UK Government Says SORRY, Coronavirus Is Not Dangerous At All

UK Government Says Sorry, Coronavirus Is Not Dangerous At All

UK Government Says Sorry, Coronavirus Is Not Dangerous At All: Yes, you are reading it right. Covid 19 or Coronavirus, now there is no need to fear at all. I am not saying this. The health protection department of UK Government is saying. The game of coronavirus is finished. I know, it can bring tears to the eyes of some groups of people. But what to do nature had only this much surprises for now. Next year try with some other kind of Viruses and then say sorry when the game is over. The fear of death and the tolerance power of the general public are very high.

The long story short the advisory committee on dangerous pathogens of UK government has announced that the COVID 19 will not be counted as HCID group of viruses. In short, it is now cont considered as normal viral flu. In January 2020 this group along with HCID research group had announced about lakhs of deaths around the world due to coronavirus if no step is taken at the right time. Especially Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson of UK (United Kingdom) had predicted that millions of death will there in UK and many other countries but now, Ferguson himself is saying that the data was skewed. You can read here the full story:

You can download the research paper released from the UK government from here: Click here to download


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