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Vastu For Your Home – An Ideal Home

Vastu for home

Vastu For Your Home – An Ideal Home: Vastu is an ancient science or system, where, how to arrange everything in order to get positive energies, this has been described. Vedic astrology is all about “study of time”; Vastu is the study of space. In the word “VASTU”, VAS means “dwell”, Vastu Shastra is a system what tells us that what is best procedure to arrange a space in a proper order around us to get the maximum effectiveness & prosperity. 

We all live on a field of energy/force. If these energies will be miss-aligned, with solar
& geomagnetic force so, life can start dysfunctioning & be disturbed. In Vastu shastra it has been described that this creation is made up with five elements, they are – Fire, earth, air, water & space. These, same elements also are there within us.

According to Vastu Shastra, to make an “ideal house” the floor plan has to be divided into – 81 squares. Each square in this 81 are ruled by different forces of nature, those forces are represented by different deities.  “Vastu-shastra” says that, everything on the earth is influenced by 9 planets & each planet just except “Ketu” rules a direction & is called “Ashta-dikpalakas”. Each direction is ruled by specific deity & it is believed to intensify the “specific element” of – daily living.


The Vastu Directions 

Ideal vastu house plan:



Sun & house plans according to vastu shastra

Vastu shastra for health: Sun is the lord of – health & vitality, East Direction is ruled by Sun. For homes, we should keep family room, dining room, children’s room, living room, big windows, washroom & bath, for business purpose use as storage for gee, milk, oil, liquid things in this direction. 

Moonperfect vastu house plan

Water is ruled by Moon. This planet rule “North-West” direction. Use this direction For guest room, homes, storage room, room for maids, pets & other animals, garage, toilet
& it can be 2nd choice for your kitchen.

Mars & house design according to vastu shastra

Vastu shastra for gym: Any kind of action is controlled by Mars, it rules “south direction”. For homes do not keep main entrance in this direction, place for any kind of Weapon, for your gym or exercise area, it can be used for toilet area also, any major or minor electrical appliance & do not keep any bedroom. 

Mercuryhouse plan based on vastu

Vastu shastra for wealth and prosperity: Intelligence is ruled by Mercury, it rules “North direction” which is the direction of “kubera” – lord-of-wealth. For homes this direction can be used as storage for – all valuable materials, mirrors should be also on the wall of this direction, children’s room, face east to to study, can be living room & basement. If you want to use this direction for business purpose so keep locker & storage to keep valuable things.

Jupiterhouse design according to vastu shastra

Vastu for puja place: Our fortune is ruled by Jupiter, in natural zodiac it rules the ninth house which is called the house of luck. Jupiter rules “North East” direction. For homes – prayer/puja room, religious discussion place, living room, remember; do not make any toilet or staircase in this direction. 

VenusDirection in Vastu

Happiness & enjoyment of life is ruled by Venus. It is the natural karaka for maintaining the relationship between husband & wife. Venus rules “South-East” direction. For homes – bedroom, dining room, kitchen, if your kitchen is in this direction so always face east – to cook, fireplace, If you are making your garage in this direction so it would be best if you make that separately from your house. 

Saturn & West direction vastu shastra

Wind, one of the important elements among five elements is controlled by Saturn, Saturn rules “West” direction. For homes – children rooms, study area, face the east direction to study, dining area. For business purpose build your product here.

Rahu in vastu shastra

Rahu rules “South-West” direction. You can make “Storage-area” for – heavy items in this direction, do not make any Pooja/prayer room in this direction, do not make toilet. If you
want to use this direction for business purpose so make administrators room, owner’s room, business planning place, & business development discussion place.

Center of Home  According To Vastu Shastra:

Center of home is called “Brahmasthana”- the Lord of this creation, for homes, this area
should be a silent area without any human activity. This area can be used only for – religious shrines. No “business activity” would be here.


Alternative Vastu Directions

Sometimes for some reasons we can not maintain all “Vastu” rules. So here I am mentioning some alternative ways to make our room little bit ideal according to Vastu
Shastra. But, remember, always at first try to maintain all the rules of Vastu, what I mentioned above.

1. Make your bedroom in the “south-west” or “south” direction.

2. Keep the kitchen in “south-east” or 2nd best would be, in the “north-west” direction.

3. Make the entrance on the “east” or “north-east” direction, always avoid “south-facing”
doors from any other directions.

4. This is good to Keep more windows & other opening – on the “east” direction &  “north” direction.

5.  In bedroom Keep your bed in the “south west” direction, with its head to “east” direction. 

Always try to live in harmony according to the rule of nature to lead a happy & prosperous life.

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