Ultimate Guide To Engineering Astrology Career and Success

Ultimate Guide To Engineering Astrology Career and Success-c

Ultimate Guide To Engineering Astrology Career and Success In Horoscope/ Kundli: In Today’s time, many individuals and their parents want to have settled career with big income and stable career. Thus, many individuals, especially in country like India, aspires to be an engineer or Doctor.

Since engineering field has so much variety and options like civil engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, architect, aerospace/aeronautical engineer, chemical engineer, computer engineer, Biomedical engineer, Petroleum engineer, etc. one tends and desires to get selected in engineering field through ranks and competitive examination.

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Ultimate Guide To Career and Success In Engineering Astrology

Parents usually motivate and sometimes pressurise their children to make career in engineering field. lakhs of students per years aspire to be engineer every year. So demand for engineering profession is very high particularly in country like India.

Below, I am going to discuss possibility of one becoming engineer as a professional through analyzing the planetary combination in a horoscope or birth chart.

Inclination Towards Technical Field/ Education As Per Horoscope

  • If Rahu is somehow connected to 4th house of the horoscope or Kundli then it gives inclination to any technical field.
  • If there is a connection between Saturn and Mars in the chart (aspect, conjunction, etc.) then the native likes to involve in any form of technical fields
  • Any connection of Rahu and Mangal or Mars makes a person in the technical field


Planets Responsible For Engineering Profession In Astrology

  • Rahu, Mars, Saturn, and Mercury are the planets plays very important and very specific role in one’s life to become an engineer.
  • Rahu gives innovative and research-oriented mind and many times out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Mercury gives skill in calculation, creativity analyzing ability,  intellect.
  • Saturn gives solid dedication, skill in handling machines, persistence, stability, and proficiency in work in profession of engineering.
  • Mars gives energy, focus, brilliance in handling technology, Success in the field of engineering.
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Planetary Combination in Kundli To Be Successful Engineer

  • The first combination in a horoscope to become an engineer should be either conjunction of  Rahu-Saturn and Mercury-Mars or Mars -Rahu and Mercury- Saturn. Any of the above combinations should be present in horoscope in D1 chart.
  • The presence of Mercury or Mars or Saturn should be in 3rd house, 4th house, 6th house, 10th house or 12th house in D1 chart makes an individual a successful engineer at least two out three planets.
  • The presence of Mercury-Rahu, Saturn-Rahu, or Mars- Rahu in 3rd house, 6th house,  10th house will make native a successful engineer.
  • The presence of combination of Mars- Saturn or Mars-Mercury or Saturn Mercury- in 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house, or 12th house makes one a skilled engineer.
  • Sometimes Mars-Mercury or Saturn-Mercury combination in 4th house makes one a successful engineer.
  • The presence of Rahu in 3rd house, 6th house, 10th house, or 12th house gives good chance to become an expert engineer.

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Planets relation with 10th house/ 10th lord in Engineering

  • Saturn relation with 10th house helps one in becoming architect, civil engineer, Petroleum engineer, etc.
  • Mars relation with 10th house helps in one become electrical or mechanical engineer.
  • Mercury relation with 10th house helps in one becoming Computer engineer, aerospace/ aeronautical engineer
  • Rahu relation with 10th house helps in one becoming chemical engineer, biomedical engineer, etc.
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Saturn directly responsible for crude oil petroleum engineering, iron mining engineering, and architecture. Saturn alone in 9th house or 10th house or with Rahu helps native to become successful engineer in this particular field.

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Planetary Combinations For Type Of Engineering Fields In Astrology

  • A chemical engineer in astrology: Sun, Rahu, and Mercury
  • Automobile engineer related planets in astrology: Mars, Mercury, and Venus
  • Electrical engineer related planets in horoscope: Mars and Mercury
  • Textile engineer related planets in Kundli: Moon, Mercury, and Venus
  • A mechanical engineer related planets in the birth chart: Sun, Moon, and Mercury
  • Marine engineer related planets in Vedic astrology: Moon, Mercury, and Mars
  • Mining engineer related planets in astrology: Moon, Mercury, Saturn
  • Civil engineer related planets in astrology: Mars, Mercury, and Saturn

Which Zodiac Sign Is/ Shows The Best Engineer

Role of Zodiac sign in engineering In Astrology:- These above-mentioned planets in Aries,  Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius give assurance of success in the field of engineering.

Aeronautical engineering in Astrology:- Mercury-Rahu in libra or Gemini sign either in 3rd house or 9th house or 10th house will make you a very successful aeronautical engineer.

Hardware Engineering Profession In Horoscope In Astrology

Saturn-Mars combination or Saturn-Mercury combination makes one a hardware engineer in life. Saturn-Mercury combination in 3rd house 6th house 10th house develops interest towards hardware engineering and makes native successful hardware engineer through giving different opportunities in life. Saturn-Mars in 3rd house or 6th house or 10th house gives success in hardware engineering especially if aspected by Jupiter.

Software Engineer Yoga In Horoscope In Astrology

Mercury along with Mars or Rahu in 1st house or 3rd house or 6th house gives interest and success in the field of Software engineering which based on technology and programming.

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Saturn with Mercury either in 3rd house or  10th house or 12th house also develops interest towards software development engineering but it gives late success after struggle in life.

Mercury along with Rahu or Mars in 12th house gives much success in software engineering, especially in foreign land.

Pharmaceutical Engineering In Kundli In Astrology

Sun-Venus-Mars plays an important role & factor in one developing interest in pharmaceutical engineering and becoming a successful pharmaceutical engineer. Sun with Venus together in 4th house or 8th house 0r 12th house gives interest and even success in Pharmaceutical engineering especially if Jupiter is aspecting Sun-Venus in d1 birth chart.

Mars in 4th house 0r 10th house if getting aspected by Venus or Jupiter can make you a Pharmaceutical engineer.

Role of Zodiac sign in engineering:- These above-mentioned planets in Aries, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius give assurance of success in the field of engineering.

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