Antar dasa of those planets are very important for marriages, if those are many then judge Navamsa and the most strong planet which one is denoting marriage mostly.

Marriage Time Prediction In Astrology Through Vimsottori Dasa:

Marriage time prediction Vedic astrology

Vimsottori Dasa is the most effective dasa to get the exact timing of marriage. Following are some conditions of that.

    a.  Dasa/Antardasa of Rahu is important if the Rahu is placed in an angle, trine, 3rd or 11th houses.

    b.  Dasa/Antar Dasha of the 7th lord from Lagna or Moon.

    c.   Dasa/Antar Dasha of Venus.

    d.  Dasa/Antar Dasha of the Lagna lord.

    e.  Dasa/Antar Dasha of the 10th lord.

    f.   Dasa/Antar Dasha of planets posited in the 7th house from the Lagna or Moon.

    g.  Dasa/Antar Dasha of 7th house lord from natural karaka of marriage Venus.

    h.  Dasa/Antar Dasha of planets placed in Lagna.

    i.   Dasa/Antar Dasha of Ketu. Now one question can come to your mind that, being a malefic planet how Ketu can give marriage ? Actually, it is right Ketu can not promise the timing of marriage normally, but when this Ketu is placed in 1st house or 7th, the inauspiciousness of the planet never last and become auspicious for marriage. Hence the dasa/Antar Dasha of this planet gives marriage.

    j.   Dasa/Antar Dasha of 7th house lord of Navamsa.

    k.  Dasa/Antar Dasha of the 2nd lord

    l.   Dasa/Antar Dasha of Venus & Moon which one would be strongest.

In transit Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury will get the prime focus to get the exact marriage timing. Among this four planets who will be in angle or trine that planet will decide the timing. But, if any malefic planet influence that prime planet by respecting or co-joining so the marriage will be cancelled.

Timing Of Marriage From Navamsa Or D-9 In Birth Chart Of Kundli:

Timing of marriage Vedic astrology

Beside the natal chart we have to judge the Navamsa also, because the Navamsa is the
chart for marriages and all secrets of marital life can be unfolded through  that. So, do not forget to judge Navamsa chart beside the Natal chart, otherwise, all your works would be in vain. Other good combinations are there in our ancients books but you have to choose only appropriate points from them, which points are matching with today’s society. Do research and get more knowledge.

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  1. sudhir shendre says:

    do u have fb

  2. vinod prasad says:

    Hi sir,
    i have been in relationship for last 4 year,we are facing lot of difficulties in marrige even we dont have any caste problem.my parents got agreed but girls parent are not agreed at all .could please look that is there any yog for love marrige or any remedies which can work for us.

    below are the details

    vinod prasad
    time-8:55 pm
    place :allahabad(UP)

    nidhi kumari
    time:12:15 Am

    place :siwan(bihar)

    plz reply and suggest.

  3. Nidhi says:


    I am Nidhi,my parents are searching for my life partner around 2 and half years but still i am not getting married.Please tell me “when i’ll getting married?”



    Time-6:10 a.m.

  4. Ramesh says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is Ramesh, Male, DOB:05-04-1986(this is not exact, we don’t know original DOB),Place of birth is: Andhra Pradesh. Let me know when i have good time with my name for marriage?. My parents searching for a girl’s.

  5. anu says:

    birth date- 07.30 am
    birth place- alleppey,kerala,India
    Please tell me when will I get married.I like a guy very much,will it be possible to get married.very much worried,please answer

  6. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Pallavi,

    Your question is on love marriage and whether the yoga is there in your horoscope/birth chart or not, right? Because if the yoga or combination is there in your chart, nobody in this WORLD can cancel this, and if the yoga is not present so, you won’t be able to marry that person at all. But, in your case to have love marriage yoga is not only sufficient, you want to marry the same guy, presently you are in love. I have given this answer several times. If you read all my articles and answers you will get. But, still if you want to know, i can suggest you one of my answers here, just read the answer, I believe you will get your own answer also. Just follow the link – will I Marry The Guy I am already In Love?

    let me know if that is not sufficient.

    May God Bless You Dear

  7. Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Neetu,

    Whether you will have love or arranged marriage it simply depends upon the connection between 7th 5th 2nd 1st and 11th house in horoscope. You have to see that these house are connected with each-other or not. Connection pattern could be anything, it can be aspect, nakshtra, argala (planetary intervention) or sign connection and association, if the connection is there so that would be love marriage. Here venus will also play a very important role. Because Venus is the significator of – love & romance. In this combination if 5th house is missing so, that wouldn’t be a love marriage at all, that would be an arranged marriage.

    All I said above – you will have to see those from the Navamsa or D-9 also. In D-9 only Nakshatra connection should be avoided. This chart is also called “The Chart Of Marriage”. If any yoga is there in Rashi Chart but not present in D-9 so, the situation will come in life but ultimately that won’t be materialized at all. For example: if in your Rashi Chart Love Marriage combination is there but in D-9 the yoga is totally absent, so, you will be in love relationship, but ultimately the marriage won’t be possible with your lover, means love marriage won’t happen, instead, both you and your lover will be separated. What I have said till now it will match with 70% cases only. But rest of the 30% cases will be depending on many other factors. There are many other ways to see whether you will have love marriage or arranged marriage in astrology, but I never have mentioned those over here, because to understand those you need to have the advance astrology knowledge. What I have mentioned here that is the most easiest way to find out love or arranged marriage combination from your horoscope. If you need to know the advance one let me know I will guide you.

    Mat God Bless You Dear

  8. Vipin Mishra says:

    Hi Sir!

    This is our details.

    Boy’s Detail:- Name:- Vipin Mishra

    D.O.B.- 24/02/1992, Monday

    Place:- Jaunpur, Uttar-Pradesh

    Birth Time:- 07:30 AM( Morning)

    Girl’s Detail:-

    Name:- Rashmi Pathak

    D.O.B.- 09/06/1994, Time:- 3:00 AM( Morning) Day:- Thursday

    Place:- (Vill:- Tilwari )Jaunpur, Uttar-pradesh

    Father’s Name:- Ram Laal Pathak

    Mother’s Name: Manju Pathak

    Please tell us this Marriage is possible.

  9. sapna says:

    Hi my DOB is 23/11/86 and timing is 8:35 am , New Delhi . I am in love with a guy we broke up in october. However i want to marry him only. We live in different cities. I wanted to know when will i get married and will he come back in my life?he has completely stopped talking citing the reason he doesn’t have time for relationships. If you could give me an idea about the situation , i would like to take the full report. There are so many people who tell different things.Which kind of guy will get married to ? (his native place /direction/occupation and when? )

  10. sheenam says:

    Hi , i am sheenam wadi 28 year old girl , my details are as follow – 12 november 1987 , meerut born , 08.20 am .
    my question is about marriage , when will i get married and how will be that man to whom i will be married in terms of nature, financially and where will i get settle after marriage whether in india or abroad (where).
    thanks & regards

  11. Sukhda says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am put in a very strange spot. i know this boy since a long time and our parents agreed last year to getting us married. But now suddenly the mother of the boy says that because my kundali has saturn in the 7th house also moon in the 8th hence there is a certain death to my life partner. She says there is something wrong in me. Please let me know if this is true. I have myself visited a few learned astrologers but noone suggests such an un-auspicious thing. can you please confirm – DOB is 3rd Sep 1987
    Time of birth is 11:25 PM
    Place – Agra

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