Vastu For Your kitchen


Vastu For Your Kitchen 

Vastu for kitchen: According to the “Vastu Shastra”, kitchen should be placed in the “South-Eastern” direction of your house. In  Vastu system, the ruling planet & element of kitchen is “Venus” & “Fire” respectively. 

You have to keep some factors in mind while you are planning to design your “Ideal-kitchen” according to Vastu Shastra. 

1.      According to Vastu rule, do not keep your kitchen just above or under the puja/prayer room or toilet. 

2.      Do not keep your Gas-burner in any direction without “South-East corner of the kitchen & maintain a minimum distance from the wall. 

3.      Keep one “L” shape extension just at the end of “kitchen-slap”, to keep all electric appliances ( eg.- micro-oven). 

4.      In the “South-South-West” direction keep the “Wash-Basin”. 

5.      Pots for drinking water & utensils should be kept in the “North Direction” of your kitchen.

6.      Keep all storage material for cooking purpose in the “South Direction” of the kitchen. 

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7.      Keep entrance door of the kitchen in the “East or West Direction” if possible. 

8.      If you want to keep window, vent or exhaust fan the put those in the “East or West Direction”. 

9.      If you want to keep dining table inside the kitchen so keep it in the “North-West Direction”. 

10.    You should use Rose, Orange, yellow etc. colors for Kitchen wall and floor should of white or as per Vastu Direction of your kitchen. 

11.    For refrigerator North or West direction of your should be taken.

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